Pure by Lena Lucas



Ifelt his eyes on me, felt this tingle, this warmth move through me. My face heated, a rush of… something sexy claiming me.

“Stop squirming,” my mother said in an annoyed, hushed voice.

I hadn’t even realized I’d been shifting on my feet, but between my legs aches, and it was all because I knew he was watching me.

Xander St. James.

Bad boy at the university. Partier, fighter, all around guy my parents would not want me getting involved with.

The guy I really wanted to get involved with.

The pastor went on with his Sunday sermon, but I wasn’t paying attention. I tried to focus on his words, but I couldn’t breathe. The room was too hot, my clothes too tight. I felt the fibers along every inch of me, settling profoundly on the most intimate, erogenous zones of my body.

I shouldn’t have glanced behind me, but I did, knowing where he’d be sitting. Him and his family always sat in the same pew, three rows from the back. We always sat at the front, two rows up.

His eyes were locked on me, and the longer I stared, the more his smirk grew. And when he winked at me I felt my face get hotter… felt my body become liquid.

I snapped my head forward, swallowing, my throat tight, my mouth dry.

I swear it was like this every Sunday, every time I saw him. At school, the university coffee shop, whenever our paths crossed. The latter was frequent, not by happenstance or accident, but his eyes were always on me.

It was like he couldn’t get enough of the sight of me.

Which was insane. I was a nobody. A good girl, a “prude”, or what I’d been called in high school. A little blushing virgin that had gotten red faced whenever a boy purposefully said a crude, dirty thing to me just to see if they could get a rise out of me.

And I was a virgin, was so inexperienced in all things that revolved around sex it wasn’t even funny. It wasn’t by choice. I just never had the opportunity to do anything like that.

After service I followed my mother and father out of church. They stopped right outside the doors to speak with Pastor Harrison, and I stood off to the side, letting my gaze scan the departing crowd. I was looking for him.


I felt like this obsessed, love-sick girl who couldn’t control herself because of a pretty face and a hard body. But the way he looked, the sight of those hard muscles, how masculine he was, how he screamed male, made my brain short circuit. And I felt like there was more to Xander than he let people see. I felt like there were layers to him, and he just didn’t want to show people.

Or maybe he was exactly who he was. He didn't sugarcoat anything. He didn’t hide who he was.

And the truth was… I really didn’t care because I just really wanted him.

“Oh, I’m sure Adria can fit time in her schedule to help Xander.”

I snapped my head in my mother’s direction, felt my eyes widen, my throat tighten. I could still feel Xander watching me, but my sole attention was on my parents, who were speaking to the St. James’. And I realized they’d just offered up my tutoring services to their son. My face felt on fire as my father gestured me over.

I walked over on shaky legs, my mouth dry as I gave what was no doubt an awkward smile. Xander’s father called him over and I felt him before I saw him. He stood right next to me, his arm brushing mine, the heat from his big, strong body radiating all the way down to my core. I tried to act normal, but when he was close I felt anything but.

Our parents started planning for me to tutor Xander, like I wasn’t standing right there, like I didn’t have plans of my own. I mean, I didn't. I had no social life, and in my free time when I wasn’t reading my saucy little romance books my parents didn’t know I checked out from the library, I was tutoring kids from the college. Mainly the athletes as their grades depended on whether they’d play or not.

“Great, so it’s scheduled,” I heard my mother say and I snapped my attention to her, then to my father, to Xander’s parents… and then to him.

I stared into his blue eyes, ones that held a hint of amusement and something else, something darker, something that heated me from the inside out.

“Exchange numbers with Xander, Adria, and we’ll let them go on with their day,” my father said.

I licked my lips and pulled out my cell phone, hearing my parents and his start talking about things that had to do with the church. I faced Xander, my hands shaking as I pulled up my address book and glanced up at him to see if he’d done the same. He watched me so intently I felt an exhale leave me involuntarily.

God, he was big. And strong. He was a full foot taller than my five-foot-four height, and doubled my weight easily. Muscles were stacked leaning under his skin. I knew he played football… I’d watched him a few times. Although he didn’t know that.

I rattled off my number and lifted an eyebrow when I realized he didn’t even have his phone out. “Aren’t you going to program it on your phone?” Why did my voice sound so breathy?

He didn’t respond, just took my phone from me, put his number in my address book, and handed it back to me. Our fingers brushed and I felt a jolt of electricity slam into me.

“Don’t you want mine?” I asked again and he smirked. God, I felt that smirk like a physical touch.

And then he rattled off my number. He’d memorized it in the short minutes we’d been standing here and I'd told him. My face heated again and I cursed how easily my emotions could be plastered across my face.

“I’ll text you later about setting up a time and date for some help?”

The way he said that last word, the way “help” rolled off his tongue seemed far more sexual than it should have been. I became flustered but nodded, and when him and his family walked away, I couldn’t move as I watched. He moved like a stealthy animal, all long, fluid strides. He glanced over his shoulder and my breath seized in my lungs when he winked at me.

God, I was so lost for Xander it wasn’t even funny. How in the hell could I be alone with him and focus on anything other than letting him devour me?

Until Xander, I’d never wanted a guy to be my first… anything.

I wanted him to be my everything.