Tradimento by Leigh Kenzie

Chapter One

One Week Later

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I snarl, pushing Dr. Conti into the wall. I add an extra slam of my palm next to his head to make it clear he’s crossing the line by coming into my personal room.

“We need to talk,” he urges, trying to get away from me.

“No. We really fucking don’t. Get the hell out of here before someone comes by. You don’t want that hassle,” I warn, every muscle of my body tensed with fury.

“Look. It’s time. You said you wanted help getting away from him. I have him incapacitated. Take care of it, or I will,” Dr. Conti snarls, pushing back at me. I’m fucking immovable, though, and he gets nowhere.

“You don’t know shit. You’re going to keep Allesandro in that fucking coma. You’re going to keep helping me. Because if you don’t I’m going to let Lio have you. You remember his promise?” I watch his face lose all color as he slumps against the wall. “And nobody will believe that I gave you the orders. You think you can go against me? Right now, I’m the only thing between you and watching every…single…fucking thing in your life go up in flames.”

I keep my weight pinned against him for a moment before slowly backing away. I hope to fuck he makes the right decision here because I’d rather kill him. It would be a pain to need to get a new doctor, but not impossible.

“You bastard!” he screeches and takes a wild punch at me. I grab his fist easily and return with a quick jab, hitting him in the solar plexus. I watch him struggle to breathe again, my eyes not leaving his as he tries to keep himself steady.

“Yes. Yes, I am. But you’re part of this now, and there’s no backing out. I suggest you deal with it. When it’s time, I’ll have you finish Allesandro off. Until then, I need to get this Family under my control, and I’m not there yet,” I growl, slapping my hand by his head again. The cringe of fear he makes releases a pure shot of adrenaline and sweeps out all the doubts that have been plaguing me.

“Why?” he croaks. “Why did you lie?”

“Because I fucking could!”

I’ll never understand how people can be this fucking stupid. Did he seriously think I was a good person? I was second in command. It’s not my fault he wanted to see something that didn’t exist. People always try to justify others’ actions, but fuck that. I know exactly who I am. It’s the doctor who doesn’t seem to be prepared to live with himself for what he’s done.

“If this comes back on me…” Dr. Conti grumbles, but his shoulders hunch forward. The threat is nonexistent and we both know it.

“Fucking do the job I gave you. Keep him sedated. I don’t need any surprises. And if you even think of dropping a hint...well. We don’t need to go down that route, right?”

I smile. It’s the one I usually reserve to be the last thing someone sees before I kill them. It appears to be just as effective when I let someone live because the terror is too much for the good doctor. The scent of piss wafts up around us, and I gag then scoff in disbelief.

“Get the fuck out of here. Screw this up and not only will I let Lio enact his plan, but I will make fucking sure your niece has a full card of Johns when she turns eighteen, and trust me—none of them will be gentle.”

I watch as the doctor carefully waddles out of my room, and I can barely resist snarling under my breath. It’s a fucking good thing none of his piss dripped down onto my carpet. I force myself to breathe in and out, trying to calm myself. This is one more thing I don’t fucking need. I grab the tablet by the bed and start pulling up cameras. I need to keep a careful eye on Dr. Conti, but I can’t resist checking in on Lio either. I’ve had enough of his shit, too—the world doesn’t revolve around Allesandro anymore.