Sell Your Soul by Ally Vance





I was born into this life; my parents were among the founders of The Obsidian Elite. It’s in my blood, yet I can’t avoid the fact that I stepped up to the plate and did it better than them. There’s blood on my hands, and it stains everything I hold dear. Not that much matters to me beyond the wealth I help to sustain, except maybe my brother Sebastian.

I stand in the shower and close my eyes, letting the water pour down over my face and body before I lean against the tiles so it can wash away the rest of the sweat and blood from my day. People always underestimate me and think they can steal a piece of the wealth our family has built over the years. Ending my life won’t change the status and power we’ve spent generations growing. I shake my head and allow the water to cleanse me of the filth that follows a threat, and the death that ensues for the ones who dare to challenge me. I may be the eldest son in the Holloway family, and the first heir to our fortune, but just because I’m not my father, it doesn’t mean I’m unworthy—it  doesn’t make me weak.

I step out of the luxurious shower, and the warmth of the bathroom and the steam surrounds me. I pull a towel from the heated rack and wrap it around my waist, not bothering to dry my body and hair. I need a drink, and I need to fuck. The warm woman lying in my bed is reclining on her side, waiting and ready to please me. I ignore her in favor of the small bar in my room. I go pour myself a glass of whiskey, knock it back, and then make another, carrying it with me towards the bed. Setting it down on the coaster, I stand in front of her and drop the towel.

With a smile spread on her perfect stained red lips, Emery comes towards me, every movement slow and seductive. We hate each other more than we like each other, and we will never end up together. She’s fated for Sebastian, but this is her little fuck you to him for seeing someone else. She gets what she wants out of it, and I get what I want. It’s a win-win, if or until Sebastian finds out. I never intended to touch her, but she caught me by surprise after I’d had a few drinks.

The next day I wake up in an empty bed, but I think little of it. I’m not Emery’s keeper or boyfriend and she can come and go as she pleases. Our little one-night arrangement was fun while it lasted, but I’ve got more pressing things to deal with than an eighteen-year-old out for fun and on a mission to drive my brother wild. It’ll do him good not to have someone who’ll bow to his every whim. She’ll give him a run for his money, and then eventually they’ll marry and multiply the family’s wealth by millions.

Pushing thoughts of Emery and Sebastian aside, I reflect on the incident the previous night. I’m getting a little fed up of these deadly little rendezvous with stupid assholes who want a piece of the wealth that elevates us far above them. This is the third time someone has overridden the security systems and breached the grounds. We need to get this fixed, and it better be soon, or heads will roll, and not just the bastards who foolishly believe they deserve to be more than a faceless, worthless corpse, and my security team will be next if they don’t get their fucking act together. I can take care of the intruders easily when they’re here, but the problem is that the bastards shouldn’t be able to make it this far.

I pick up my cell from the bedside table and swing my legs out of the bed, planting my bare feet on the plush carpeted floor. I brush my hair from my eyes and type out a message to arrange a meeting with my head of security. I quickly dress, putting on one of my favorite black suits, and carefully style my hair before leaving the room and heading toward my office. Father won’t be happy, but repeated failures can’t be tolerated, not when it comes to our safety. Who knows what else has been let slide when it comes to the security of both the family and our wealth.