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Cocksure (Cocksure #1)(9)
Author: K.I. Lynn

Warmth taps near my clit and I reach between us to hold him, but as I grab onto him, I immediately notice it’s not skin to skin. He really is good if I didn’t even notice he put on a condom.

His eyes meet mine, and I guide him closer until he’s sliding against the wet mess he created. He never looks away as he rocks his hips, then drifts down and pushes in.

My eyes widen, refusing to look away from him, but the feeling of him stretching me is pleasure overload. Lips parted, I struggle for air as every nerve ending erupts in a mini-explosion.

“So good,” he says with a moan, his hips pulling back before pushing in again, working himself deeper.

It’s an erotic gratification I’ve never experienced before. He flexes his hips and I feel it, pressed against the deepest part of me.


I stare up at him. Ready? For what?

My question is answered when he rears back, then slams into me. The sound that comes from me is high pitched and unidentifiable. His dark eyes hypnotize me, his hands a distraction, as his cock ravages me.

I’m still sensitive from my orgasm, but it wouldn’t matter. It only takes a few good, hard strokes of him inside me to ramp me up toward a second wave.

“Niko,” I say in a breathless whisper.

His hips pick up speed, tearing apart any last thought from me.

Nothing but carnal pleasure as I come again, clamping down on him.

I’m cock drunk. Completely and totally consumed by Niko.

All sense of anything other than his cock is gone.

“Fuck, baby, that’s it,” he growls. His sounds increase, and then, he slams into me.

I can feel him twitching inside me, deep in a place I’m not sure any man has been before. He’s breathing hard, hot against my skin before he pulls back, hand on his dick, probably taking the condom off, before he falls down onto the bed next to me.

“Wow,” is all I can say. My body has no strength at the moment.

Fantasy? No, my fantasies were a bland comparison, but I have new fantasies with actual memories to accompany them.

He chuckles, and I turn into his side and his rapidly expanding chest.

“Definitely wow.”

We’re both silent for a minute as we come down from our high. Strength starts to return as air pumps in and out of my lungs at a slower pace.

“You’re going to make sure I can’t walk tomorrow, aren’t you?”

He looks over at me and smiles. “Challenging me again?”

I giggle and draw my lower lip between my teeth. “Maybe.”

His head falls back down to the bed. “Five minutes.”

I scrunch my brow. “Five wha—” I cut myself short and glance down.

My mouth drops open as I stare down in amazement. He’s still hard. Maybe not fully, but as I stare, it twitches. I look up to Niko who is smirking at me.

“See something you want, baby?”

I straddle his hips and lean over to his nightstand and the box of condoms. A smile fills my face as I look down at him and I hold one up. “I challenge you to a round two.”

“Fine, but round three’s challenge is mine.”

“Think you can take me?”

He grins at me. “I already did.”



A JOLT WAKES ME, my eyes popping open in the dark. It’s a small moment of confusion as I process the room and the weight of the arm draped around me. The bedside clock reads almost three a.m.; its red glow lights up the face of Niko as I glance behind me.

That’s when I remember why we’re both passed out. I can feel it in my abdomen, the memory of Niko inside me. The strength needed to pull myself from the warmth of his arms is intense, but I manage. I spot a phone charger in the glow and pray that it’s a match for my iPhone.

Each movement when prying my body from his is calculated so that I don’t wake him. I don’t want him asking questions. I got what I wanted from him, and I plan to leave the way I’ve heard that he usually does.

He doesn’t move, his breath even. Why does he have to look so good even asleep?

A question for another time.

The bed that once had a place on the left side of Niko’s large room is now almost blocking his bedroom door. We just fucked so hard that we moved his bed across his bedroom.

Holy shit.

Niko wrecked me. There is no way that any man will come close to what we just did tonight. I’m not sure how I feel about that considering I don’t plan on seeing him again after this. The thought makes me sad, but I’m too tired to dwell on the feelings.

My legs are weak, making my steps unsteady. There are clothes all over the floor around the bed, a few condom wrappers mixed in, and I pick up my clothes as I make my way through. I’m almost tempted to stay until morning and wake him up just to see what sex looks like with Niko Callahan in the light of day, but I can’t risk that. I let out a small sigh and turn away from him.

As I slide between the thin gap between the bed and the wall on my way toward the door, I notice the massive blackness on his back and wish the light was better so I could see the tattoo. Then again, I didn’t get a good look at any of the ink covering his skin. Preoccupied with other parts of his body and all.

Quietly, I move about his apartment in search of my bag.

There’s a nightlight on in the kitchen, highlighting my purse along with another phone cord.


I pull my phone out of the outer pocket and plug it in. Hopefully, it will give me just enough charge to call for an Uber and see if Cam sent me anything.

I slip my thong on and look back into the bedroom—no change.

My phone has just enough juice to turn on, and I nearly jump out of my skin as the startup music begins to play. Phone clutched in my chest, I frantically try to cover the speaker while pressing the volume button down.

Another glance finds Niko has rolled onto his back, but he’s still sleeping soundly. I blow out a breath, my frayed nerves calming as my heart slams in my chest. Another glance at his sleeping form and the sheet that barely covers the lower part of his body has slipped, showcasing the V that leads down his happy trail. I should say my happy path. The tent he’s currently sporting under the sheet has my hands itching to touch him, and my mouth salivates.

Holy shit.

I remember the last few hours. How my tongue owned every part of Niko’s body, and I’d love to do everything again. I’m getting lost in the memories, the feelings, and the desire to pull the sheet down and straddle him again.

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