Catch Me by Mia Monroe



Luca’s been over in the other shop talking to Genesis for twelve minutes. Yes, I’m counting. I count every time he comes over, stopping here first to say hi to me, but then, heading straight for Gen. He leans over the counter, watching Genesis frost cakes or cupcakes or other pastries, batting his pretty eyes and making Gen laugh as he works. What I haven’t figured out yet is why he doesn’t just close the fucking deal already and put all of us out of the misery of anticipation. I already know I’m going to lose Gen to him, so can we just fucking get on with it?

“You good?” Tate’s voice breaks into my thoughts.

More than once, he’s offered to listen, but I’ve never felt ready to put words to how I feel about Gen. Still don’t.

I flash a fake smile. “Perfect? You?”

“I’m good.” Tate’s eyes shift to the glass between the two shops, focusing on Luca and Gen talking.

I brace myself for him to ask something, but he doesn’t, opting to smile and give me a pat on the back. I force my eyes away and get back to work, reminding myself again that Gen is my friend and nothing more. It rarely works out, crossing the line from friendship into something else, no matter what Briar always tells me.

And Saint.

And Tate.


“Hey, hey.” Luca’s southern drawl dances across my ears.

I didn’t notice him pop over. Must’ve decided to visit my side again. I right myself after sliding a tray of cookies into the case.

“Hey, Luca. How’s it going?”

“Nothing to complain about.” He leans on the counter with his arms crossed on the glass. Saint would shit if he saw it, but he’s in back with Briar, buried in paperwork. “I was asking Gen if he has plans on Saturday. I thought we could hang out.”

I nod, trying to ignore the jealous pang in my gut. “That's cool. Where you guys going?”

Luca chuckles. “By we, I meant the three of us. You free?”

“Oh.” It’s not the first time I’ve been invited out with them. It’s always fun, even if it is weighed down by sexual tension between the two of them. Then there’s me, pining for Genesis but weirdly jealous that Luca isn’t into me. It fucks with me every time. “I might be. What’s the plan?”

Luca moves to the side when a customer makes her way to this end of the bakery case. Luca shrugs. “Who knows. The three of us could probably come up with something good.”

“Probably.” I look up at the backlog of customers. “I gotta work, boo.”

“Yeah. Can I grab about half a dozen empanadas? I’ll take ‘em back to the shop.”

“Sure. Sweet or savory?”


Grabbing a box, I fill it with three of the beef and potato, and three of the pumpkin we have as our seasonal selection. I walk Luca down to the register instead of handing it off to Xander like I usually do.

“Twelve seventy.”

Luca nods, pulling cash out of the front pocket of his tight jeans. My eyes take in his black shirt gripping his lean body, the long sleeves pushed up to his elbows showing off all his ink. It’s unbuttoned at the neck, giving a peek of the flesh underneath. He wears a black leather necklace with a silver charm on the end. I don’t know what it is, but it looks good on him. He’s so my type—brown hair so light it’s almost blond, big blue eyes, long lashes. He’s still tan from the summer, and I try hard to forget what he looked like in trunks the time we went to Saint’s house for a pool party. He’s got a strong, lean body with just enough muscle definition to be nice. And his mouth. His perfectly formed pout of a mouth, dripping words in that honey-soaked Georgian drawl. Yep, Luca is fire and kryptonite.

“Catch you later?” he asks.


Luca leaves, and I hurry back to my spot to help clear the crowd out. We’re all busy working, but when the customers finally thin, I lean back against the counter and exhale.

“Damn, it just gets crazier around here.”

Tate, Xander, and Elliot all nod in agreement.

“Our new system is working though,” Tate says. “It’s more efficient with everyone having a station.”

I nod. “Yeah. Good idea.” I nudge his arm. “You’re doing great in your new role.”

“Thanks, Cairo.” Tate and I walk to the back to grab more trays. “I saw Luca. Everything good?”

My eyes shift to Tate. “Yeah, just making plans to go out. I guess it’s the three of us now. The single pool of employees, in both shops, is drying up.”

Tate laughs. “One by one.”

“What’s it like? Settling down?”

Tate pauses, his hand resting on a tray of pastelitos. “It’s incredible. I guess it’s just nice knowing.”


“Yeah. What you’re doing that night, who you’re sleeping with, who you’re spending holidays and vacations with.” He smiles. “Who you’re making future plans with. It’s good.”

“It feels so...restrictive to me. Part of me thinks it would be cool, but I’m so free spirited, it feels foreign.”

“Maybe for you it’s all about the right situation. Sometimes we can’t see things clearly until they’re right in front of us. Nix couldn’t see what we could be for a long time. When he finally looked at me, really honestly looked at me, he realized everything he wanted was right there.”

“And you?”

“I’ve wanted to settle down and be domestic for years. I knew when I was sixteen that Nix was for me. I just had to wait for him to catch up.”

I nod, considering his words.

“Maybe Gen just needs time to catch up.”

I roll my eyes, scoffing. “Oh please. Gen and I are friends only. That’s the way it’s always been and always will be.”

Tate nods. “Got it. Didn’t mean to assume anything.”

“I know you’re trying to be helpful. I appreciate it, but I like how things are with me and Gen. I’m just not sure…” I stop myself, unsure of where I’m going. Tate watches me with his head tilted, waiting for more. After a few seconds, the answer comes to me. “I’m not sure what Luca’s up to with us.”

A smirk pulls at Tate’s lips, but he looks away, focusing on a tray.

“What?” I ask.


“Come on, Tate.”

He looks up, his eyes filled with amusement. “You’re not sure what Luca’s up to?” Tate raises an eyebrow. “It’s obvious to, I don’t know, everyone but you apparently, that he's working on you and Gen.”

“Working on us?”

Now Tate gives me a hard look. “You don’t seem the sheltered inexperienced type, Cairo, but I guess I’ll spell it out for you. He wants to fuck you. Both of you. Together. Is that clear enough?”

Maybe it’s not my imagination. “No. He’s just a flirt.”

“Flirt.” Tate nods. “Got it. Like when he called Gen an exotic bird and asked you for tips on handling him? Just flirting?”

I purse my lips. “He didn’t make an attempt to do anything else.”

“Okay, Cairo.” Tate pats my shoulder. “You live in your make-believe world, but my money says Luca is basically wooing you both and waiting for the right time to take his shot.”

“That's ridiculous.”

“Maybe.” Tate chuckles. “Maybe not.”

“You’re a brat.”

“I know.”

“Hey, boo.” Genesis bounces into the backroom with us, singing his greeting. He bops over to me, leaning in and kissing my cheek before winking at Tate. “I have some time to help close up.”

“I’m surprised Luca chatting with you didn’t put you behind.”

Gen pulls his head back, clutching his non-existent pearls. “Are you jealous?”


“On that note…” Tate grabs his tray of pastelitos to prepare for the final surge of business we always get before we close for the day, then shuffles to the front.

I turn back to Gen, studying him.

“Come on, boo,” Gen says, tickling me lightly in the side. “Nothing to be jealous of. There’s enough of me to go around.”

I roll my eyes. “Not jealous. Just thought he took a lot of your time.”

“I can multitask. You’re coming out with us on Saturday, aren’t you?”

“Where are we going?” I stack two empty trays. “I’m not in the mood for a loud club.”

“Why don’t we invite ourselves to your place?” Gen’s eyes glimmer with mischief, a look I’ve seen many times, and maybe, possibly, fell for more than once. “You have all the makings of a great night out. Heated pool, alcohol, and three pretty boys.”

I laugh in spite of myself. “That’s fine. I’m always happy to have people over to help me fill the space.” My eyes linger on my friend for a moment, wondering if I’m brave enough to ask him what Tate pointed out. I should ask. Especially before Saturday. “Is there something going on I should know about?”

Gen gives me a fake innocent look. “Like what?”

“Tate said Luca is working on both of us. Do you think that’s true?”

“I think Luca is exploring what a friendship between the three of us can look like. Yes, he’s a little flirty, but so are we. He barely knows anyone in Miami, and he chose us to be his besties. If you’d stop looking at him so suspiciously, you’d be involved in a lot more of the conversations you keep getting jealous over. He wants to talk to you more, but he thinks you’re standoffish.” Gen dots the tip of my nose with his index finger. “Real talk? With him, you are.”

I nod, leaning on the counter behind me. “I guess you’re right. I just didn’t know how to read the situation.”

Gen steps in front of me, putting his hands on my shoulders and flashing that gorgeous smile of his. “Why so hung up on it, boo? This isn’t like you. Where’s my go-with-the-flow Cairo?”

He’s hiding behind the jealous-as-fuck-someone-is-going-to-steal-you-away-from-me-before-I-figure-out-how-I-feel-about-you Cairo.

“Sorry, Gen. I don’t know. I guess all this time I thought Luca’s focus was on you, so I couldn't figure out why he wanted me around too.”

“Now you know.” His hands slide down my arms. “Your place then? I’ll text Luca the address.”

“My place.”

Gen smiles, clutching my hands in his. “You trust me, right?”

“Stupid question. You know I do.”

“Good. We’re gonna have a ton of fun, the three of us. Just remember to trust me if you get a little hung up.”

I search his eyes for the hidden meaning of his words, finding nothing. “Okay, Gen. I’ll go along with this.”

He leans in and kisses my cheek. “Fun. Now, let’s clean up.”

* * *

By Saturday, my nerves are nearly shot but I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t once managed not to get jealous of Luca’s attention on Genesis whenever we hang out. Tonight, there’s no club or music or other friends to distract me from it. I’ll just have to sit and watch him make moves on my best friend, torn between wanting them both and being too afraid to cross the line with Gen.

Standing in the bathroom, I finish styling my recently longer curls. Gen insisted I would look hot letting my hair grow, and I have to admit, I’m into it. It doesn’t escape me that I totally did something Gen said to do because he thought I would look hot. I really don’t get my reaction to him, or when it shifted. I’m Cairo Alejandro Diaz the Hookup King. I don’t catch feelings. Fuck, Gen isn’t even my type. He’s a twink for fuck’s sake. I like my men similar to Luca, all masc and smooth, and yeah, white. I’m a sucker for a pretty white boy.

I open the cream I use on my light beard to make it soft and smell yummy. A nostalgic laugh bubbles out of me, remembering how I used to see Gen as my enemy. He always seemed like he was trying to one up me in front of Saint. I knew he was a better baker than me, and for weeks after he was hired, I was messing up all the time because he had me all fucked up. Then, one night after work, he praised me in front of Saint for how well I made the Pan de Mallorca, that he couldn’t stop craving them with his morning coffee, and a fledgling friendship was born. It’s been a push and pull kind of relationship, but in my heart, I know Gen has my back. I have his too.

It’s just that the addition of Luca has me fucked up. He’s so hot. If I’d met him out at a club, I would have turned on the magic and made him mine, but now I feel like some kind of weird third wheel, and I’m not sure how I got in this position. If Luca wants Gen, why doesn’t he leave me out of it? Gazing at my reflection, Tate’s words from the other day come back to me. If he’s right, then Luca’s trying to get both of us in bed. I can’t decide if that sounds amazing or terrifying.

My phone buzzes on the vanity, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Hey, boo?” I answer when I see Gen’s name flash.

“Hey, snoogs, I’m on the way. Need me to stop and pick up anything? I already have the cocktail makings.”

“No. Food should be here shortly after you guys arrive.”

“Perfect. See you soon.”

“Door’s open.”


He ends the call, and I sigh, stretching my neck back and forth. Since we’re just hanging at my house, I choose a pair of loose fitting knit pants and a T-shirt. It’s not cold at all yet, just perfectly cool after a balmy summer. Still barefoot, I pad out to the living room, gazing around the ridiculous size of my place. It’ll be nice to have people in it besides me for a few hours. Sometimes, I honestly can’t believe it’s mine. Maybe I’ll eventually settle into it, and host parties or maybe even get a roommate or two. It needs people in it. This house needs a soul.

“The party’s arrived,” Gen’s voice calls out from the cavernous foyer, his sing-song tone echoing off the marble floors.

“In here.”

Gen appears, his smile wide, as he holds up his purchases. When he reaches me, I get a kiss on the cheek. “You look fab.”

“So do you.” I take him in, admiring how boldly he chooses his clothes. Tonight’s outfit is a black tank top and bright pink capri pants with black espadrilles. “Did you bring a suit to swim in?”

Gen laughs, sashaying his way to my kitchen. “Why would I do that, boo, when I was born with a suit?”

“Oh, we’re skinny dipping, are we?”

“Maybe.” He winks. “I found a cocktail recipe online that looked amazing. Do you have a pitcher?”

“I do.”

I walk into the butler’s pantry and search the shelves, knowing my aunt’s crystal collection will have a pitcher. I find it, reaching up to pull it down, then walk back to wash it to give to Genesis. It’s covered in dust, like everything else in there.

“You should order a cleaning crew,” Gen says, noticing the dusty pitcher while he sets out his drink components on the counter. “They could come in and dust everything.”

“Is it expensive?”

He shrugs. “I don’t know, but that’s what the maintenance fund you have is for.”

Nodding, I rinse the pitcher. “Good point. I just want to be careful with it.”

“I know.” Gen turns to face me. “You’re doing a great job so far.”

“Thanks.” I set the pitcher down. “What’s the drink?”

“It’s called an Apple Bomb. It’s Crown Apple, cranberry, and pineapple juice.” He waggles his eyebrows at me. “A dose of pineapple juice never hurt anyone.”

“You’re so bad.”

“I know, and you love me for it.”

“I do.”

Gen’s eyes soften. “I think we’re gonna have a blast tonight.”

“Hope so.”

We both twist in the direction of the front when the doorbell rings. “Luca’s here,” Gen says.

“I’ll go answer. You make the drinks.”


I make my way through the too-big-for-one-person house, opening the door when I reach it. Luca smiles and my mouth falls open at the sight of him. He always looks hot, but tonight in his white T-shirt so tight you can see his nipple piercings, his black jeans that look painted on him, his hair all wavy and sexy, and that smile—the I-know-you-want-me smirk—he is absolute fire.

“Come in.”

“Thanks, man.” Luca looks around. “I wasn’t expecting this to be the place I pulled up to.”

I laugh softly. “Right? A twenty-something baker, living in this house, in this neighborhood? I get it.”

“So, what…you’re a secret agent by night? Wait. You won the lottery.”

I giggle. “No. I inherited the property from my aunt and uncle. They were very rich, and clearly, a little eccentric. All the furniture, design, everything is theirs. I’ve only lived here a couple of months.”

“No shit. Um, sorry for your loss though.”

“It’s okay. My aunt's alive still, but she’s living with her daughter now. The house was empty, and in this neighborhood, they don’t like that. So, I moved in.”

“Not a hardship. The ocean is across the damn street practically. Gianni Versace’s mansion isn’t far from here, right?”

“Right. Easy commute to work too. My old apartment could fit in the kitchen of this place.” I glance down at the bag in his hands.

“Oh,” Luca says, grinning. “These are for you. Mama would beat my ass if I showed up to someone’s house without a gift.”

I glance into the heavy bag as he hands it to me. “What is it?”

“Peach preserves. Georgia peaches picked fresh in the summertime. My mama sends me an endless supply.”

“This is really nice. Thanks, Luca.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Gen’s in the kitchen making drinks.” I nod my head in that direction. “Food should be here soon.”


As we walk, I notice Luca’s head twisting around, as if he’s trying to catch it all.

“I feel like I should be wearing a tux or some shit.”

I laugh. “Yeah, it’s not exactly homey.”

“I ain’t giving you shit, man. It’s nice as fuck.”

“It is. I’m glad you guys are here though. It’s too big and quiet for one person.”

He puts his hands on my shoulders, squeezing gently. “We’ll be sure to make some noise tonight.”

I laugh, but something in his delivery hits me right between the legs. When we finally arrive at the kitchen, Gen looks up and flashes one of his pretty smiles at Luca, and there it is again, that fucking stab of jealousy right in my heart.

“Hey, you,” Gen says, leaning over to kiss Luca’s cheek. “Almost ready for cocktails?”


I open a cabinet. “Let me get some glasses down.” I find three clean ones and set them on the counter next to Gen.

He fills all three glasses, then hands one to me and one to Luca. Finally, he raises his glass. “To boys night in.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Luca says, his eyes lingering on Gen before switching to me.

“Me too.” I nod, clinking my glass to theirs before taking a sip. It’s sweet and delicious, but knowing Gen, it’s deadly behind all the sweetness.

“Shall we go to the salon, gentlemen?” Gen croons.

I laugh, following him as Luca grabs the pitcher of drinks.

“I ordered tacos,” I offer.

“Mm,” Luca hums. “I love Miami.”

“They don’t have tacos in Georgia?” I ask.

“Not like the ones in Miami.”

Once we’re in the living room, or salon as Genesis calls it, we each sit on the massive cream couch. It’s not comfortable at all, and looks like something straight out of 1960, which it probably is.

“What did your aunt and uncle do to get a house like this?” Luca asks.

“The official story is my uncle was in imports and exports.”

Luca grins, sipping his cocktail. “And the unofficial story?”

“Word on the street is Cuban cigars were very popular and very illegal in the US in the seventies and eighties.”

Luca claps his hands, laughing. “Your uncle hit it big getting Cubans for rich people?”

I nod. “Yeah, or so I’m told.”

“That’s awesome.”

Gen giggles, refilling the drink he already emptied. “An entrepreneur. I like it.”

After the food arrives, the three of us eat tacos and drink, chatting about little things in our lives. The mood is light and fun, but most of all, I feel like I’m one of them, not some outsider who weirdly ended up invited.

After we finish eating, and Gen makes another pitcher of drinks, he nudges my arm. “Time for a swim?”

“Now?” I groan. “I have a food baby.”

“Still cute,” Gen says, winking. “Come on, boo. It’s a treat for me. I don’t swim at the sketch pool at my apartment.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” I shift my eyes to Luca. “You in?”

He nods, his eyes slowly roaming over me and Gen. “I didn't bring a suit.”

“Perfect,” Gen purrs, his gaze shifting to the space between Luca’s legs. “I didn't either.”

“We’re skinny dipping?” Luca asks, standing. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Nerves move through me, but I stand, getting my bearings and assessing our sobriety levels to make sure we’ll be able to swim safely. When the hell did I turn into a mother hen?

After I grab towels from the linen closet, the three of us shuffle outside to the pool area. I find myself watching the interaction between Gen and Luca, but right now, they’re acting like friends and nothing more, which helps me lower my defenses. All night, Luca has been equally shifting his attention between us. Maybe I’m not really the odd man out after all.

I twist around to the sound of splashing water. Gen has already stripped and jumped in, and Luca quickly follows, flashing his tight butt before he joins Gen. I pull off my clothes and jump in too, not wanting to be the only one out of the water. Luca splashes Gen, who doesn’t even complain, before climbing onto my back and pulling me under water. We laugh, breaking the surface, the three of us splashing and roughhousing like kids.

“This is so awesome,” Luca says, dragging his arms through the warm water. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve been skinny dipping.”

“Same,” I agree.

“This is fun,“ Gen says. “But I do remember the last time. I was in the ocean. It was a little cold that night, and let’s just say my date was less than impressed when I got out of the water. Shrinkage is a thing.”

“You look like you’re holding up alright tonight,” Luca drawls.

I refuse to look down. The water distorts things anyway. I don’t want to see a dick unless it’s mine to play with, and neither of their dicks fall into that category. Pretty sure. Probably.

Luca swims up to me, bobbing in the water, inches from my face. His eyes are soft, his smile sexy as fuck. “Are you having fun, Cairo? You’re quiet.”

“I’m having fun. Lots of it.”

“Good. Want to go inside and have some more? I think we need drinks.”


“But first…” Luca scoops me up, lifts me out of the water, and tosses me like I weigh nothing. It takes me back to being a kid, and I can’t stop laughing.

Luca laughs too. “There you go. I love your smile, Cairo.”

A warm feeling spreads through my belly. Maybe lower. “Thanks.”

As we climb out, Gen smacks my butt, but I quickly grab the towel, avoiding a peek at him. The last thing I need to manage with these two around is a chubby.

Back inside, we sit on the floor wrapped in our towels. I wasn’t sure Luca could get any hotter, but seeing him soaking wet, his chest covered in water droplets and tattoos, the water darkening his hair and making his eyes pop, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

“You’re so hot,” Gen says, not looking at either of us.

Luca chuckles, fishing a piece of ice from his glass. ”I know he is,” he says, his eyes shifting to me. “Sexy too.”


“Yep. In fact, I think both of you are pretty fine. I thought y’all were brothers when I first met you.”

“You’re not the only one,” Gen says, sipping his cocktail. “But if we were, obviously Cairo got the height gene, and no one in my family is tall.”

“I’m still short compared to Luca.”

“You’re both perfect,” Luca murmurs as he lifts his glass to those goddamn lips of his.

“Says the blond Adonis in the room,” I say, giving him a smile.

“Clearly, we are the three prettiest men in Miami,” Gen says, his tone stern as though it’s fact. “I mean, we slay.”

“We do slay,” I agree.

Luca’s eyes linger on me and Gen as he sucks a rectangular piece of ice, pushing it out just enough so that it coats his lips before sucking it back in again. Okay, you sexy motherfucker.

Many cocktails later, the three of us are spread out on the plush living room throw rug, staring up at the mural on the ceiling. Some cherub and cupid nonsense my aunt loved. My head is swirling, but with that good buzz you have right before shit gets crazy.

“I think dating in Miami is hard,” Luca says pointedly as the conversation topic shifts again. “I mean, where do you find good people?”

Genesis shrugs. “Beats me.”

I laugh. “I guess it depends on what you want, Luca.”

“Never been into hookup culture.” He twists his head to look at both of us as he speaks. “I grew up in a small town, you know? Religious family. It wasn’t cool to be gay, so I had to keep it to myself.”

Gen looks sad for him. “That sucks. Do your parents know?”

Luca nods. “I told them. I think it was sad for them, ‘cause like, I’m adopted. They picked out this perfect little blond hair, blue-eyed boy. Then I turned out gay.”

I immediately put my hand on his thigh in some kind of need to comfort him. “How is it with them?”

“It’s okay. They accepted it over time, I guess. It’s not like ‘oh tell us about your boyfriend’ kind of acceptance, but it’s not bad either. I feel like if I told them I was in love or something they’d be happy for me.” He takes another drink. “But I left there because I needed to be out. I needed to be free and surrounded by other people like me. I always wanted to come to Miami. It looked so sexy and exciting on TV, you know?”

Gen and I nod as we listen.

“So, I did. I packed my shit and drove here. One day, I was walking down the sidewalk where Black Heart is. I had gone in a few places, but they were full, or the vibe wasn’t right. I stepped into Black Heart and I just felt like, yeah, this is it.” He flashes that sexy grin of his. “Luckily for me, Jude was looking for people.”

“Luckily for all of us,” Gen says sweetly, without a hint of his usual innuendo. “You’re an awesome guy. Glad you came to Miami.”

“Me too.” Luca smiles, his eyes shifting between me and Gen. “Meeting the two of you was exactly what I was hoping for when I moved down here.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You’re both unapologetically yourselves. The guys at the shop are cool too, but I feel like we click. The three of us. I hope y’all feel it too.”

“I feel it too,” Gen says.

Do I? Up to this point, I felt unsure, but tonight has been amazing. Smiling, I nod. “Yeah, we click.”

Luca lies down between me and Gen, our shoulders touching. I’m not sure if it’s his proximity or the alcohol, but I swear there’s a current of electricity flowing between the three of us, connecting us like strings of light. I want to touch him. Him. Hell, both of them.

After several seconds of silence, Luca rolls to his side facing Gen, and I watch in horror as he leans in to kiss my best friend. Oh, fuck no. I’m not watching this. Fuck. Gen is the romance option. I’m the friend.

I want to leave, I do, but I’m paralyzed by the confusing mix of emotions hitting me all at once. My stomach twists in a knot of pure jealousy, over which one I’m not sure, but watching Luca own Genesis like that, his tongue visible whenever he takes a small breath, fingers gently gripping his neck, is... Fucking. Fire. My cock fills and twitches under the towel as my whole body warms. I can’t take my eyes off them...and, oh my god, now I’m a voyeur.

Then, Luca’s hand grips my wrist, holding me in place. He breaks the kiss with Gen, and slowly rolls to his other side, facing me with a sexy grin on his lips.

“Your turn,” he whispers as Gen props himself up on an elbow and watches me with hooded eyes and a sweet smile.

“You want to kiss me too?” I ask.

Luca nods. “I always have. You ready for this?”

My eyes shoot to Gen for something—encouragement or permission, I’m not sure. When he nods, my eyes shift back to Luca.

Am I doing this? Fuck. I’m doing this. “I’m ready, Luca.”

Luca grips the back of my neck, attacking my mouth with an intensity I didn’t notice when he kissed Gen. He rolls so that his body partially covers mine, and my hands move up his back and then down to squeeze his amazing ass. As we kiss, the world melts away, his full lips and warm mouth pushing away my nerves and insecurity, my place with them solidified as passion and desire take over.

When I feel a second pair of hands on me, I crack my eyes open to see Gen right next to me, his fingers sliding across my skin to caress my stomach. My dick responds by violently jerking under the towel, so hard with need it almost hurts. Luca’s kiss shifts back to Genesis, and I watch, fascinated, as their tongues tangle above my face. I rise up, stealing Luca’s delicious lips until Gen takes over again.

When Luca gives me his tongue once more, I realize how fucking hot it is that he just kissed Gen and now he’s kissing me. When Luca pulls at the towel around his waist, my breath catches with the knowledge I’m about to see his dick. And this time, I plan to look at it. I’ve fantasized about it more than once. Is it long and skinny? Short and fat? Cut or uncut? He pulls it off, tossing the towel to the side. And there it is, in all its glory—thick, cut, and pierced on the underside. He’s hard, his crown shiny with precum as it presses against his stomach. One look at the masterpiece that is Luca’s dick has me drooling. My eyes shift up to meet his.

“Whatchu think? Does this work for you?”

“You already know, you sexy asshole.”

He chuckles, his eyes shifting to Gen, who is literally staring at Luca’s dick.

“Wow,” Gen whispers.

“Not fair I’m the only one with my dick out.”

Gen doesn’t hesitate to rip off his towel, but I’m too stunned to move. All the nights we’ve hung out, even slept in the same bed, I’ve never seen Gen naked, but as his dick springs free, it's me who whispers “wow.” I had a feeling that little shit was packing, and I was right. It’s a crying shame he only bottoms with that thick ass cock. Uncut too, but I already knew that. We have that in common. My eyes shift between the two of them. I have apparently died and gone to dick heaven. And fuck me, Tate called it.

Gen seems to snap out of his daze with a hard blink, and lunges at Luca’s dick, drawing him into his mouth. I watch Gen deep throat Luca like a pro, knowing, from many talks, that Gen could suck dick for days. He likes it more than anything.

Luca motions for me, so I lean in and kiss him. Making out with Luca while Gen sucks his dick is surprisingly exactly what’s been missing in my life. Luca moans into my mouth before gently pushing Gen off.

“Fuck, man, you’re gonna end things too early with that mouth. Damn, you’re good.” He bends down to kiss Gen again, but then twists around, so that he’s on his knees. “Both of you lie down.”

Gen moves next to me, both of us watching as a sexy grin spreads across Luca’s face. He grips my dick first, stroking slowly, spreading my precum up and down my shaft.

“Cannot wait to taste you boys,” Luca whispers, licking his full lips.

With his other hand, he grips Gen and begins jerking him off too. Gen twists his face to look at me, his full lips parted, his eyes hooded with lust.

“I want to kiss you, Cairo.”

I nod, feeling butterflies take flight in my belly, preparing as much as I can to feel Gen’s lips on mine. When they touch, my breath catches. It’s a sensual kiss, slow and exploratory, nothing like how I thought Gen would kiss. Not that I imagined kissing him one million times or so. But if I had, I would have imagined his kiss rough and aggressive, mirroring his larger than life personality, but no. It’s the opposite of that. It’s sweet and sexy and...fulfilling. His tongue twists with mine, deepening the kiss until I’m left breathless.

My attention shifts to Luca sucking my dick, then moving to Gen’s, then back to mine. Back and forth until I’m on edge, overstimulated, as Gen takes my mouth again.

“Too much,” I force out. “Gonna come.”

“Not yet,” Luca drawls, straddling us so that one of his legs is between mine and the other between Gen’s. He spits into his hands for a little extra lube, then grips my dick, Gen’s, and his own. The three of us rub together, fucking into Luca’s hands as he holds on to all three of us. Every time I get close, Luca lets up, leaning down to kiss me or Gen until he resumes his torturous pleasure.

“Fuck, this is good,” Gen murmurs, his eyes locked on mine. “You like it?”

I nod. “Fuck yeah.”

“I want you both to come so hard,” Luca says. “I’ve been dying to get you two like this. It’s fucking everything.”

“So close,” I moan.

Gen nods, arching his back to drive his dick further into Luca’s hands. The feeling of Luca’s strong hands, the soft skin and hard erections rubbing together, the metal on Luca’s cock, the shared precum providing just enough friction to push me...finally…

“Fuck!” My voice echoes in the cavernous room as I reach my peak and fall helplessly over the edge. I watch in awe as Gen’s fingers dig into my forearm and a flood of cum waterfalls from his dick.

Luca grins, his face flushed from exertion, but then his brow creases and he murmurs, “fuck” as ropes of cum shoot into the air, landing in gentle streaks across my and Gen’s torsos. Luca continues pumping us, milking every drop from our dicks, until he collapses next to me.

We’re silent for several minutes, except for our heavy breathing. I can’t believe what just happened. Not that I’ve never had a threesome. I’ve had more than my share. I’ve just never had one with friends or people I planned to see again. What happens next is low key terrifying.

“I wanted that since the day I met you both,” Luca says quietly, his voice a mixture of insecurity and gratefulness. “Thank you for letting it happen. I hope you loved it as much as I did.”

“It was incredible,” Gen says, squeezing my hand. “I loved it.” He twists his face to look at me, searching my eyes. “You good?”

I nod, still catching my breath. “It was amazing.” I turn to look at Luca watching us. For the first time since I met him, he looks unsure of himself, with his searching eyes and tucked away smile. “You were incredible.”

“You too.” He kisses me gently. “I hope it’s not the last time. To be honest, I hope tonight was just the beginning.”

“I don’t think we should talk about anything tonight,” Gen says, smiling. “I propose we clean up, then sleep it off. We’ll talk more in the morning.” His soft fingers brush against my cheek. “You’re okay if we sleep with you, aren’t you, boo?”

“I am. Definitely.”

Gen smiles. “Wait till you see the big ass bed in the master, Luca. It’s perfect for three boys.”

“Let’s go see it then. Otherwise, I’ll be sleeping on this rug.”