Distraction by Ava Greene

Chapter One

Layla opened her eyes and looked around. It was a bit darker than she was used to, and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to her surroundings. She’s in Treyton’s bedroom. She took in the bed and matching furnishings and chiffon curtains billowing at the French doors, which were slightly ajar. Layla could hear his Rhodesian Ridgeback, Apollo, snoring softly from somewhere nearby. She stretched languorously, recalling the night before, the slow, easy lovemaking they shared, and the way he had held her afterward.

Layla looked to her right to see Treyton sleeping beside her. His ebony hair was flopping over one eye, and she felt an emotion swell within her. He looked young and untroubled in his sleep, and Layla felt the urge to brush his hair away to see his face better gently. She was still in awe of the relationship that had bloomed between them in the few short weeks they had been together.

She had never been in the habit of dating such blatantly beautiful men because they had never been her type. More specifically, Layla had always believed that they were out of her league. And when she met Treyton, those beliefs had been validated. He had been so arrogant and self-centered, and they had not gotten along at all. But now everything changed, she learned over time that the man wasn’t just a stuck-up trust fund brat. Treyton suffered from a traumatic experience, for which he had blamed himself, and that was when his alcoholism began. And now that he was healing, he was also recovering from the addiction. Treyton attended meetings and therapy sessions regularly, and things were going well. She was proud of his accomplishments.

Layla felt the duvet move on the other side of the bed, and a bronze-colored snout appeared, followed by a pair of enormous, coal-lined, caramel eyes. She stretched out a hand to stroke Apollo’s head, and the dog licked her fingers to show his appreciation.

“Do you need to go potty, sweet boy?” Layla threw the covers off herself and got out of bed. Walking towards the door, she realized a laundry basket kept it from opening for more than a couple of inches. She moved it, and Apollo skirted through, nudging her leg on the way out.

Layla turned back towards the bed to see another pair of gorgeous eyes watching her.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Treyton said with a sleepy smile on his face.

“Hi,” she replied before crawling back into the bed and his arms. Treyton found her lips, his kiss barely a brush against hers, and Layla marveled at how such a touch made her feel completely undone – raw and vulnerable and completely safe at the same time. She could spend a lifetime waking up next to this man. Every kiss felt like their first kiss; every caress made her knees weak. She felt like a girl in one of those dime-a-dozen romance novels where the girl got woozy every time the hero touched her.

“I love having you here like this, Layla, waking up in my bed. It makes me feel like the luckiest man in the universe,” Treyton whispered against her mouth despite the innocent embrace. She felt his length harden against her thigh, and it sent a spark of primal desire through her. She trailed one hand down his belly to stroke his awakening shaft and let out a tiny moan at how incredible he felt in her hand.

Treyton’s gaze hardened in a way that made her belly flip. “Don’t make any promises you cannot keep, woman,” he growled.

Layla ran her fingers along his shaft and squeezed it. “Oh, I won’t, honey. You have my word. I am just going to stroke until you feel like you are about to go mad, and then I will show you how willing I am to keep my promise.” She continued to massage his manhood as Treyton dropped his head back on the pillow, his breathing deepening.

Treyton uttered, “The way you touch me makes my heart race, Layla. I can’t move. I can only feel.”

Layla’s hand moved faster and was surprised when his fingers started looking for her core. He parted her slit and brushed a fingertip across her happy button.

The pleasure that resulted from that single touch gave Layla immense pleasure. She had to concentrate on maintaining her motion. “You liar. You said you couldn’t move,” teased Layla after catching her breath.

“I lied,” Treyton admitted, flipping her to the side. He pulled Layla against his body and raised her leg and rested it on top of his own. He fitted against her back and guided his throbbing member to her honey spot. With one easy stroke, he was already deep inside her. It felt like her body was made for him. Treyton pumped his woman slowly, feeling Layla’s muscles clench around him, and let the pleasure envelop him. He had been with many women, but none of them felt like Layla. She was different from everyone else he had ever been with. He pulled her body tightly as he rocked her world.

“God, baby, you feel like heaven.” Treyton found her button again and traced circles around it, reveling in the jolt of pleasure that caused Layla to scrape her nails across his shoulders. He intensified the motion, making her moan and strain against his hand. His release was building, and he knew he would climax soon. He pumped harder, wanting to feel her cum in his arms. A moment later, her body stiffened, and he could feel the orgasm rocketed through her.

After a moment or two, she turned in Treyton’s embrace to gaze into his eyes. Layla gasped and said, “That was wonderful.” He brushed a soft kiss across her lips and smiled into her gorgeous blue eyes before kissing the tip of her nose.

“No, you are wonderful,” Treyton said happily. She snuggled against him, and his embrace tightened possessively. “You are mine, Layla. I need you to know –”

She silenced whatever words he was about to say with a passionate kiss. Layla assured him, “I am yours, Treyton. Always yours.”

The room was starting to get brighter, and Treyton wanted nothing more than to stay there with his arms around her. He just wanted to spend the morning making love to her, feel the way he did when they were deep into each other as if the world had disappeared and it was just them.

“I want you again,” Treyton murmured. He easily pulled her on top of him and watched as the disciplined girl who was never late for work impaled herself on his shaft and began to ride him. She closed her eyes for a while and caught her bottom lip in her teeth before opening them again and meeting his gaze, her lips curved in a seductive smile. “You’re lucky I know the boss,” she said.