Blood Line by Heather MacKinnon

Chapter 1



“Good evening.”

My eyes snapped to his as deep voice sent tingles rippling through my body.

Ashton stood. “Hello, sir. I was just leaving.”

Alexander shook his head, gaze still locked on me. “No. By all means. Finish your game.”

It was then I realized I’d been bending the Uno cards in my hand. I straightened my fingers and tried to press the creases out.

I knew Alexander must have been irritated to find me here playing a game with Ashton just as the sun set, and I bit back a smile.

This had become our private little game.

One day, right after he’d claimed me, I’d sent Ashton home early and gotten the key he’d left me for his bedroom door. I’d crawled into his bed and waited there for him to wake for the night.

The moment his eyes opened, he was on top of me. His lips on my skin and his hands on my body like they belonged there. Even thinking about that night made my heart race and my palms sweat.

Just before he bit me, he made a comment about how convenient it was to wake up next to me like that.

He’d called me breakfast in bed.

So, I’d decided to make his life more difficult from then on. I figured it was good for him to work for what he wanted every once in a while. Especially me.

Ashton sat down warily and picked his cards back up before playing a red one. I split my time between watching Alexander and trying to pay attention to the game as he stood there silently.

Finally, he moved. But I wasn’t sure if that made things better or not.

His big body seemed to almost glide through the dining room. Like he prowled instead of walked. Like there was so much power inside him, it was only barely contained.

My wide eyes followed him as he walked around the table, heading right toward me. When he sat down in the chair next to mine, I swallowed once, but my throat was so dry it made me cough instead. Alexander reached over to pat my back.

“You all right?” he asked, the concern swimming with smug knowledge in his gaze. He knew how he affected me. How he overwhelmed me. And he used it to his advantage as often as possible.


I shrugged his hand off and moved a couple inches away. “I’m fine.”

I played another card as Alexander leaned back in his seat, spreading his legs as wide as they would go under the table. His left leg bumped into me and I almost jumped at the contact.

He smirked in my direction, but I ignored him.

I was trying my best to concentrate on the game when he hooked his ankle around mine and pulled, yanking my legs wide open. I gasped, my face going red as both men turned to look at me. One was concerned, one was self-satisfied.

Guess which one I wanted to slap.

I cleared my throat. “Sorry. I just realized I had two cards stuck together.”

Ashton nodded warily, but Alexander just chuckled next to me. I turned to glare at him, but the smile was still on his face and he was just so damn handsome when he grinned like that. His whole face transformed when he was happy, and it did crazy things to the butterflies in my stomach.

It was even more powerful when I knew he was smiling like that because of me.

Ashton played a card as I studied mine and did my best to ignore the vampire next to me whose foot was rubbing my leg.

“Reverse, pick two,” I said as I placed a series of cards on the growing pile between us.

Ashton stared at his hand as Alexander scooted his chair closer and wrapped his fingers around my knee. I stopped breathing altogether as his thumb rubbed little circles on my thigh and my leg started to shake.

“Draw four, and I choose blue,” Ashton said, breaking me out of my Alexander-induced haze.

I shook my head and played my next card as his hand skimmed up my thigh and back down. Over and over. Each time bringing him closer to the junction between my legs. I tried crossing them, but he pulled them back open and continued his torturous journey.

“Reverse, skip, draw two.”

I would have been irritated at having to draw more cards, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than Alexander’s fingers creeping closer to my now wet center.

“You should play that one,” Alexander murmured next to me, his face closer than it was before.

I nodded quickly and tossed the card he’d suggested. I wasn’t even sure what color it was.

His fingers finally found their way between my thighs and directly to my most sensitive spot. I sucked in a sharp breath that, thankfully, didn’t draw Ashton’s attention. I turned to give Alexander a glare, but he wasn’t looking at me. He had his head propped in his other hand, looking bored.


His touch intensified as he tested the boundaries of my thin pants. His thick fingers stroked and pressed and flicked and pinched as I tried to sit still in my chair and finish this damn game.


Oh, thank God.

Unfortunately, I only had pick-up cards left in my hand. “Draw four,” I said as I laid a wild card down. “Let’s do ye-llow,” I stuttered as Alexander pressed hard against my clit.

Ashton frowned at his cards as I discreetly grabbed Alexander’s hand and tried to remove him from between my legs.

It didn’t work.

In fact, it seemed to encourage him instead.

His fingers crept down to my center before he pushed hard against the thin fabric, his finger entering me through my pants. My eyes flew wide open at the intrusion. Thankfully, Ashton was still glaring at his hand while I tried to get myself back under control.

We played a few more cards as Alexander got bolder.

Now he was fully entering me as far as the stretchy material would allow. Pumping his big fingers in and out, his thumb pressing my clit again as I tried to keep my breaths even.

“Uno,” Ashton said again, and I almost kissed him.

I played a random card and watched in relief as Ashton laid down his last one. “I win,” he said with a wide smile.

I sighed in relief, but it was short-lived.

Alexander now had two fingers pressed inside me and I could feel my orgasm rising to the surface.

“Good game,” I squeaked. “We’ll have to have a rematch tomorrow.”

“Why not play now?” Alexander asked.

I turned to him with a glare and he just smiled at me.

“We can go again if you want,” Ashton offered.

I looked at him as Alexander’s strong fingers finally ripped through the seam of my leggings. He pushed aside my panties before entering me again. I jolted forward, slapping my hands against the table.

“I think I’m all Uno’d out for today,” I said between gritted teeth.

Ashton looked at me like I’d lost my mind, and at that point, it wasn’t far from the truth. The guard started gathering the cards, and I clenched my hands into fists. “What are you doing?”

He paused and looked up at me with a frown. “Cleaning up?”

I shook my head and tried to cross my legs again to stop the intrusion, but Alexander wasn’t having any of that. “Leave them,” I squeaked as Alexander hit something amazing deep inside me. “You’ve done enough for today. Just go home.”

Please, please just go home.

He shrugged and gave us both a little salute. “Okay then. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” I choked out.

He turned to leave, and I grabbed Alexander’s wrist with both hands. I pulled as hard as I could, but there was no budging him. I was so close to coming my toes were starting to curl.

We sat quietly, besides of course my labored breathing, as we listened for Ashton to shut the front door behind him. Alexander’s hearing was better than mine, so he must have heard it click closed because in the next instant, I was bent over the dining table with my ass in the air and my pants on the ground.

“Did you think he would stop me from having you?” he whispered against the back of my neck.

I swallowed loudly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He clicked his tongue as his rough hands covered my ass, squeezing and kneading as they went. “You think I don’t know what game you’re playing?”

I closed my eyes as he spread me open and the cool air hit my wet folds. “Um, Uno?”

He smacked me hard across the ass and I yelped. Not because it hurt, but because it sent a sharp zip of pleasure right through me, and I was wetter than ever.

“You know what game I mean.”

I shrugged, and he squeezed me almost painfully, but not quite. “I’m sorry, did you not get your breakfast as soon as you woke up today? That must be so hard for you.”

He was silent for a moment, his hands frozen on my skin before he surged forward, his hips grinding against my ass and his hard dick pressed between my legs. “You know what’s hard, love? My cock the second I woke up and smelled you in my room.”

I shrugged again as I pushed back against him, desperate for release. “I took a nap in there earlier.”

He growled deeply as his fingers flexed on my ass. “And then I heard your voice and my dick immediately started to ache,” he said, his voice rumbling across my bare skin. “You know how hard that is?”

“I can feel it,” I whispered, pressing against him again.

He slid one hand down my ass to my wet entrance where he plunged two thick fingers into me. I gasped loudly before a moan spilled from my lips.

“Why are you so wet, love? Was it because I rubbed you with him sitting right across the table? Or because I’m finger fucking you now?”

I moaned again as my orgasm rushed to the surface. “Both. It’s both.”

He growled again as he picked up the pace, his fingers driving into me, short-circuiting every system in my body besides the most basic.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and tugged me against his chest, his fingers still buried deep inside me. “Are you ready to come, love?”

I nodded against the side of his face, my whole body shaking with pleasure.

He chuckled as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of my neck. “Do you want to come from my fingers or my fangs?”

I squeezed my eyes closed as a shuddering breath gusted out of me. “Both,” I whispered. “Both, please.”

He hummed deep in his chest before sinking his teeth and his fingers into me simultaneously. The pleasure mixed with the small amount of pain was enough to send me hurtling off the cliff. I screamed as I came hard, my legs quivering and my hands clawing at the arm still around my waist.

Alexander continued to drink from me as I slowly came back down from my intense orgasm. I was breathing heavily, my eyes closed as he gently spun me around and pulled me into his arms. He kissed the top of my head and I sighed against his chest, so blissfully happy in that moment it felt like nothing could touch me.

He kissed my neck, so lightly I barely felt it. “Thank you,” he whispered, like he always did.

And just like every other time, my heart beat harder at his deep, sincere words.

But something stopped me then, and I frowned at his clothes. Because he was wearing entirely too many of them.

I reached for his buttons, but only got the first two undone before he stopped me. He cleared his throat and took a step back. “Not now, love. We have something to discuss.”

My frown deepened as I stooped to pick up my pants and pull them back on. I cocked my head to the side as I tried to understand what was happening.

We had a routine.

He’d wake up at sundown, come find me wherever I was in the penthouse, and then he’d feed, and we’d fuck. Every day. No matter what.

“What the hell is going on right now?”

He looked down at me through narrowed eyes. “Nothing. Let’s move on.”

He turned to leave, but I grabbed his wrist before he could. He only stopped walking away because he chose to, and I tried to remember that as my temper slowly started to rise.

“We’ll get to whatever it is you have to say, but I wanna know what’s going on right now first.”

“Nothing is going on.”

“Yes, it is. Why are you lying to me?”

He pressed his lips together firmly. “Why must you always argue? It’s like you prefer to be contrary.”

I glared at him so hard I was surprised he didn’t burst into flames. “You’re just being an asshole to distract me. Tell me why you don’t want to have sex with me.” I crossed my arms over my chest, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.

A million thoughts danced through my head as I tried to make sense of the situation. I’d never been in a relationship like this before. Never lived with a man I was intimate with. I didn’t know how to do what we were doing. I didn’t know what to expect or what was expected of me.

Worst of all, I didn’t know how long it was supposed to last.

I’d figured he’d at least keep me around until the blood claim wore off and I was presumably safe, but maybe he’d changed his mind.

“Do you not want me anymore?” I asked, unable to raise my voice above a whisper.

Before I had time to take another shaky breath, Alexander was plastered against me, his heavy dick pressed hard against my stomach. He grabbed himself roughly as he growled. “Can you not feel how much I want you? Why is that even a fucking question?”

One second, my stomach was in a million pieces strewn throughout my body, and the next, I wanted to punch him in the face.

I settled for pushing him away from me. Luckily for him, he obliged by taking a step back. “Then why didn’t we have sex?” I yelled, my face flushing with rage. “Just give me a straight answer!”

He stared at me, his jaw clenched so tight it ticked with the force before he looked away. “Don’t you think I take enough from you already?”

My arms fell limp at my sides while I tried to understand him. “You mean my blood?”

He turned to me again, his blue eyes bright with anger, but I knew it was directed at himself. “Your blood. Your home. Your freedom. What the fuck haven’t I taken? Do I have to take what’s left too?”

I took a deep breath and let the last of the irritation dissipate from my system. This wasn’t what I thought it was. I needed to reroute my thoughts.

I shook my head as I took a step toward him. “You didn’t take my home, Parliament did. And you didn’t take my freedom, you’re saving my life. As for my blood, I give that to you willingly every day. So, I don’t understand why you think sleeping together is somehow taking something from me.”

He looked away from me again, and I hated that I couldn’t read his words for myself in his eyes. “I’m an inherently selfish creature, Charlotte. If you let me, I’ll keep taking from you until you have nothing left.”

I rolled my eyes and closed the last of the distance between us. I wrapped one arm around his waist and the other behind his neck. “I don’t see it that way.”

He held still for a long moment before releasing a deep breath and sliding his hands around my hips. “How do you see it, love?”

I knew I’d won already.

Knew it by the softness in the lines around his eyes.

Knew it by the way he held me and rubbed circles on my back.

Knew it by the way he called me love.

I placed my hand over his racing heart and looked up into his beautiful eyes. “I see it as you giving me a piece of yourself. Not you taking anything from me.”

He closed his eyes tight, like my words upset him somehow. But when he opened them again, they were clear and so blue they took my breath away. “If that’s how you see it, then I’d hate to keep all of me to myself.”

I opened my mouth to ask him what the hell that meant when he pulled me into his arms and started running. We were in his bedroom in seconds, our clothes gone in moments, and he spent long hours worshipping every inch of my body, thoughts of what he’d had to tell me long gone.