Illegal Formation by Shanna Swenson



Quil laughed again as he backed the gorgeous beauty against the wall, his eyes falling over her curvy body. God, he couldn’t wait to touch her, taste her, see her naked, love every inch of her porcelain skin.

They’d both had too much to drink and were buzzing, giggling like a pair of teenagers.

His head lowered and he evaluated her face, her eyes. Eyes that warned him away, but he didn’t heed it. All he wanted was to run with this exhilarating feeling he’d had since first he’d laid eyes upon her—to take her, lose himself inside her…

It’d been so long since Quil had felt anything beyond anger, remorse, hate and loathing. The only other time he felt happy apart from being around his daughter was when he was playing football.

He’d come back to the game and life he’d loved this year; it had been rewarding, but something was missing. Quinn was doing so well. Her treatments were extensive but seemed to be working; their lives appeared to have found a new normal.

Quil had grown lonely over the past year and a half, though. Despite how much he’d hated Rian’s horrible addiction and how it had taken control of her, he’d begun reminiscing about the good times—missing them, even though they’d been few and far between.

Now, suddenly in the arms of a woman who looked at him as if he were a giant cookie she wanted to take a bite of, he remembered how good it felt to hold and touch and desire again. Yeah, he’d had sex since Ri’s death—several times—but it had meant nothing, like it would tonight. He wasn’t kidding himself; a big part of him didn’t want another relationship, another complication, another woman to come in and destroy him like Rian had.

He’d been weak and unaware as a young man in love. Now he was fully mindful of how women manipulated men, how conniving the lot of them were, how destructive they could be with a heart.

This woman would serve one purpose and one purpose alone. Of that, he knew they were both on the same page as her eyes and hands slid over his naked abs. He moaned, loving how her long nails tickled him there.

“Wanna find somewhere more private, Hades?” she cooed, licking her lips.

“Fuck yes I do,” he answered and leaned down to taste her, recalling her skills with her tongue ring.

Just as he’d remembered, she tasted both sweet and spicy, making his entire body tingle as if his lips were touching a live wire. Veda felt it too and pulled back with a gasp.

Quil chuckled under his breath before letting his hands fall to her waist. He pulled her roughly back against him, loving and hating the torture at the same time as he kissed her again.

She was the one to moan this time; he thrust his tongue in, invading the mouth that intrigued him. Her tongue fought his back, longing to plunder his mouth as he was hers. He admired her bravado.

You might tangle with me, little rebel, but I’ll be the one to own you tonight, he thought.

His hands moved up her arms slowly as his mouth feasted on hers, and she pressed herself into him seductively.

“Mmm, dama serpiente. Me deseas, no?” he asked breathlessly as her hands lowered to his waist.

Si. I want you,” she responded as his hand cupped her neck and pulled her tighter to him.

Ah, hablas español?”

Muy poquito, señor.”

Suficiente.” When she fought his dominating hold on her, he slammed her back to the wall, getting a sharp gasp from her. “You’ll see, hermosa, con rapidez who’s in charge here.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Her lips puckered in challenge.

“Indeed.” His face lowered and his lips took hers again, his hand moving from her neck down her arm and to the breasts that had beckoned to him all night. He squeezed one possessively then the other, getting a grunt out of her. “I wanna see your face, Medusa.”

Although the mask was sexy as hell, he wanted to look upon her, his hunger to unmask her as prominent as his desire.

He took it upon himself to peel the mask up, even as her eyes searched for anyone lurking and watching them. They were safe, he assured her, hiding in an alcove by the back staircase. His fingertips took time to stroke and ease the masquerade-style mask up.

He smiled into a beautiful, perfectly-sculpted face. Dark arched brows, intelligent and cunning, framed her emerald-green eyes, high cheekbones, and a pert little nose. He was pleased, kissing her once more to let her know that.

She basked in it, her hand cupping his jaw as she savored his lips; then her tongue plunged in again, enticing him with each velvety stroke across his own. He groaned and gripped the fabric at her waist, tightening his hold; he couldn’t get her close enough as she wrapped a thigh around his and began to rub herself against his erection.

When he pulled back for a breath, they were both panting. The eyes that looked wantonly up into his own made his desire even stronger. But before he could pull her back against him, he heard a little giggle beside him.

A soaking wet Brooke Taylor had her phone up and was recording them.

“Brooke, what the actual fuck?” he asked, annoyed.

“Kiss her again, that was so fuckin’ hot, Quil.” Brooke licked her lips hungrily.

Quil’s brows drew closer, but Veda grinned as if to say, “Let’s give her a show.” He shrugged—too drunk to care, anyway—and pulled Veda back against him, angling his head to deepen the kiss and let Brooke’s phone catch his good side. He thrust his tongue in, making love to Veda’s mouth as if he’d never tasted anything sweeter than her in his lifetime.

When they pulled back again, the light from Brooke’s phone flashed. She was taking pictures too. Fuck! What the hell was she doing?

Just as he was about to ask her and felt anger paint his cheeks, TJ came up behind Brooke and grabbed her roughly around the waist.

“Alright, I got an Uber coming, sexy. You ready?” His hand moved to Brooke’s breast and squeezed.

“I am now,” Brooke smirked. “Look at this!”

Quil huffed as Brooke began to play the video back. Quillan could hear himself panting and Veda’s moaning through the speaker of her phone. He didn’t know whether to be turned on or frustrated by the invasion of privacy, but was completely both.

“So damn hot, right? I wanna watch it while you fuck me, Andre the Giant Cock.”

TJ laughed heartily. “The only thing you’re gonna be watching is your big ass getting fuckin’ hammered by this.” He shoved his pelvis roughly up against her. “I know you like girls too, B, but tonight, you’re mine. I ain’t sharing you, so get the fuck over it.”

TJ smacked her ass hard for good measure even as she pouted up at him. “Fine, maybe next time,” Brooke winked at Veda and let TJ lead her forward and through the side door.

“Christ, sorry about that,” Quil remarked as he pulled a hand through his hair.

Veda’s eyes looked apprehensive for a second before she gave him a weak grin. “Bedroom?”

He pointed and motioned to the right. “There’s one up there.”

Veda nodded and took his hand, leading him up the staircase. He was pleased to see her desire hadn’t waned by Brooke’s weirdness; his own felt thick and prominent between his legs.

When they got into the room, Veda shut the door behind him and threw her mask onto the vanity, exhaling sharply. “Well, cat’s out of the bag now.” She looked down, her eyes grazing the carpet of the room before she looked up at Quillan.

He wasn’t sure what she’d meant, but in those moments, he didn’t care as he watched her begin to remove her costume. He hadn’t realized just how petite Veda was until now and let the comment die as she meekly came forward.

At six foot six inches tall, Quil had always been taller than most, but Veda was tiny compared to him. If he had to guess she was maybe five foot three. She was slender, athletically built, similar to him but not as cut or bulky. He was surprised to see a diamond piercing in her belly button and steel rings in her nipples as her bra fell to the floor. Her breasts were possibly the biggest things on her, save for her plump bottom that a pair of black-lace cheekies hugged. He moaned aloud as she turned to throw her dress into a chair across from the bed.

“Mmm, leave those on and put the mask back on, dama serpiente,” he commanded and sat on the bed to watch her. She did as he’d asked without comment.

This was the guest room he used when he’d stayed with Pax on occasion, not that he’d done so but a time or two. He didn’t leave Quinn alone often, but there’d been a couple times when it was too late to drive home or he’d been too drunk.

“What about you, Hades? Aren’t you gonna undress?” Veda asked as she moved forward, her creamy breasts bouncing and her pink nipples singing to him, strained by the steel surrounding them, hard and alert.

“I thought it would be more fun if you did it, sexy lady.”

Veda grinned seductively and stopped in front of him, her pierced nipples centimeters from his face. He shivered at the closeness, feeling his cock jump in his pants.

“Oh, aye, I can do that. No touching though, Death.”

“Death?” Quillan laughed. “You can do better than that.”

“Ok, dia an bháis.”

“Dia an bháis?” Quil frowned, trying to place the language.

“Irish,” Veda answered.

That’s right, this sexy little vixen was Irish… Hot!

“Now stop talking and let me get you naked.”

Quil wouldn’t argue as her lips hit his breastbone; her tongue began to lick the indent of his midline, down his abs, and to the trail of hair pointing to his now-raging erection. “Oh, fuck,” he groaned hungrily as her fingers flirted with the button on his fly. He couldn’t wait to feel those plump lips on his cock.

She tortured him with her fingertips through the rough denim, tracing the shape of him from base to tip until he was rocking into her palm. She grinned knowingly at him.

“Hmm... Impatient for a god, aren’t you, Hades?”

“Don’t make me punish you for your sharp tongue, Medusa,” he scolded, sounding more playful than he felt. He wanted to turn her over and pound her into the mattress with a fury he’d never felt before as those green eyes held his, staring into his very soul.

“Shall I worship at your altar then?” she smirked as her eyes fell to his restrained sex. It was all he could do not to beg her to unleash the beast inside his pants and suck him into oblivion.

“That’s one way you can make it up to me, snake lady.”

“That’s right, I have a way of charming them. Perhaps this has something to do with it.” She stuck her tongue out, revealing the barbell ring through it once again, and he moaned aloud.

Veda finally unzipped him and grabbed his hard member. It was big and thick in her dainty, little hand, and he was as aroused by the look of it as by the feel. When she squeezed the base, pulled the head of him to her lips and licked—her piercing stroking up the underside of his shaft—he could have lost himself. He quaked as his hand came to her head. She immediately moved back, looking offended, and he almost balked.

“What’s the matter, Obsidian, never seen an anaconda that size?”

She scoffed. “I just don’t like being guided. This is my show, not yours.”

Control. This woman wanted it all. She must not know who she was messing with.

“You want Hades, you gotta deal with the flames, hermosa. Pleasure comes with a price.”

She evaluated his words carefully, looking down at his cock again, making him want her all the more.

Suddenly, her cojónes came back and she grinned. “Fine. You can feast on me then.”

She popped up and launched herself at him. He laughed even as her lips slammed into his. This woman had moxie, and he admired that about her.

Quil turned them and pushed her to the bed, laying atop her as he ravished her mouth. He planted his hands on her luscious breasts, kneading and tweaking her impaled nipples, the metal cold on his fingertips. “Mmm, bonitas cocos, mi hermosa.”

Veda’s head arched back as his head fell and he suckled her, pulling long and hard and letting his tongue and teeth fight with the hard metal of the nipple ring.

“Oh God, Quil, mmm,” she gasped out and made his dick jerk in his boxers.

Si, you like that, pequeña rebelde?”

“Shit, I don’t know what you’re saying, but it’s hot as fuck.” Veda moaned again and Quillan chuckled, assaulting her other breast as his hands lowered to her panties.

He pulled back and peeled them down her small hips, his eyes falling on yet another shimmering diamond, twinkling in the light as her legs opened before him.

“Damn, chica, you’ve got the most dazzling papaya I’ve ever seen.”

It was true; his eyes fell over her smooth, pink sex to the hood of her clit, where a vertical barbell with diamonds pierced her flesh. He wondered if she tasted as enticing as she looked, not hesitating as he moved to explore her opening lips. His fingertips touched her first; she shivered and moaned as he tested the metallic barbell.

“It’s fascinating. Did it hurt, Veda?”

He realized it was the first time he’d used her name. Usually he avoided that; names made it more personal, but he was truly curious about her piercing…and her.

“Yeah for a few weeks, but I’ve had it for years now.”

“Hmmm,” Quil trailed off as his mouth lowered and he kissed her delicately. Soon, his tongue was hitting the metal, over and over, and he was sucking at it, fascinated with the jewelry he’d never seen or experienced with a woman before.

His finger thrust into her, encouraging her to succumb to him, and before he even knew it, she was falling apart. He grinned as he looked back up into her red face.

“You got me all worked up, dark god. I couldn’t stop myself if I tried,” she defended.

“Sure, sure. Think that will be the last time I have you crying my name as you’re splayed before me? Think again.”

Suddenly, he was aligning his body with hers and pushing his hungry cock into the hot, silky heat he’d just prospected with his mouth and fingers.

He wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting, but falling into an alternate universe wasn’t it. He moaned as his sex and soul became engulfed into the hottest inferno he’d ever felt, an inferno of raging pleasure, bone-satisfying warmth, and unending ecstasy. They both gasped as he filled her to the brim and stilled there, holding himself back from the need to root like a virgin. What in God’s name was happening here?

Veda’s hand came to his jaw, her thumb tracing his cheekbone as her eyes sought his. “Quillan?” she murmured, her voice barely above a whisper.

But he had no answer, only the need to love her flesh with his own. He withdrew and plunged again, deeper, harder than the initial penetration, shocked when it felt even more intense than the first thrust had.

“Oh shit,” he grunted as his body was assaulted by the force of something strong, something primal, something he’d not been expecting. “Veda.”

“Yes, baby,” a breathy whimper answered him and a moan.

He was in serious trouble here. His body and soul were captive, trapped in the feel of her heat wrapped around him, squeezing him so intimately, sweeter than anything he’d ever felt in his life before. He answered her moan with one of his own.

He continued to plunge and withdraw as her hands moved over his body, leaving a trail of scorch marks across his skin. It wasn’t supposed to feel this good. It wasn’t supposed to be so entrancing. He was the one in control here. He was the one who was supposed to own her. Not the other way around.

Veda’s head flew back as his hand moved to caress her piercing. She screamed as her orgasm took her, her body quaking as her legs wrapped around his hips and pulled them tighter together. The motion intensified his own pleasure and yearning, making his heart gallop.

Deep, panting moans assaulted his ears as her sex milked him so close to Heaven that his eyes rolled back in his head. He was possessed. Possessed by this naughty jezebel with an agenda he didn’t know, a sinful creature of the night who’d excelled at what she did for a living.

Suddenly, Quil realized that he’d been sucked right into the spell of a sorceress, a prostitute, for that’s exactly what she was. Wasn’t she? She worked at RISE, the top gentleman’s club in the nation, and now she was here, and he was fucking her… No, correction, he was making love to her, he realized, his hips arching and stroking slowly.

Fuck this! he thought, pulling out and turning her over on all fours.

This was his show; he was in charge. He’d be damned if he was bested by a whore.

He drove into her and pushed her upper body down, gripping her hair in his fist as he claimed her with his sex, his member driving deep and punishingly. But the pull was too sweet, the lure of her body around him, and he couldn’t contain the need to please her as his hand moved beneath her to her flat belly, her big breast. He squeezed and kneaded as he plunged and withdrew like a crazed man, needing to be one with her. He tweaked the ring in her nipple, twisting slightly, getting her to buck beneath him.

He grinned wickedly, knowing it was alternating between pain and pleasure, but he wanted to punish her for her sinful ways, this bad girl that had pulled him deeper into the Underworld.

“Oh, oh, Quil,” she whimpered as he felt her womanhood tighten around him.

“Yeah, you gonna come for me again, chica mala? Fuckin’ do it.” He smacked her ass hard as he hammered into her, his own loins tightening as he heard her fall into senselessness. “Fuck yeah, baby. You’re so damn hot.” His hand moved up her back as she shivered and quaked, crying out in release.

She grunted and shoved back against his hips, her hands coming to his thighs. He stopped moving inside her, afraid he’d hurt her.

When he pulled out, she abruptly moved and turned, her face contorted in both rage and lust. She launched herself at him and he caught her, torn between confusion, amusement, and yearning desire. They fell, her atop him as their limbs tangled and their mouths clashed, teeth hitting as they fought for control. He felt his shaft being gripped by her small fist and being pulled back into her cavernous Heaven, the sweetest Hell he’d ever been inside.

“Oh fuck, Veda,” he trailed off, his mind a muddle of nothing as she rocked her hips and rode him for all she was worth. Her hands splayed on his chest and her eyes burned lasers of green into his as he began to lose himself to her touch, her sex, the rolling of her hips.

His hands moved to cup her breasts, test their weight, then to her waist. He pulled her hips into his as her lunges became more frantic and her breathing choppy.

Before he could warn her that he was close, she was moving again. He grunted in protest as she stood, turning around then sitting again in reverse cowgirl. Her ministrations soon had the desired effect; when her soft, delicate hand began to stroke his scrotum then squeeze and pull, he was done for.

He came in a glorious, mind-blowing orgasm that pulled the very essence from his body. He poured himself inside her, gripping her like she was his lifeline.

When his body stopped spasming, he realized he was sitting up, his arms wrapped around the woman who’d just drained him of all rationale, one hand cupping her breast the other her hip. She shivered as his nose nuzzled her jawline, and he kissed her there. His fingers moved to trace the art inked across her back, a mosaic of different colorful images: flowers, Celtic crosses, hearts, animals, various intricate patterns and designs.

“So beautiful,” he whispered, exploring her skin with his fingertips and all too aware of the goosebumps breaking out on her alabaster flesh as he did so.

“So are you,” she replied, turning to face him and wrapping her legs around his waist.

She looked into his eyes, then studied his face as her fingertips traced the line of his cheekbones, nose, and jaw. He shivered when she touched his lips, and she grinned, pleased with herself.

They watched each other for a long time before they started kissing again, Quil’s hands moving into her thick, dark hair.

“Why all the tattoos and piercings? For your job?” he asked when he pulled back, moving his fingertips down the designs on her arm.

“I could ask you the same question.” Veda looked down at the tattoo on his chest, the one of his daughter’s footprint as an infant and date of birth. Clearly, she didn’t like his interrogation.

“It was a simple question,” he retorted.

“I like to stand out…” She shrugged.

Pequeña rebelde.”

“What does that mean?”

“Little rebel.” He grinned.

“Boring women seldom make history.”

Quil smirked. “You’re unique, bad girl, I’ll give you that.”

“So having ink and piercings makes me bad, huh?”

“You also work in a strip club.”

“Doesn’t make me a slut.” Her brows went up as if to dare him to say otherwise. “You don’t even know me.”

“Fair enough.” He held his hands out in surrender.

She kissed him hard, in punishment he was sure, and when she pulled back, she smiled. “I’ve not yet conceded.”

“Me either,” Quil reassured, even as her lips fell to his again and she began to suck his tongue.

“Mmm, let me further persuade you, Hades,” Veda coaxed as her hands moved down his shoulders to his pecs, then lower and lower until she gripped his growing cock in her fist.

“Mmm, your methods of persuasion are cruel, Medusa.”

Veda full-out laughed, and the sound made Quillan’s heart swell in his chest.

Soon, her stroking had him shivering before her mouth fell on his fevered flesh. He watched as she descended his torso ever so slowly until she was licking his shaft like a treasured lollipop, and his head was lolling back in pleasure. She used her mouth, tongue, and piercing so skillfully that before he knew it he was close to release once again.

He barely had time to enter her before he was coming again, arching hard up into her as his mind splintered in sprays of light and fire.

Veda giggled in triumph. “Looks like I have yet another snake to add to my crown.”

“Yeah, yeah, you laugh now. You won’t be laughing come tomorrow when you can’t walk because of me, chica mala.”

He flipped her over and pinned her hands above her head, his mouth falling to her neck.

It was then he realized he hadn’t worn a condom.