The Lady’s Champion by Marie Lipscomb



CENTURIES AGO, Aldland was at the mercy of a cruel and tyrannical nobleman.

Every passing day brought him victories, and every day the people hoped for salvation. His influence spread across the kingdom, and any who dared defy him felt the full extent of his wrath.

Just when all hope was lost, a force arose in the south, an army, the Champions of Aldland. Driving him back to his last remaining stronghold, they defeated him, and took his castle for their own.

The champions were heroes.

From their base, the Champion’s Guild, they dedicated their lives to the safety of Aldland’s people, fighting to protect those who could not defend themselves. Soon, no one would stand against them. There were no wars to be fought, no tyrants to quell, and so, the champions took on a new purpose.

They fought for the pleasure of the people; the mightiest and most beautiful warriors in Aldland, displaying their strength and skill to the delight of the masses in contests and tourneys. And though their purpose changed, their legendary status never faded in the hearts of Aldland’s people.