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Jax (Breaking the Declan Brothers #1)
Author: Kelly Gendron




“So ladies,” I walk over with the wine glasses, “what should we do this summer?”

Rayna takes her glass from me and lifts it. “I say we eat and drink as much as we want. We’ll make it our goal to gain no less than ten pounds this summer.”

“No way.” Lurlene shakes a full head of dark copper hair as she captures the glass from my hand. “I just lost twenty pounds. It took me six months. Now, when I wear my skinny jeans, it doesn’t look like someone forgot to stop pouring me into them. I had to eat a salad, and I mean just lettuce, so I could afford the calories I plan to consume with you ladies tonight. Sorry,” she scrunches her freckled nose, “you’re going to have to come up with something else.”

“Yeah. Bad idea, Rayna.” I retrieve my glass of wine from the counter and enter the living room. “I know you’re exiting a long-term relationship and all. You might want to kick your heels up for a couple months,” I slumber into the sofa next to Lurlene and peer down at Rayna sitting on the floor, “but I’m looking to get laid his summer.”

“You’re always lookin’ to get laid.” Rayna takes a sip of her wine. “And ten pounds wouldn’t put a dent in that body of yours.”

“It’s my metabolism.” I flip a hand in the air. “It kicks ass.”

“Yeah, she gets her perfect figure from her mother and me,” Lurlene smirks. “People think I work at the damn gym. If anyone needs to get laid, it’s me.”

My eyes flash to Lurlene. “I thought you were saving yourself for the one?”

“Heck, I’m twenty-five, and there’s not a single prospect within miles. I’m never going to find love.” Lurlene shrugs. “I’m reconsidering.”

Rayna props up on her knees, and her dark long strands swing forward. “Hey, I’ve got an idea.”

Oh, here we go. We’re definitely in trouble whenever Rayna gets that look in those sly-green eyes.

“You know my sister still has her place in the Bayou? Well, she hasn’t used it in a few years, busy with the fam, kids, and shit. We could go there for the summer. I’m between jobs, Emmie, you can do your job from anywhere, and Lurlene, you lucky bitch, you don’t have to be anywhere until the kiddos go back to school in the fall. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t been back to the Bayou in years,” I say.

“It’s been six for me. But we could meet up with friends, hang out at all the old stomping grounds, build fires, and get drunk all summer long.”

“Yeah, and we could also run into the Declan brothers,” I say with a tight smile.

“The Declan brothers?” Lurlene glances back and forth between Rayna and me. She’s not from the Bayou.

“Jax, Zeke, and,” I lean toward Rayna, “Slate.”

“I’m so over him,” she waves a hand at me and takes a sip of her wine. “What?” She sets the glass down. “Like I said, it’s been six years.”

“What’s up with Slate,” Lurlene asks.

“Rayna dated him all through high school. There was even talk of marriage.”

“It was first love shit. And I got no problem seeing Slate Declan again. What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Jax Declan?”

“I never did anything with Jax Declan!”

“But you wanted to,” Rayna smirks.

“Never,” I outright lie.

“What about Zeke,” Rayna glances over at Lurlene, “he’s the player of plays. And he’s so fucking hot. Too bad the asshole knows it.”

“And that’s why I never touched him, either,” I say, now speaking from truth. “Way too many hands grabbing on that pole.”

“I hear he has an exceptional pole. But then again, so did Slate. I can only assume Jax does, too.” She drops back down onto the floor. “Do you think Jax is gay?”

“Oh my God, I never consider it, but ya know,” I grimace, “he might be. I’ve never seen him with a girl, much less heard of him dating anyone.” And God knows I tried to get that guy to notice me, but he ignored all my advances. “Who knows, if we did go back there we could find the Declan brothers all married with a new herd of little Declans saddling up to wreak havoc in the Bayou.”

“I say we check it out. Let’s do it, let’s wreak a little havoc of our own.” Rayna grins.

“I’d love to have another go at it with Jax.” I bite my lip, again the truth. “Ya know, to see if I could break him, find out if he’s into the same sex or not.”

“Uh-huh.” Rayna’s grin widens. “And I, just by being there, could break Slate’s heart like he kinda did mine. And you,” Rayna looks at Lurlene. “You could get that cherry of yours popped by the best damn lay in the Bayou, and you could break every one of Zeke Declan’s rules, too.”

“Rules?” Lurlene’s brows draw together.

“Yeah,” Rayna lifts a finger. “Rule number one; don’t call him, he’ll call you,” she raises another finger, “two; he doesn’t date, three; no sleepovers, and rule number four,” Rayna looks at me wiggling four long digits, “absolutely no virgins.”

“And,” I turn to Lurlene, “if you don’t agree, understand, and follow those rules, he refuses to sleep with you,” I say, holding back my laughter from the appalled look on Lurlene’s face.

“You’re just his type, and you have experience with refusing men so you could give Zeke Declan a real good run for his booty call.” Rayna’s eyebrows wiggle.

“His type,” Lurlene says.

“Remember, Emmie, what was her name?” Rayna snaps her fingers. “Shit. Luna Featherhouse. That’s it. Oh, Zeke fell head over heels for her, but she wouldn’t give his cocky ass the time of day. Drove him insane. With our help, Lurlene could do it. She could get laid, and break Zeke, along with every one of his damn rules.”

“Wait,” Lurlene says, shaking her hands. “He really has rules, and girls agree to them just so they can have sex with this guy?” Rayna and I nod our heads. “And neither of you—”

“Eww!” Rayna’s body shakes with the heebie-jeebies. “God, no! I dated his brother, and Emmie, although she’s trying to deny it, only ever had eyes for Jax. So, what do you say?”

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