Rescued Alpha by Skye R. Richmond



"You have a beautiful daughter," Jack said to Aiden as they walked out of the nursery.

Aiden beamed as any proud papa would. "She is beautiful, isn’t she?"

"Yes, she is. Quinn did good." Jack smiled.

"He did. I really wasn’t much help, was I?" Aiden’s tone was rueful.

"I have a feeling Quinn would disagree with you. You were there for him all the way through, and I know he loved every moment." Jack had been around his brother and his new family as much as he could. Quinn had welcomed him with open arms once he found out Jack was Aiden’s brother and not his secret lover.

His lips twitched at the memory. He hadn’t known how much he would love being an uncle, but now, some days just hearing the triplets call him Uncle Jack was the best part.

Aiden’s whole face softened at the mention of his husband.

Seeing Aiden and Quinn together, blissfully happy and disgustingly content, had stirred something deep inside him. How could he be so happy for his brother but also eaten up with jealousy? He wanted that, too. He hadn’t realized how much. It had always been a someday plan… kids, a family. But maybe that was what had been missing.

"I can’t imagine my life without them," Aiden replied.

Perhaps that was what he needed. Someone to come home to. In the months that had passed, everything had felt pointless. Sometimes it felt as if the walls of his penthouse would close in on him. He’d tried to throw himself into his work, but it hadn’t helped to lessen that restless, gnawing loneliness.

It was that same feeling that drove him to pick up and move. And if he was being honest, he still wasn’t even sure why he’d done it. Maybe he’d just needed to not feel so isolated in the world. There were times Jack questioned putting his penthouse on the market and coming out here to live in the same city with a brother he barely knew. But the apartment had started to echo in the silence, the loneliness a heavy weight he feared would smother him.

It had just become too much for him to handle, and he’d had to get away from it.

A hand on his shoulder had him jerking. Aiden’s eyes on him were worried. "Is everything okay, baby bro?" he asked.

Like it did every time, Aiden calling him that caused a warm feel to wash over him. Even if he wanted to talk, today wasn’t the day. It was a happy day for Aiden, and he refused to ruin it. He may be new to the whole brother gig, but one thing was for sure; no one liked the downer.

"I’m good, just got lost in thought for a moment. But yes, I agree; you’re very lucky."

"And you know having you here makes it better, right?" Aiden added.

"I am very happy I’m here, too." And that was the truth because spoiling his nieces and nephews was one of the few things that brought him any real joy.

Aiden patted his back. "Good. Come on and I’ll walk you out."

Jack nodded and started moving again, this time in silence, which gave him a chance to think.

Aiden didn’t know just how much him welcoming Jack into his family meant. He’d never had that. A family. Except for his mom. It had always been the two of them... until it wasn’t.

He’d been an awkward kid. Born with bronchial pneumonia, he’d spent his early years in and out of the hospital, then a lot of time indoors with his mom. She’d always been his one constant. With no one else around, they’d depended on each other and she became his best friend.

That was probably… no, definitely sad. But being raised by a single parent did that, and Jack had no regrets for the relationship they had. Especially now after losing her way too soon. She’d been there one day and gone the next. An aneurysm. He bit down on his lips to keep the tears at bay.

They were supposed to have dinner. Maybe if he’d been just an hour earlier... He shook his head. Nope, he wasn’t going there again. He’d gotten lost on that merry-go-round for a while. The ‘what if’ game that led nowhere and only depressed him.

Gods, it was like his anchor had fallen away after losing her, and he was adrift and had lost himself as well. All he could see was his long, lonely life ahead of him.

Don’t cry in front of Aiden. He doesn’t need to see that.

Quitting his job had probably been a little rash. At least with that, he’d had some kind of purpose, not that he needed the money it had provided now. He had dear-old, never-met-him-before dad to thank for that.

Sure, he’d been comfortable before. Making partner at his firm before he turned thirty did that. Of course his previous income was nothing compared to what the father he’d never known left to him. The man hadn’t claimed any of them in life, but in death, he’d split his estate four ways. He hadn’t really touched the money yet, but it was there. If he was honest, as nice as it was to be able to up and leave his job, the icing on the cake was the fact that he’d also gained three brothers.

So here he was on this journey of self-discovery, trying to find out who he really was.

He wasn’t sure barging in on Aiden’s life was the way to go, but when they’d met at the reading of the will to find out what dear ol’ dad had left them, Aiden had said he could stop by anytime. So, here he was.

When they finally got to the elevator, he turned to Aiden. "You don’t have to walk me all the way out. This place is a maze."

"Are you sure?" Aiden’s eyes drifting back the way they’d come said he was right to say this. His brother wanted to go back to his omega.

"Very sure," Jack reassured him, reaching out and embracing his brother. "And I’m happy for you, Aiden. Now go back to your family."

When he pulled back, it was to find Aiden beaming. "You’re also my family. Or did you forget already?" his brother said in a teasing tone. "So be careful going back to the hotel, and we’ll see you tomorrow?"

Jack nodded. "Yes on both counts."

* * *

It’d beena long day and an even longer delivery. He was ready to fall into his bed. So why did the thought of going up to his empty hotel suite fill him with dread?

When he pulled up to his hotel, he debated turning and going back to Aiden’s. Maybe spending some time around the triplets was what he needed. But looking at the time, he knew they’d either be getting ready for or already in bed.

Looking around, he noticed the bar across the road. The parking lot was full and people were standing out front talking to one another as others made their way inside.

Maybe I’ll head over there so that at least I’ll be surrounded by people, even if I don’t talk to anyone.

He decided to have the hotel’s valet park his car and then walked across the street, hesitating once he reached the front entrance. Before he could change his mind, the door opened, people spilling out. The last person, a woman, held it open for him. She smiled at him, her eyes traveling up his body giving him a deliberate once over, then back to his face.

"Save a drink for me," she said, followed by a flirty, slightly drunk smile.

Jack returned a smile of his own as he entered the bar and headed straight for the bar. He caught one of the bartender’s eyes as soon as he sat down.

"What can I get you, hon?" the pretty redhead behind the bar asked.

"Heineken, please." Jack nodded at the bartender and pulled a couple of bills from his wallet as a bottle was opened and placed in front of him. Jack leaned back and took a sip, sighing as the cold liquid slid down his throat. It was exactly what he needed, cold and relaxing. And better yet, the sounds of the bar were preferable to the quiet of his empty suite.

Jack grabbed his phone from his pocket once he’d set the bottle down and pulled up the pictures folder, leafing through the photos he’d snapped. He stared at the one with the triplets—Keith, Leo, and Hailey—holding their new baby sister Lila between them. Wearing huge grins—with two missing front teeth in Leo’s case. They were so cute.

Jack wasn’t sure where this longing for a family of his own came from, but it seemed to be growing with every day that passed. Maybe it was seeing Aiden so happy with Quinn, or maybe it was just the feeling he got being around them. He never felt alone when they were there.

"Something exciting on your phone?"

He looked up into the startling pale gray, curious eyes of a man who’d taken a seat a couple barstools down from him. Jack’s face flushed. How dorky was it to be caught staring at his newborn niece in a bar? Especially by such a cute omega.

"Promise you won’t laugh," Jack said with a straight face.

The omega stuck his pinkie out. "Pinkie swear." Jack leaned towards him and linked their fingers. In that moment, their gazes held and Jack’s interest was piqued. It was just such an adorable thing to do, he couldn’t help being charmed. "Pinkie swear," he repeated.

There was a seat separating them, so Jack slid over and turned his phone so the omega could take a look.

"They’re so precious. Wow," he gushed, his hand going to his chest.

"I think so, too. The little baby, her name is Lila, and she’s only two days old. And then there are the triplets—" He stopped. "Sorry, you probably don’t want to hear me go on about this."

The omega nudged him. "Actually, I think it’s really sweet that you care about them so much."

Jack looked over and smiled. "They’re awesome little people, and they’ve made my life so much better," he said honestly.

"I feel the same way about my nieces and nephews, too," the man replied with a smile that lit up his whole face.

Jack switched his phone from the pictures back to the home screen and slipped it back into his pocket.

"So, are you meeting someone?" Jack looked around like this other person would magically appear, then turned back to him.

"Nope, just me," he replied, those eyes pinning him.

"What about you? Expecting someone?" he asked.

"All alone," Jack was quick to respond.

"So I didn’t interrupt…"

"That would be a definite no." Jack followed up his statement with a mirthless chuckle. "The truth is, I could use the distraction." Jack smiled, and the man’s eyes lit up.

"Then I’d be happy to be that distraction." The omega gave a shy smile and turned to the bartender. "Two shots please," he called down to the bartender, who nodded and reached into the bar cooler.

Jack quickly shook his head. "Oh, I’m fine. I still have my beer." He took a sip, and the omega looked in his direction.

"Who says one’s for you?" he teased.

Jack arched a brow, and the other man’s eyes sparkled and he gave a chuckle that started out lighthearted but turned into a full belly laugh.

"I’m teasing," he said once he got himself under control. Wiping tears from his eyes, he continued, "You should have seen your face. One’s definitely for you. I already had a mojito. I love mixed drinks, don’t you?" He didn’t give Jack a chance to answer before adding, "If I have two shots by myself, you may have to carry me out of here. Although you still may have to, anyway." The omega winked, even as his cheeks heated.

Jack was intrigued. Who was this omega? He was bold, and a little cheeky, and Jack was drawn in by it.

He took a drink from his bottle before turning to the man beside him. "I’m Jack. What should I call you?"

The omega smiled. "Eli." He looked up coyly through his lashes.

"Nice to meet you, Eli." Jack picked up the shot the bartender had placed between them, and Eli mirrored his action. They gently clinked glasses before tossing back the drinks. He watched as Eli’s face scrunched up at the taste, and even that looked cute on the man.

Jack then picked up the new bottle of beer, courtesy of Eli, and took a drink to wash away the taste of the shot. Eli did the same, and Jack snickered when his face scrunched up in clear distaste.

"Problem?" he asked, trying to keep a straight face as Eli pushed the drink away.

"No. Nope." He shook his head and picked up the bottle and let it hover at his lips. Jack watched him, waiting to see if he would take another sip.

"Why did you order a beer when you obviously hate the taste?" he asked, pressing down the urge to burst out laughing and almost failing.

He shrugged, a sheepish look on his face. "I thought it sounded cool, you know, ‘Two of what he’s having.’ It just felt like something you say in a bar when you approach a hot guy…"

He flushed the brightest shade of pink, and between that and his words… it was just so earnest. This pulled Jack to him even further. Eli lacked guile. Somehow outspoken but shy, too. Jack was suddenly very glad he made the detour here.

"How about we order you a drink you do like and you tell me what brought you to the bar tonight?" Jack raised a hand to get the bartender’s attention.

Eli grinned. "Please."

He looked so relieved it was comical. When the bartender made her way over, Jack looked over at Eli and raised a brow.

Seeming to realize after a moment that he needed to speak, Eli rushed out, "Can I have an appletini, please."

"Put it on my tab," Jack spoke up, smiling at Eli. The bartender nodded and moved away, and Jack faced Eli, "Where were we?"

"You asked me what brought me here tonight," Eli supplied.

"Mmm, so what was it that did? Mind you, not that I’m complaining…"

Eli twisted the bottle of beer in front of him for a moment before looking up to reply, "It’s my birthday tomorrow, in a few hours, really… and I guess I just wanted to do something different. What about you?"

Jack smiled, "Well, first of all, Happy Birthday, and here’s to new adventures and your new age." He lifted his bottle in a toast, all the while hoping he got to say that when it actually was Eli’s birthday. Hopefully while the two of them were naked.

Although he hadn’t had any plans on coming here for more than to be surrounded by other people, now that he had met this feisty omega, something else had been lit inside him and he was being pushed to pursue it.

Didn’t hurt that he was gorgeous, tall and lean with longish dark blond hair. His face was cute with lips slightly too wide for his face, but that added to his attractiveness. There was something about perfection with a little imperfection to make it truly stunning.

"What about you," Eli asked.

Jack knew saying "I was so lonely I couldn’t bear to return to my hotel room yet" would be a mood killer, so he simply replied, "Been meaning to check this place out. Always looks like a lot of fun whenever I come back to the hotel."

"Hotel? Are you from out of town?" Eli asked.

"Something like that," Jack replied. The explanation was definitely too long for a first time meet-up with light banter at a bar.

"I should get going," Jack stood up, all the while thinking of how to ask Eli for his number.

Eli got up from his stool also. "Do you have to?" Disappointment was clear in his eyes and the corners of his mouth turned down, his bottom lip giving a slight quiver before Eli bit down on it.

"Um…well…I suppose not," Jack stammered.

This adorable omega was staring at him in a way that Jack never imagined anyone would look at him. Eli’s face took on a look of pure delight at Jack’s announcement of being able to stay. The corner of his eyes crinkled with the smile that had taken over, but looking deeper, Jack could see the longing in the depth of those gray eyes, and they seemed to be telling Jack to make a move.

"So, I could stay, or... we could go back to my hotel room."

Eli smiled. "If you don’t mind the company, I would love to go back with you."

Jack knew what this could mean, but he wasn’t sure it was what he needed even though the desire for the other man had been building. He liked Eli, and spending time together didn’t necessarily mean more had to happen, right?

"I’d like that, too." Jack smiled, then withdrew a couple more bills and tossed them on the bar. "After you." He motioned for Eli to go first.

They walked through the main door to the parking lot, and once they were outside, Eli slipped his hand in Jack’s. Jack looked down to their joined hands, then back up to find Eli’s eyes on him.

"Is this okay?"

Jack squeezed Eli’s hand lightly and nodded. "Definitely."

* * *

The second theystepped into the hotel room, Jack closed the door with his foot and pushed Eli up against the wall. He slammed their lips together, his tongue frantically seeking out Eli’s. The heat that had carried them through the hotel lobby and up to his room burned hotter now that they were alone. After they broke to catch their breath, they started to strip off each other's clothes desperately as they moved towards the bed.

When Eli was naked, he sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed onto Jack’s boxers, helping to free him from the last of his clothing. Jack’s cock sprang free and pointed straight at Eli, and he heard Eli groan. The omega hooked his arms around Jack’s thighs, his hands squeezing into his ass cheeks as Eli pulled him closer. Once Jack moved, Eli grabbed onto the base of Jack’s cock and lifted it up, then started to stroke his tongue up and down, swirling around the head before he let out a groan and took all of Jack in.

"Fuck, Eli," Jack groaned. He thrust his hips harder, looking down to watch as his shaft disappeared into Eli’s hungry mouth. With one hand, Jack grabbed the back of Eli’s head, helping him to gulp down his erection to the base. Eli swirled his tongue around Jack’s cock until the full length was lodged deep in his throat. Jack tossed his head back, focusing on the feel of Eli’s lips around his dick as it moved slowly in and out of his mouth.

Jack’s cock throbbed, pulsating between Eli’s hot, wet lips until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He released a grunt and exploded down Eli’s throat. Eli moaned, swallowing, then pulled his lips back to the tip, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. As Jack popped out of Eli’s mouth, he looked into Eli’s gorgeous light eyes as he pulled him to his feet, for a kiss, Jack slipping his tongue in and out of Eli’s mouth.

Jack lifted him into his arms, turned around, and sat down, pulling Eli onto his lap. He held him, Eli’s hard cock touching his own. They continued kissing, and the tenderness of Eli’s lips felt surreal. Jack had forgotten what it felt like to kiss a man in the way Eli kissed him. Jack’s cock twitched, already wanting to get back into Eli, only this time, it wanted to feel his ass. Jack groaned,his balls tightening and cock throbbing with anticipation Eli grabbed onto his length kneading it between his hands. Jack closed his eyes, and spread his legs open a little bit so it gave Eli more room.

"Damn!" Jack moaned, bucking his hips harder against Eli as Eli stroked faster and faster. Jack couldn’t believe he was already wanting to cum again so soon.

He reached out to grab onto Eli’s cock, but Eli only stroked harder, breaking any thoughts Jack had. The omega snickered, knowing what he was doing to Jack. "Bend over," Jack growled, speaking in a tense voice.

Eli got off of Jack’s lap and crawled onto the bed. Jack needed to feel his cum inside of Eli, so he positioned himself behind him and grabbed Eli’s cock with one hand as he prepared to enter him. Just as he was about to push into the tight pucker, though, he pulled back.

He groaned and then reached over the bed for his wallet where it had fallen from his pants’ pocket snatching up a condom he ripped it open with his teeth. Once he rolled the condom over his length he went back to where he was and repositioned himself, grabbing onto Eli’s cock and starting to stroke it. He gently eased into Eli’s ass, groaning at the tight ring of muscle that squeezed his length and began to slowly move in and out. Eli was so beautifully tight, giving the impression it had been quite a while since another cock had plundered his hole. Knowing that turned the alpha on more.He bore down, then continued to stroke Eli’s cock with one hand while he plowed further into Eli’s ass.

Eli groaned, his cock jumping in Jack’s hand while Jack pounded in and out of him. "God, Eli. You feel so damn good." He moaned as his hips rocked forward eagerly, his breathing deepening with each long, deep thrust. Jack was reduced to grunts as he fucked into Eli. Jack bit Eli’s shoulder and heard a yelp, but then settled back into a smooth and rhythmic motion. Eli grunted and then he came into Jack’s hand, his hole clenching around Jack almost painfully as he moaned and tried to drop his hips onto the bed. Supporting his weight, Jack continued to slide his hand up and down Eli’s length as his movements became more erratic. He released a grunt of his own, thrusting once more into Eli until he came, his cum gushing out of him and filling the condom. Jack fell against the omega’s back, relaxed but exhausted.

Eli heaved a sigh and rolled onto his back while Jack was slowly pulling out of him. He grabbed onto the condom, pulling it off and tossing it into the nearest trash can. He collapsed down next to Eli, and he heard Eli laugh.

"And just like that, we go to bed?" Eli asked.

Jack snickered and closed his eyes. "Not for the whole night," Jack said. "Just for a little while to regain our strength." Jack's breathing finally slowed and he watched Eli as his chest started to rise and fall more shallow and even, as he drifted off to sleep.

They still had plenty of time to be together before the morning sun would rise and he was looking forward to every moment.