Zin and Celeste: A Fortis Family Christmas by Maddie Wade



Chapter 1

Celeste came awakewith a smile feeling the hands of the man she loved on her naked skin. It had been this way ever since they had found out they were going to be parents. Zin would slide his hands over her then flat stomach, talking to the child they had made. Usually, it ended it with him making love to her to her, but with only three weeks to go until their son came into the world, sex had gotten creative.

She stretched like a cat, pushing her ass into the hard length pressed against her butt and felt his hand stroke up her belly to cup the full, round breasts that were so sensitive to his touch. Pregnancy had made her horny, her hormones going wild and Zin had been the happy recipient of that side effect.

“Keep that up, Pixie, and this little holiday you insisted on won’t happen.”

Celeste smiled at his growly words and reached back to take his hard length in her hand, loving the hiss of pleasure that came from his lips. This big, powerful, sometimes dangerous man was so overprotective of her, so loving and sweet that she pinched herself every day he had settled on her.

That Celeste Bourdain had managed to get a man like him to fall in love with her still amazed her, but she had no doubt about his love for her or their child. That didn’t stop him driving her crazy or that she allowed him to ride roughshod over her with his alpha tendencies.

It was why she’d insisted, as he put it, on going on this trip to the Nevis Ski resort in Scotland with the rest of the Fortis family. After the year they’d had, and with the most significant threat they’d ever faced finally gone after hanging over them for years, meant it was time to celebrate and Christmas in a log cabin with everyone she loved sounded like heaven.

“What if we’re quick?” She stroked again as his hand dipped between her legs and worked her clit, making her squirm under his touch.

“I can do quick, Pixie.”

“Show me.”

He bit the shell of her ear as she turned her head into him, seeking his mouth as his front fit to her back, the strength in him always making her feel safe. Zin lifted her top leg, hooking it back over his hip as his cock slid across the wetness of her pussy, making her moan.

“I fucking love this body.”

His words settled her as his hands moved over every inch until she was almost crazy with desire for him, her skin prickling with the need for release. His big hand cupped her throat and held her body tight to his as he pushed into her slowly and with so much care, filling her body.

Celeste lifted a hand to run her fingers over the beard she loved to feel between her legs and gripped the sheet with the other as he began to move, rocking into her, his pace building as she pushed back on each thrust, her climax just out of reach.

“Zin, please I need…”

“I know what you need, Pixie.”

Celeste loved how his accent deepened when they made love, his whispered words of love in his native tongue were so dear to her but she also liked when he talked dirty, let his façade drop, and showed her the man he was inside.

“You need me to fuck that sweet pussy harder, don’t you?”

“Yes.” The word was breathy.

“You want my fingers to play with that sweet cunt while I fuck you?”

“God, yes.”

He didn’t make her beg, but began to fuck her harder, still having a care for her condition as his fingers rubbed her clit in slow, steady circles. It wasn’t long before she felt her climax crash over her, taking Zin with her, every nerve and sensation centred in her body rippling out in pleasure so great she couldn’t speak, just panted out her release as the feeling flooded her until she was boneless.

His breath against her was warm as he placed sweet kisses on her neck and shoulder. “Did I hurt you?”

Celeste heard the tinge of guilt in his voice and arched towards him, pulling his face close to hers. “No, you’d never hurt us.”

His blue eyes pierced her, and she felt so much love for him she thought she might sob. She loved this man so much; she couldn’t imagine her life without him in it. As a psychic, she’d seen their future. She could also read minds through touch, but she had finally, after years of trying, managed to block most people, especially Zin. She only wanted the thoughts he wanted to give her—which was most of them these days. Yet, lately, she couldn’t help but feel afraid, and she had no idea why.

When she spoke to Ava about it, she said it might be about the birth and everything changing, and she supposed she was right. Yet every time she looked at Zin, she felt overwhelmed with love and the slightest fear.

“I love you, Pixie.”

“I love you more.”


He kissed her then, and it was slow and full of all the words they couldn’t find to say how they felt.

Pulling away, the melancholy left her and she smiled. “Ready to go on our trip?”

Zin stood, and she watched his sexy, naked ass move to the bathroom. “I still think we should stay here.”

“And miss Christmas with our family? No way, mister.”

Zin poked his head back into the bedroom as he brushed his teeth. “Including my pregnant sister and her overexcited husband!”


He disappeared and returned a minute later to sit on the bed beside her. “Pixie, if you want to go then we go, but the slightest twinge and we’re going to the nearest hospital.”


He kissed her lightly. “I’ll take Samson and Delilah out for a walk while you get ready.”

“Thanks, babe.”

Celeste heard the door close downstairs followed by the playful barking of their dogs; Samson, who was her German Shephard before she met Zin, and Delilah, their Belgian Malinois who was only six months old. Watching out the window, she saw Zin move down the street with the two dogs playing at his heels. He had complete command of both dogs and loved them as much as she did.

A man who loved dogs had more light than dark in him, in her book. She knew her fiancé would always carry scars from the things in his past, but between them, they were making a beautiful future. Her son chose that moment to kick, and she rubbed her bump, already feeling so much love for her son.

Three weeks and he should be here, at least if he came on time. If he were anything like his father, he’d take his sweet time. After all, it had only taken Zin two years to propose to her, but boy, when he did. Celeste smiled to herself as she showered and dressed, remembering the night earlier this year.

A surprise party she’d never expected with all the people she loved there. For him to propose so publicly when he was so private showed how much he loved her. She’d worried it was because of the pregnancy at first but when she’d found out from the girls, especially Skye and Ava, that he’d been planning it since Christmas, she realised she was being silly.

An hour later they were packed with all the luggage and presents in the car, and with the dogs in the back they headed for Fortis where they’d all meet for the drive to Scotland. It was going to be a long day with lots of stops but a day with Zin was always fun, and she was excited about Christmas and snow. This was going to be perfect.