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Taggart Family Values
Author: Lexi Blake



Paradise City



Paradise City takes place before The Dom Who Loved Me.



Part One

Ian Taggart sat back, glancing around the lounge area of The Velvet Collar with all the subtlety of a lion selecting his evening meal. Not that he had to be subtle. After all, the women here wanted someone to make a meal of them.

So far Paris was pretty sweet. Far better than his last assignment. Ten Smith had come through.

“Your Scotch, Sir.” The blonde smiled at him, her eyes going submissively down. She wore a corset and a tiny thong, both in an angelic white with pink embroidery. She had the innocent thing down.

“Thank you.” He took the glass out of her hand. One drink now and then another when he was done playing, and by playing he meant after he was finished spanking a pretty sub and then fucking her hard until they were both satisfied. Then he would have his second Scotch. Alone. Like he would sleep tonight. He would play all he liked, fuck all he wanted to, but at the end of the evening he would go up to the apartment that served as his base of operations here in Paris and he would be alone.

That was how he liked it.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Sir?” She said it with a breathy tone that let him know she wasn’t merely talking about snacks. She wore no collar that would indicate she had a Dominant partner.

She was pretty and submissive. He hadn’t fucked her yet. She would do for the night. “I’m looking for a play partner. How long is your shift?”

She could say yes or no. It didn’t matter much to him. He would do his best to bring her some pleasure and then he wouldn’t go back for seconds. It wasn’t anything against her. It was simply how he lived. He was in Paris for a few weeks, watching a Russian who might or might not be selling enriched uranium to any number of assholes who weren’t planning on using the shit to power their lights. After that he would move on to London and then Dublin and meet up with his G2 contacts, and he wouldn’t come back for a while. Ten would likely send him to some shithole after that, so he was going to plow his way through as much submissive tail as he could while he had the chance. The only reason he was here now was the fact that he’d recently saved Ten’s ass and wanted a European assignment as payment.

Her eyes slid shyly away, though he didn’t miss her satisfied smile. “I’ll be available in a few minutes, Sir. I would love to play with you.”

He winked her way. “And hey, if you’ve got a friend, bring her along.”

Her lips curled up in a playful smile. “I think I can help you out there, Sir. You know you’re already a legend. Every sub here wants to play with Master Ian.”

Well, it was good his reputation had preceded him. He watched her walk away, ass swaying. She was slender, graceful. She walked up to a brunette, whispering something in her ear that had the friend blushing and then looking his way.

Yeah, he was going to have some fun tonight.

“Could you leave a few for the rest of us poor Doms, Taggart?” Rene DuBois sank down into the chair beside him. He was a tall, elegant man whose lean body belied his strength. He had a thick French accent, but Ian knew that in the field Rene could sound as American as he did. Accents were important to an operative. “I swear you’ve been here for a week and you’ve left a trail of subs panting after you. What do you do to them?”

Well, he had a really big dick and he knew how to use it for one. “I’m exotic. You know the American accent thing works for some women.”

But it was mostly the really big dick. And the fact that he could eat pussy for hours.

Rene chuckled and sat back. “I’m sure it’s the accent.” He sobered a bit. “Do you have everything you need?”

The Frenchman wasn’t asking about his sexual needs. Rene was mostly a club owner and a businessman, both of which were a front for his real job—French intelligence.

“I’m good. The contacts are all in place, and I read your report on the O’Donnells. I’ve worked with Liam on a few minor ops. He seems solid. By that I mean he’s a dipshit, but a solid one. His brother causes me concern.”

Rene nodded. “I talked to Ten about it. I have the same concerns, but Rory O’Donnell is perfect for this op. I don’t think Leonov buys it if we send the elder O’Donnell in by himself. Rory is the one with real IRA ties. I’m not sure Liam knows what his baby brother is into, but I’m fairly certain we can trust him to stop it if Rory tries something. This is a gamble.”

He liked Li O’Donnell. He would have to figure out a way to let the man know his brother was sliding into trouble.

“But the reward is worth the risk.” The reward being keeping the world safe from dirty bombs. “I agree with your assessment, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the logistical support. My last contact put me up in a motel room I shared with a goat. I’m not fucking joking. A goat wandered in and I couldn’t get the fucker out. I finally named him Sir Goats A Lot and he became my roomie. That goat had gas. Lots of gas. I like it here better.”

“I can only imagine.” Rene took a sip of his own Scotch. “It’s much more comfortable here.”

One day he would have his own club. When he closed his eyes he could see it. Industrial, with clean lines and moody lighting. He liked The Collar, but it was old school, done up in reds and golds, velvet lining some of the walls and some incredible art. He wasn’t into art. He wanted the subs of his club to be the artwork.

Of course in his more morose moments, he knew he would never have that club. He would go out in a blaze of glory and then be a random star on a wall at Langley. Because that was how operatives went out. There was a bullet with his name on it waiting somewhere out there.

Or a knife. Or some poison. God, when he thought about it, he kind of craved that bullet.

The blonde was back along with her brunette friend. They waited a few feet from him, and he rather thought they would have stood there a good portion of the night. Well-trained subs. He wanted to be done with business. He wanted to not think for a while. When he went back to his room, he would have to think about what had happened with Alex and Eve, and how John Bishop was dead. He had to consider the fact that his younger brother thought he was somewhere in the Middle East because Sean had no idea he’d been recruited into the CIA.

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