Her Protective Bear by Ally Summers



Sheets of rain pelted the window. I curled up with a quilt, turning my back on the giant rain splatters hitting the glass. Heartbreak was bad enough without the constant gloom reminding me that my heart had been separated from my body.

That’s exactly what it felt like. My heart was somewhere on the floor. Maybe it had been shoved in a closet or tossed out with the trash. It wasn’t a part of me anymore. It never would be again. Holt had made sure of that.

It wouldn’t beat again, not the way it used to. How could it? He was the only man I’d ever loved. He was the one I was supposed to spend my life with. Share birthdays and Christmases with. Argue about dirty socks with. Have huge fights and amazing makeup sex. We had a lifetime of dancing in the kitchen and walking through the woods together. At least that was what he had promised. I thought there would be a ceremony and cubs. I thought and knew in my heart he was my entire future. I was going to pledge myself to him and his clan.

That was before he was recruited.

Before he decided the military came first.

Before he left.

I knew I would eventually pick myself up. I’d take a shower. I’d eat eventually. I’d put on makeup. But today. Just today I was allowed to wallow and cry massive tears. I could eat a tub of ice cream piled high with brownies and flip through channels. Nothing registered. My fingertips were numb. There were mascara stains on the pillowcase.

One day I’d wake up and this would all be a bad dream. I just hoped Holt Tyler was nowhere in my line of sight when that day came.