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Author: Aubrey Irons

I accidentally married the BIGGEST bad boy in pro football…I was born into the high life: private schools, finishing classes – groomed to look pretty hanging on a rich man’s arm.

That is, until I walk in on my fiancé f*cking his secretary across his desk.

Now I’m a princess on the run, and escape from the life I never wanted steers me right into the last man I’d ever call a prince charming.

Austin Taylor is the crude, arrogant pro quarterback with cocky cowboy smile and the notorious tabloid record longer than his- well…

A princess like me should have nothing to do with a beast of a man like that, except Austin Taylor has an offer I may not be able to refuse.

Half a million dollars to be his trophy wife.

It’s fake, of course – all a show for the cameras and the press to rehab his bad boy reputation.

Fake, that is, until we wake up actually married in Vegas.


Now I’m really married to the most notorious, most possessive, most gorgeous man in pro football. The man with the glint in his eyes that gets me hot in places it shouldn’t. The man whose dirty, filthy words have me melting for him.

Oh, right, and the man whose baby I’m carrying.




 © 2016 Aubrey Irons


Cover & Interior Design: Aubrey Irons

Cover Photos: Nelka7812

Editor: Ellie McLove, Love N Books

Formatting: Vellum


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, organizations, actual events or locales is entirely coincidental. The author acknowledges the trademark status of products referred to in this book and acknowledges that trademarks have been used without permission.


All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author, except in the case of brief quotations used for review purposes.


This book is intended for mature, adult audiences only. It contains sexually explicit and graphic scenes and language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please do not continue reading this book of you are under the age of 18 or are offended by content of this nature.


All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older and are in no way blood relations. All acts of a sexual nature are completely consensual.



For my husband; a thousand times yes.



Author’s Note



*New Release Bonus Content Included!*


You never forget your first ;).

To celebrate the release of Player and as a thank you for your support, I’ve decided to include my first books - The Soldiers Of Fortune series - here in this special new-release edition of the book.

As a heads-up, no, Player is not the single longest romance book in the world, despite the huge page count number Amazon may display!

Player itself is around 75k words, which means it takes up roughly the first 30% of this book. That means a full 70% of this book file is taken up by the bonus content. Heat, book 1 in the bonus series, begins at the 29% mark, followed by Burn at 39%, Scorch at 68%, and Roar at 85%.

Thanks so much for reading, and I do hope you enjoy the very crude, very possessive, and very irresistible Austin Taylor as much as I have.

-Aubrey Irons



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“This isn’t what it looks like.”

The Chanel clutch drops from my hands as I stare at my fiancé, standing in front of his office desk with the blonde woman’s legs wrapped around his waist.

‘It’s not what it looks like’? Because, what it really looks a whole lot like is my fiancé with his pants around his ankles and his dick in his secretary, about ten minutes before the firm’s annual gala.

“Seriously, Vince?!” My jaw drops as I stare at them, slowly shaking my head as neither of them even makes an effort to cover up.

Jesus Christ, he’s still inside of her.

The thought is nauseating, and my stomach feels like it drops as far as my clutch lying there on the floor.

“Babe,” Vince shrugs - sheepishly but in this ‘sorry, not sorry’ way that somehow makes the entire situation even more condescending.

“Really wish you’d knocked, Natalie.”

I bark out a laugh, feeling the floor sink under my feet. His secretary slaps at his arm, almost playfully as if he’s just said some sort of faux pas at a cocktail party.

Jesus, she hasn’t even bothered to cover up at all. Her shirt is still unbuttoned, one breast hanging out of her bra, and her legs still wrapped around Vince’s waist. I frown as my eyes land on the tattoo on her bare thigh and the bile rises in my throat as I read the words, “Daddy’s Girl” inked inside the heart.

Good lord, I quickly yank my eyes away, feeling ill.

“You wish I’d knocked?” I hurl at Vince, still shaking my head and trying to process what I’m actually looking at. “Well I wish you weren’t fucking your trashy secretary, Vince.”

“Uh, excuse me, honey?” The blonde bimbo hanging off his waist and pulling at his neck-tie - one I bought him, actually - wrinkles her nose at me. She shakes her head and makes a face as if I’m the one out of line here.

“Yeah, Natalie, let’s be civil here. There’s no need for that.”

My blood pressure spikes as the rage lances through me. “Are you fucking defending her?!”

Civil. He wants me to be fucking civil to the woman with my fiancé’s cock still inside of her, right in front of me.

“Babe,” Vince shrugs condescendingly again. “You know how things are.”

I feel faint. I feel like the world is spinning under my feet as I bring my fingers up to pinch the bridge of my nose.

“No, Vince, I don’t. Why don’t you enlighten me.”

A weasley little rat grin sneers across his face. “I’m a man of power, babe.”

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