Sensation of the Dark Heart #2 by K.A. Kelley

Chapter 1: Morley




Gary Shamus II and three of his best Mijors saw the sign the instant it appeared. They had been dining with the other Mijors; celebrating Earth’s freedom from the tyranny of the Shustus Lords. The hall was filled with drunken Mijors. Although Garry, being the leader of the clan, had no issues with the men getting drunk over Keystone Earth’s victory in their latest battle, he stuck to his plain self-discipline of not taking any hard drink. He had been sitting at the highest peak in the room - the very spire of a throne-like arrangement where he overlooked the wild party of his men.

A placidly moving full moon had suddenly turned grey, and in place of an initial illumination that was foreseeing the party below like an employed guard, a dull shade was cast on Keystone Earth. The four men who noticed this were those who hadn’t had any strong drink.

“It’s a sign!” one of the Mijors informed. He and the other two young Mijors were immediately called upon.

“Get on your horses, brothers.” Garry commanded. “The princess is in danger.”

The men spared no extra moment trying to figure out what was going on; they mounted their horses and began to gallop after their leader. ‘What was the essence of a party in honor of the princess if she was in danger?’they wondered.  

Some days ago, the outcast Mijors and a host of other good, willing soldiers had joined forces to fight with the princess against the invading Shustus aliens. The princess had literally won the war, because had it not been for her magical interventions, Keystone Earth would have been completely jeopardized. It didn’t matter that Mijors were warriors; their counterparts were quite advanced with their technology and there were also rumors that the Black Magic Wielders had joined forces with the aliens. If the Mijor warriors had fought alone, there was no doubt that they would have been completely annihilated. They were never going to get into a blind war like that anyway - Mijors were very principled. They could die for their cause, but they were not willingly suicidal. The war had to be worth it, and when The Prophecy had shown the path to righteousness, the men adopted it as a reliable map towards achieving their essence.

“But what could have happened to the princess? Forgive me, but I had the notion that she was invincible?” Wakil shared. Concern was written all over his young face. Wakil had witnessed two wars, including the most recent one. When he first travelled down to the East with his camel from Egypt, Garry had been reluctant to blood him into the Mijors brotherhood. Wakil was keenly determined and he spent the entire night at the door of Garry, tending to his flocks and committing himself to all such duties. Garry had no choice.

The leader stopped his horse and looked into the steel compass in his arm. The indicator showed that they were to continue heading north where he was sure their destination was the princess’ birthplace – Hamstim. He kicked the horse again and they began racing in the direction the compass led.

“The princess is human too,” Garry responded to the hanging question. “There are forces that could pull her down, and that is what we are about to find out.”

Wakil kept his horse close to the leader. Anyone could see his eyes blazing with the passion to be a leader of some Mijors’ sect someday. “But does The Prophecy say anything about an attack shortly after the battle is won?”

“The Prophecy scarcely mentions anything after the battle.  There are some sections that indicated events after the Great Battle. Most of these are about bliss and tranquility for earth; there is not so much about the princess’ welfare thereafter.”

“Hence the need to hurry,” Lebrane observed.

The men continued their journey in silence. The moon above them remained pale, allowing grey clouds to crawl over it every now and then. If the princess died, the moon would become black. The men knew they had to hurry if they were to save her.


“Helen, dear, are you sure nothing is wrong?” inquired Rachael.

“Nothing. And please stop asking,” Helen confirmed, feigning humility. Although she knew that everything was wrong with her, there was no way she could describe the strange feelings and the event that had occurred.

“So can you explain this?” Dolan inquired, raising the scepter to Helen’s view.

“I don’t know anything about it,” Helen responded faintly.

“Are you feeling dizzy? Why are your eyes like that?”

The princess’ parents were going to make further inquiries because they were disturbed by the strangeness of it all, but the timely sound of fists banging against their front door came to their ears.

“I’ll get that,” Dolan said, settling the scepter behind a flower vase behind them and walking off the balcony space swiftly.

Rachael took the moment of his absence to observe her daughter closely. Helen’s face had grown pale and worst of all, her blue eyes had become darkened. The princess seemed out of herself. “But seriously, my daughter, how can you claim everything is fine with a face like that?”

Dolan returned to the balcony space with four Mijors. Upon sighting them, Rachael knew them. She was now convinced that there was trouble.

“We saw the sign; something is wrong with the princess,” Garry said in his thick baritone. There was something compelling about his voice - it sent sudden fright down the spine of the listeners. Even the glasses around them seemed to chink.

“We were playing in the living room when we heard our daughter speaking to someone outside, and so we decided to come out and see her. To our greatest surprise, there was no one here.”

“And you are sure you heard her speak?”

“Even until the time I walked out. She was completing her speech when I came out.”

Garry looked around the area; dark clouds still strolled gently over the moon and away from it. He walked to the edges and squinted his eyes to shun the brightness and pick out relevant images. Stretched out before them was nothing but neatly pruned hedges. “I think there is someone out there in the dark,” he observed. Then Garry beckoned two of his fellow Mijors to get in there and fish out whatever was crawling behind the hedges.

The ordered Mijors couldn’t see anything in the outstretched darkness, but if their leader had said something was there, then something was definitely there, so they lurched into the grassy area and began to squint through the grasses.

“But Garry,” Dolan called out. “We found this material lying fallow around here when we came out. It was a bit warm when we first saw it, and now it is cold, so it was surely used not so long ago.” Dolan pulled out the scepter and offered it to the tall warrior with broad shoulders.

Garry looked at the scepter very critically. He sniffed it a little and frowned at the distance; “Black magic!”

Upon hearing that, Wakil drew his sword and walked forward to protect the people in the balcony space. The drama seemed to hold on for a bit until they all heard frightful sounds of someone banging at the door again.

“Should I get that?” Dolan asked.

“I’d do that,” assured Garry as he began to prance to the door, and Wakil slunk after his master.

Some moment later, Zin and three of his men walked in and joined the gathering at the balcony space. Garry quickly offered him the scepter, in order to hear his own view about it.

“Black Magic, definitely.”

“I knew that,” the baritone voice rang out.

“This is the greatest weapon in the armory of the Black Magic Wielders,” Zin confirmed.

“But I thought they were all destroyed with the war?” Dolan inquired frightfully.

“Yea, they were supposed to be, but knowing the Black Magic Wielders, there is no end to their trickery. Some of them might have escaped the destruction.”

The noise of the two Mijors who had gone to search the bush came through from the distance. At first it seemed like they were arguing between themselves, but when they were a little more visible, the observers saw the image of a man wiggling in between them. As they drew nearer, it was clear that they had caught prey who was now struggling to cut loose from their death grips.

The prey caught and now struggling to set herself free was a young damsel. She wore a black hood that concealed several parts of her face, but her sexy statute was obvious despite the trousers she wore. As she struggled with the warriors that held her, she still didn’t flinch enough to reveal her identity. The men struggled to keep her tamed under their grip; they pulled her to the center of the open space where everyone could see her and then set her on her knees. Her leather jacket was not zipped up to the neck, so it revealed the cleavage of big round balloons that threatened to fall out if not carefully held together by tight underwear. All the men’s eyes drifted to the revealing breasts - all but one; the leader of the Mijors warriors.

“Take off your hood,” instructed Garry, cutting through the men’s distraction quite roughly.

The Mijors who had brought her to her knees slung the hood over her face, and her beauty was brought into instant display. She was a brunette with the most adorable face any of the observers had ever seen. As her hood went down, the zip parted more and only her nipples remained concealed in the top. She pulled her top together, to stop the men from continually staring at her.

“Who are you?” Zin inquired very brusquely. His annoyance stemmed from the fact that the lady had closed the revealed portion of her body.

“Speak this instant!” yelled Dolan.

No one noticed Rachael’s sudden move. She leapt to her feet and grabbed the captured lady by the collars of her hood. “What did you do to my daughter? Speak! Please speak this very moment, or else!”

Zin hurriedly held the woman to restrain her from over reacting; no woman could contain her temperament when the issue involved her daughter. “Please be calm, Rachael, so we can get answers from her.”

When Rachael let her hands slide off the stranger’s top, she whimpered into the open embrace of her husband. Her free hand settled on Helen’s forehead, and she rubbed it from time to time as if rubbing it gently would bring back whatever had been lost in her.

Zin walked toward the captured and bent on one knee in order to be able to stare into her eyes as he spoke. It was a distractive approach, he realized after he had done that. Her eyes had the charm that could plunge a man into the depths of hell. The tips of her eyebrows had been laced with dark shadows that seemed to make her eyes narrow and small. Her lips were pure crimson and she looked like an impossible existence. The fact that she was captured and she looked weak only added to the several layers of temptation within Zin’s loins.

“Young lady,” Zin began, doing everything possible to avoid revealing his bulging crotch, “We are here for some serious business. I’m sure you already know about the war and the success of it - but are you aware about what happened to the princess – the only hope for Keystone Earth?”

The lady kept staring blankly at the standing crowd. Her dark hair fell over her shoulders and down to her back. Zin could imagine how exciting it would be to have his fingers run through the curly long hair and down her back.What a cruel thought,he told himself, realizing that Helen was just nearby. Unlike Helen’s, the intruder’s lips were small and seemed full of life. Zin could not stop staring at them and imagining what it would be like to have those red lips enclose his manhood.      

“Please speak before we make this unbearable for you.” Inside him, Zin knew he would not do anything to her; the farthest he could go was decide to take her in his custody where he could privately do everything he was wishing for. From a distance Garry barred his teeth at her to scare her; if she didn’t listen to Zin’s polite handling and comply, they had other methods of getting the answers out of her.

“I’m Morley Harlequin.”

The eyes of some of the experienced onlookers lightened. There was a common expression of surprise on the faces of those who knew her well.

“You’re the popular Morley Harlequin?”

“Being popular is a subjective description. But I am Morley Harlequin.”

Zin realized he should have known; who else could have harnessed so much beauty if not the popular Morley? Even the Shustus, in their days, were rumored to fight aggressively over winning her heart, but of course, it was the Black Magic Wielder who won the contest.

“So what happened here?” Garry inquired in his thick voice. He was not part of the fantasies that the other men around him were creating in their heads.

“I discovered that Sammy was still alive.”

“Sammy is alive?”

“Yes, I thought that he was killed when the Black Magic Wielders were defeated, but I visited the base of the BMW and discovered that it had been left in ruins. As soon as I got close I saw Sammy racing furiously to achieve something, and seeing the scepter in his hand I knew that he was up to no good, so I pursued and traced him right here where I stood among the trees in the distance and watched him hypnotize the princess with the scepter.”

“What?” screamed the only man who knew the implications of that action.

“What does that mean?” inquired Rachael impatiently. Her husband held her closer; he knew how emotional his wife could get over matters regarding their daughter, “Obviously not anything good,” he said to prepare her mind for the coming bombshell.

“Zin,” Garry said, “educate us - what is the implication of using the scepter to hypnotize the princess?”

“Her soul now belongs to the Black Magic Wielder Grand Commander. She is now subject to his will.”

“Oh, we should be grateful we didn’t let him take away her body,” chirped Dolan amidst the confusion.

“No, he does not need her physical body. Once he gets to his chambers, he will use Black Magic to summon her spirit and soul, and all that we will have here is nothing but the empty body of the princess.”

The others exclaimed. Rachael slumped onto the floor and began to wail. “See what catastrophe has befallen us.”

As soon as everything grew quiet, the body of the princess began to jerk very wildly.

“She’s having spasms!” one of the young Mijors observed.

Everyone, including Morley, ran to the princess and they held her body.

“This is an indication that her spirit and soul are being summoned,” Zin informed them as they pressed the princess down. Her body continued shaking vigorously.

“What shall we do? We can’t just wait her and have the monster take her away like that,” inquired Garry.

Zin stopped to think. “I will need a team to go after Sammy and truncate his plans before he is able to make a substantial move with her powers. If we don’t get the princess’ spirit back into her body, there is no end to the evil Sammy can create with it. He would be powerful and invincible and he can turn the world back to a state of bondage that is more severe than the Shustus era.”

“That cannot happen!” Dolan yelled.

“I shall lead a squad to hunt the demon down. Garry, you may run the affairs of earthmen pending the return of the princess.”

“Can I join this squad going after Sammy? I have lost my daughter once; I don’t want to lose her again.”

“Come with me then,” Zin concluded.

“What about me? I want to help too,” Morley’s soft voice inquired. Her face turned pale and innocent; there was no way any man could resist such seduction.

“Then come with me,” Zin concluded, and he began to walk out of the house.

Garry and his men also began to walk towards their horses.

“My darling,” Dolan said to his wife when everyone had joined a team and were on their way to their destinations. “I shall be back sooner than you know it. I cannot allow another monster to take away my daughter from me.”

“I understand you,” replied Rachael through teary eyes. “I shall care for the body of our daughter pending the return of her soul and spirit.”

Dolan gave Helen’s now lifeless body a kiss and began to follow the group he belonged to. Rachael’s eyes stared at her daughter on the floor. These were surely part of the miseries that the parents of the princess were to face. Clearly, Dolan was ready for it; he had always been ready anyway, right from the moment when Molette had appeared to him to tell him about the good news of their daughter.

Rachael wished things had been different and she and her family were safely staying together in a quiet place where no responsibility would have been expected from them. But was there any such place? Of course not, especially when the Shustus lords had such heavy iron fists to deal with earthmen.  



Chapter 2: Resurrection of the Black Magic Wielders




Sammy stared into the wide screen in his territory. It was an inheritance he’d got from the Shustus, shortly before they became the enemy and were destroyed by the powers of the promised princess. At first, his territory was in absolute ruins. He had fallen back on the available alternative, which was the recruitment and ultimate promotion of all BMW in the second centurion. If he had been told that he’d make such a move in his time, Sammy would have vehemently protested.

If he had not fallen back on organizing a hasty coronation for all the junior wielders, there wouldn’t have been any Black Magic Wielder left to carry on the heritage of the Black Magic clan. At this time when he had the strength of the princess, it was clear that Black Magic Wielders had been destined to take over the domination of the earth after the era of the Shustus.

The headquarters of the BMW was still in ruins, thanks to the notorious Shustuses who had made sure everything was flattened. While men were working on rebuilding the entrance, Sammy had his first project in mind. He summoned the recruits and assembled them to the territory where he was. It was here he stared at the screen – an object of modern technology being used by the Black Magic Wielders. On the screen, Sammy watched the dispersing troops from where he had used the scepter on the princess. He saw the entire drama that played out shortly after the event.

The most painful part was the fact that he had to see his everlasting lover – Morley Harlequin - betray him so easily. He and Morley had started out quite young. She could be called earth’s most beautiful lady but Morley wasn’t a fan of fame, so it didn’t matter if he teased her with the title. Sammy tried to get Morley to join the wielders but she’d always claim she wasn’t cut out for a life like that. Sammy suspected that she only wanted to enjoy the admiration she got from all her admirers. Her admirers included earthmen and Shustuses, and if she decided to join the wielders, then she would forfeit the admiration she got from Shustuses.

The BMW had recruited fifteen men in total, but Sammy’s favorites were the only ones he summoned for his immediate assignment. They included Maner - a big, strong and bold bloke whose thirst for the black magic was more than any Sammy had ever seen. Remy – the stutterer, stout and a bit overweight, but light on his feet and expert at conjuring hypnotic magic. Toner – a handsome charm with the finest stature a man could ask for. Rockie - with a determination that could achieve anything. Jimmy - a bodily strong soldier who could withstand anything, and lastly, brown-eyed Lucy – a sexy supermodel who was a fan of working invisibly. The five were gathered in the territory with him.

“Commander. I thought we were not going to meet before the headquarters had been fully constructed,” Rockie chirped.

Sammy stared at him, “Yes, but there is an urgent need to take some action before we are ruined. You can see that everything is happening at a really fast pace these days. The earth is at the beginning of a new era. Humanity is taking over human control and we also need to be extremely sensitive so that our kind will not become extinct.”

“But can we do anything really? Given the endless strength of the princess?” Lucy said.

“That’s true,” agreed Toner, “We have heard of the power the princess has; clearly no magic can overthrow hers.”

Sammy allowed the speakers to exhaust the silence that followed their observation before he spoke. “This shows that you clearly don’t belong to this stage yet. Black Magic Wielders have the greatest power of all, but in history, we have never tapped into the weapons of our warfare.”

“But, sorry Commander, hasn’t all our weaponry been destroyed?”

Sammy nodded, “Well, not all. The scepter is very much potent and if you care to know, it has just been used on the princess.”

“The scepter?” the listeners exclaimed. Apparently, none of them knew anything about it.

“I won’t spend much time explaining, but the final line of the scepter’s analysis is that we currently have the princess under our control.”

“Wait there…you hypnotized the princess?”  Lucy was greatly surprised.

“Exactly.” replied the commander.

The young wielders were astounded.  “So we hold this power? How exciting it is to be a Wielder!” Remy declared.

“Believe me, there is a lot more you will learn from here. The essence of the scepter’s use, however, is not for some academic analysis - we must swiftly move into action to bring the world under the leadership and control of the wielders.”

“What’s the plan?” inquired the stutterer.

Sammy left the screen and waved his wand to uncover a board that had been covered with satin. The satin fell off without stress, and before the eyes of the young recruits, they saw the sheet that had several plans drafted on virtually every side of it.

“This is the project we have on the ground. I have personally tagged it, ‘The Construction of The Marigold Realm’.”

“The Marigold Realm?”

“Yes. This is what our headquarters will be like upon construction. We would, however, not build it with stones and brimstone alone, but with the strongest magic anyone has ever built with.” Sammy admired the different levels of surprise on the faces of his listeners. Some years ago, he too was young like then. It was only with the help of Morley that he showed a small commitment to anything that had to do with the wielders. Morley was never going to be recruited, but she had always encouraged him in it. She wasn’t like the rest of earthmen who hated black magic upon first sensation.

“So, how shall we go about this?”

“I’ll thoroughly explain to you.”

With the princess now under the control of the Black Magic Wielders, Sammy was hoping to construct the magical headquarters, from where he hoped to rule the affairs of every man. The completion of the plan was going to be the beginning of the BMWs’ powers over the earth. To actualize the Marigold Realm, where he was hoping the forces of other magical bodies would be unable to penetrate through, he would need strands of hair from the princess and a gold-ridden substance, but all that was possible now that he had hypnotized the princess.

When Sammy was done explaining the plan to the new recruits, he discharged them by allocating each person his or her own duty. When the wielders started out to go, he called Lucy back.

“Lucy, sorry, I told you to wait - there is a more urgent assignment I have for you.”

Lucy looked at the commander’s eyes. He didn’t need to explain the assignment further. All through the meeting and even when he was about to call her for the coronation ceremony, there was a way Sammy had been staring at her. He always looked at her with a hungry gaze, one that desired outright love making and nothing more.

“I hope this assignment, Great Commander, is not what I am thinking.”

Sammy looked at the door to make sure that the others were out of earshot. “Please watch your voice.”

“Why is that, Great Commander?” Lucy’s voice had become quiet too. It was obvious she wanted the same thing with the commander. The way she bit her lips and rolled her eyes made her attraction towards him obvious.

“You know, anyone listening might think that I am about to sexually attack you.”

“Wielders are never caught unawares. Except, though, it’s something I want to do too.”

“I hope this is something you want to do then,” responded the commander, drawing her closer to himself and without waiting for her to either repel him or embrace him, he crushed his lips on hers. They were rich and fleshy, and it was clear she couldn’t be who he wanted her to be.

The reason for Sammy’s attraction toward Lucy was because she looked like a complete replica of Morley. Although there were clear differences, at a glance Lucy could be mistaken for Morley. She was a brunette too and her hairs were long and flowed back, but she had bigger lips which Sammy was now grateful for.

“This is not even a proper room for this,” Lucy observed.

At her expression, Sammy retreated. His hands quietly slowed away from her, as if he had not been the one attempting to swallow her entire being with his grip in the previous moment. “So, you don’t want this now?” he responded.

“Who said so?” was all Lucy could respond with before jumping on her commander. She knew he wouldn’t let her fall; at least he had mastered the art of magic enough for that.

With his magic, he suspended her in the air and proceeded to use his wand rather than his hands to take off her clothes. Her breasts were full and with his wand, he stroked her a bit. Goosebumps grew all over her skin at the feeling of the touch. It had been a long time since she had been touched with such a level of confidence. She liked the feeling of the wand on her nipples, and she couldn’t have wanted anything more when, with the same wand, Sammy drew sweet lines on her navel and ended the line on her clit.

“Take me!” she moaned as she watched Sammy’s trousers travel below his knees and come off on their own accord.

Sammy placed her on the screen on the table. Since he had no further use for the screen it was off, and with Lucy well balanced on it, he was able to straighten his love stick right into her. Lucy went into near shock as spasm after spasm escaped her and she shuddered with a complete lack of control. Her moistness, her shuddering and her moans were ingredients that wouldn’t let Sammy hold on for long. In his mind he was having the session with Morley, and seeing Morley scream with such pleasure in his ears and grabbing him close to herself he couldn’t help spilling his entire seed into the warm opening in Lucy.

Lucy received the seeds in an already wet juice-box. She had never been half as satisfied as she was now feeling. Although all the sympathizers of the wielders, and those who were still junior members, had been sober for the near annihilation of the wielders, Lucy could now see why this is a clear blessing for her. It wasn’t her time to be coroneted to join fully-fledged wielders, but with the extinction attempt there had arisen a need for them, and if that hadn’t happened, she would have remained completely ignorant of the capabilities of being with the Grand Commander – Sammy.


Zin looked through the door of the council room and saw the princess’ father staring into space. He was the only one left to be dispatched. Although it now seemed obvious that Zin was trying to dispatch everyone so that he could have a private time with Morley, no one seemed to be disturbed by that. After all, the leaders were entitled to the best bounties.

He wondered how the news made the father feel. He had just informed the old man that he wanted him to head the Mannyhunt Division. The Mannyhunt Division was specifically saddled with the responsibility of launching a direct attack on the remnants of the Black Magic Wielders in order to find the princess. What seemed to interest the old man was that he was also being sent out on a quest to finding his daughter.

Dolan kept staring into space, calculating his moves. Zin had requested for ten of his bravest soldiers to accompany Dolan in the quest. He had created three teams on the search quest and had dispatched the first. Dolan was now impatiently awaiting the next.

While waiting, Zin looked at the damsel that was helplessly perched on a chair. He liked the way she narrowed her eyes at him too, a sign that she too was attracted to him, and out of sheer restlessness, he uttered his next words, “Do you mind serving as a maid in my chamber?”

“A maid?” she was clearly taken aback.

“Yes,” replied Zin indifferently, “And you should be grateful for that offer. We all know that you are the Commander of the Black Magic Wielders’ greatest lover and it was you who witnessed the charming of the princess, I am sure that a death penalty is not out of place for a traitor such as you. You should consider my offer very generous.”

“But I am not a traitor!” Morley protested. She now realized that she should have stuck with her lover. But if she regretted it now because of the circumstance in which she found herself, she knew it was only a momentary regret.

Although the whole world believed that Sammy was madly in love with Morley, to Morley, all those things were mere infatuations aggressively expressed. Morley knew that love made lovers do good things to each other. Love birthed respect between the partners and it is devoid of any form of trickery and deceit. Sammy, who the worlds assumed she loved, was the complete opposite of everything love should mean.

Although Sammy had a long list of records where he showed how he had physically brutalized earthmen and Shustuses who had tried to win her heart, he didn’t really express this love in private other than aggressively sleeping with her to show his strength. She knew now that Zin was only using the idea of a maid to belie his true intentions for her. She was certain that with time, things would grow soft between them and she would have found herself a life partner in Zin, despite their age difference.

“So you are saying the alternate option to having my head severed is to be your maid?”

Zin nodded, too shy to confirm the claim verbally.

A timely distraction came in the form of the expected troops. Dolan had almost grown restless before they arrived. He was delighted to lead them to a camp near the Forest of Shoom, where they would scan the landscape and launch unexpected attacks on their foes.

With Dolan and the troop gone, Zin now had his clear chance at the beauty seated in the same room as him.

“So, what is it going to be?”

“I’m going to be your maid. I can’t see an option here anyway.”

“Good.” Zin threw her a sly grin. “And I am already sure you will be a very nice maid at that.”

“I hope so sir,” she rolled her narrow eyes at him. He felt a movement in his loins, but as was with every time he felt that, he only smiled at the optimism of getting that smaller version of him satisfied one of these days.



Chapter 3: The Lampy Tunnel




Helen beamed joyfully at her reflection in the glassy part of her chambers, designed with glittering magical flowers and vases. She spent another moment pulling tendrils of her hair back into the braids she had woven on either side of her head. It created a faux braid of locks which settled on her perfectly. This added more to her beauty, unlike the fierce looks she wore while she was known as Princess Helen of the Mijors. Her glamorous look kept many wondering if she was truly with her true love already.

Instead of her usual flowing frock, she wore a red, pattered gown decorated with flowers which matched her red-soled heels – a symbol of magical prowess. In each ear was a dagger earring and on her lips was red war-paint. It was lipstick, but in this situation, there was no difference.

“You need to lighten up, my princess,” the dim light popped in the direction of the voice as Sammy’s face gradually beamed out with his trademark sly grin.

On sighting him Helen hurriedly leapt towards him, allowing only a little breathing space between them.

“See the sight of the beauty I have been away from,” Sammy confessed with realization, while trying to perch on the bed with the red duvet.  Helen, settling beside him, replied, “Barely 30 minutes, my love.” The big grin on her would have comforted any onlooker witnessing the cruise of affections flying around.

Helen would have agreed to make it past her most recent string of events—however, the uncertainty in her was yet to yield results, whether to negativity or the other way around. She was sure of the unease that came with her present condition; however, she believed it would land her with nothing but growing love for Sammy - her new found love. Just as she thought that things were ending, the unraveling figure of Sammy would appear. A tall, brooding, angelic man with a brown eyes known to be popular among the Black Magic Wielders, but would that matter now? He was gorgeous, sexy and protective, and he was always offering her the satisfactions she couldn’t turn down. But it also felt like he was hiding secrets.

The uncertainty of Sammy’s intention didn’t really get to Helen’s bad side; as she was getting all the attention she needed, there seemed to be nothing to worry about.

“Where have you had your mind my dear?” Sammy said, leaning at her. He had his hand cupping the Helen’s chin to get a deep kiss from her. Even with the sweat forming up on her forehead and the skips in her breath, there was a desirable yearning for Sammy’s energy in the kiss.Her hand flopped off the bed, and her finger twitched. Sammy’s mouth trailed from her chin up to her thin arm, and then her bony shoulder, before finally settling more on her breast which was already been cupped in his left hand. The whole foreplay was making Helen wet and her pot was ready for any action.

Almost immediately, an intruding knock came sharply from the entrance door; this disjointed the whole room with an already cooked up romance. Angrily, Sammy gave a conceding response to the heavy knock.Who is that again?”

“Pardon me, Your Lordship, I am here to remind you about the ingredient needed to perfect the Marigold Realm Magic,” a masculine voice replied.

“Is that why you wouldn’t wait for me to be done at least? Is that Jimmy?” Sammy asked.

“Certainly Your Lordship, pardon my manners,” Jimmy replied.

“I will get to the lab at once, go wait for me!” Sammy said, standing up at the same time.

Helen, with already reddened eyes, made softly to draw Sammy back to action. “Can’t the magical concoction wait?”  Helen said, screaming out her frustration. It wouldn’t have been right for her to cuss Jimmy or whatever the intruder’s name was.

“You know I have been working tirelessly to make this thing a success, I just can’t leave it to chance!” Sammy said. “I need to get the usual strand of your hair and the gold-ridden venom,” Sammy continued.

“This I expected, but you must promise to come and satisfy my desires after all this,” Helen said looking straight to read Sammy’s countenance.

“I am all yours, darling,” Sammy said playfully as he headed to the standing golden goblet specially meant for getting the gold-ridden venom and the strand of the blonde hair from Helen.


Sammy, in his new abode beneath the rocks wielded to protect the Black Magic Wielders, had settled with Helen’s spirit alongside some of the persons he’d enchanted for the purpose of building his own army. It had been a year since the half-dead bodied Helen was dropped at the balcony space of her parents’ place - the new Keystone Earth was now under the watch of Zin, as its protector had been thriving on the new arranging order with the liberation and freedom of almost everything as objected to the Shustus’ order. The dismantled armies of Shustuses and the citizens had been casted in a new space and magically sealed. All this had been achieved with the help of the sealing algorithms set in place by the new arrangement.

The new Keystone Earth, organized in the form of divisions headed by lieutenants, did encourage science, technology and magic and the three working together for better advancement, with laboratories opened and new libraries across the divisions. Zin ensured the incorporation of learning and circulation of bodies of knowledge expected to work for the society. The new communal arrangement also featured the military wing headed by Zin himself. Ever since the spiritual abduction of the uncanny princess, the sole ambition of the army was to make magical and technological researches and physical searches to secure the predicament that did befall the princess.

Dolan, complete with all faith of making a better use of his remaining days alive to look for his daughter’s full-bodied spirit back, joined the already established Mijors soldiers, leaving Rachael to attend to the half-life body of Helen.


Rachael placed the lantern on a cubicle at the right corner of the room, making the dimmed golden light from the lantern bare a new fit on the lifeless body of Helen. It has been her duty to give proper care to the body at appropriate times. This wouldn’t have weighed on her enough if not for the song she had composed for her story time with Helen. Religiously, Rachael would read The Prophecy, sitting very close to Helen’s body on the wooden bed. Her hope was restored when she heard Helen sneeze, and then saw a gold-ridden blood oozed out of her nostril. After the first time, this had since been occurring once a day (at intervals varying from each other). Helen had nothing but a perfect smile on her face after excreting such watery gold; it has become a moment which Rachael loved to see more — she wouldn’t miss that face for anything in the world.

Now that Dolan had traveled to the Mannyhunt Division — a division created specially by Zin with sole objective of finding the princess - the bond between the lifeless body and the mother became even stronger with the proper arrangement of time dedicated to reading The Prophecy. The most exalting part for Rachael was the part where promises of the return of the princess by true love were highlighted:

Ajhbdu ksomn jij jio osm,

Lalu thar kyudji monditre

Bosaok kajosi akoiquns,

Manhi shbu asjiju

Jsiji hcuai jdsoy aosnu iapsij ujaiojzh

Sju oajm suh sijs tyosay




A manifold of replacement can come in,

Surely the princess cannot be sold into slavery for long

Long it is, when the righteous shall be freed

And return to the rightful place

Where things are waiting for her to unfold

Surely, all these will call with hope of true love.


The nightmare always began the same way; starting with an unraveling dust swerving in from nowhere.Helen’s subconscious mind did wrap the memories of the dream for what it was, at every moment she sniffed the dust rising up in her nostril. But with a second thought another picture came into play; the awareness of having the moment in another shape. When the dust made her cough, she did find herself lost at the mercy of her past, immersed in a memory that scrambles like a fading identity trying to replace itself. Helen, in this confused state, knew at once that all wasn’t well. However, there was a higher ignition in her that kept her maintained at par with the reality — her unyielding love for Sammy. The only fishy connection that still lingered, however, was the strange dream, which always came right after the collection of her gold-ridden venom and the strand of the hair needed for Sammy’s Marigold concoctions. 

She stepped right outside the already expounded jurisdiction meant for her. She allowed the scorching wind to swirl around her like a twisted cloak of needed force, clinching to the last chance of fun. It dashed softly tended rock sand right against her face, the steady lapse making a gentle caress on her soft face.  She could remember; the dream had been of similar nature to this, with little twitches of a heavy air forcing difficulty to her breathing space.     In her dreams, the use of magic came back like what she was used to, creating a strong shield to make her safe from the hostile environment and making sure the beaming heat was reduced to minimal—though the wind was not relenting, and it was charging at her magic even the more. The shield would have been better mad soundproof, but that was really not her interest at that time; she was into something bigger and more overwhelming. In her opinion, the sounds of insecurities would put her in a better place and with more sense to fight her challenges. So, she deemed it fit to make it off as a better tool for her.

      The view atop the balcony space she had in the cave seemed better to view the body of sight laid before her from. Glittering and glinting waves of light and sound travelled as far as they could reach in her surrounding, but the unrelenting heat wasn’t letting her get back to the resurfacing memories of what she felt about the sight in front of her, and she could tell that it was a covered part of her that she felt and which could detach from her. Though night had fallen, the mounting blue moons reflected on the covered part of the space, turning the otherwise dark rock into a vivid beacon of navy light - what a sight to behold.     Left to her, she wouldn’t mind shunning all that glittered to focus on her love and his assignment - the Marigold Realm, which he had once said to her to be the only good thing that the planet would have witnessed after the completion. To her, she was helping her lover space the planet with better options and fulfillment - so, the magic was just a small part of all she would have offered if allowed to help.Looking up again, she discovered that the energy put to use by the moon was already turning dark, tainted by the defeating echoes of the space.

     The picture of a similar view she had in front of her was matching the city where she herself in her dreams. The thought of her lost identity made her stomach clench with dread. She had seen the chaos and carnage from what the unsettlement might have caused, but she had no directive wave to properly channel her anger. Even at the flashes of recollections that flashed into her memories, she again figured that she was trying to get to the city portrayed in her dreams. Certainly, there was something in her, beckoning her – informing her that her magic would definitely unravel the mystery around it by itself. She had no explanation for that, but knew that things will come to become clear with time.    


He could have wanted The Prophecyto come to pass almost immediately. He could no longer bear the situation of losing his daughter after he had his years stained with no fatherly love for her. He decided to move on from what wouldn’t bear to take on his conscience; he had to leave Rachael to the caring while he pursued the path of restoring his daughter back to him. For once, he decided to work for his personal interest.


Growing grey hair without witnessing the stages of his daughter’s growth was enough to make him traumatized for the rest of his life - adding the sudden loss also would not go down well with him. He decided to join a district division, purposely meant for the search of the uncanny princess. In no time, he had requested this opportunity and Zin never hesitated before announcing him as the lieutenant for the division. Rachael had frowned at this rash decision, making it hard for Dolan to leave the city earlier for his new assignment. He had travelled with all of the research he had done independently before joining the force. This was nothing but a goal-driven hunt for the culprit that had thrown his family reunion into uncertainty and darkness.  


Zin, in his missteps over the departure of Helen, resorted into more wayward character actions which was unusual of him. Many earthmen opined that it was the ruthlessness that he faced when he got the responsibility of leadership, while some said it was simply the orientation coupled with freedom, and the last part of the society felt it was more of an emotional entanglement. Without a word Zin crossed over to his bedroom, heading straight for his bed which was laid neatly with a white bedspread. He rushed gladly and at the same time sluggishly at the sight of Morley, the brunette maid he fondly did see as a ‘temporal replacement’ as if he couldn’t get there fast enough. Morley waited without moving an inch. She could not have moved even if she’d wanted to. Waiting in anticipation for him to get there quickly, she couldn’t help but admire the man with broad chest. Nobody would have been a better replacement for the absence of the Princess of Uncanny Magic. Morley at first was afraid when the relationship started; there had been rumors related to Zin having done things with the princess sexually, and no one could think of being at loggerheads with the same sexual partner as the Princess of Uncanny Magic - not even a maid like her.

Zin hurriedly pushed his body onto Morley’s to claim what was his. The pleasant foreplay indeed breathed the perfect spirit expected for such a wonderful relationship with strange feelings. Morley sighed loudly, failing to hold the desire to have him that much, so much that she would do this, and she would still prefer to have him to herself alone, even after the princess was back, which she prayed silently for.

Zin’s lips - masculine and sweet lips - overcame Morley’s in the tussle of making their tongues part of the foreplay. His mouth eating deep into the well spread out lining surface of her lips, sucking at it until she became breathless and the desire to have more of him kept growing. Giving all his all to the sensation, every single bit of Morley also yielded rapidly, making her guilty of better lust. Her expression made her out - she wanted more.

As if Zin could sense the desire he lifted his hands, making his ways to her thigh, touching her, feeling her, devouring her with his bare fingers. And yes, she wouldn’t have any strength in her to hold the burning flame in her — she wanted sex like never before.

For the first time ever Zin felt alive again, as he made his way into the innermost of her part.

“I want you; I need you to want me, to devour me, to take me, to use me.” Morley moaned to Zin’s ear. Both parties could tell that the sensation was pumping like never before, and the urge was getting more intense. For a while, the duo felt like happiest kids making out for the very first time in their entire existence. 

His hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them roughly. This made her unstable for a while, putting her in a tizzy and giving her more urges to feel his mouth doing the licking, sucking and all in her honeypot. Bending to a better position, he pulled off her inner wears and succeeded in exposing her bare front. This left him better glance of the already hardened nipple which felt warm and pointed on his tongue. Making a little play out of the nipple business, he placed a gentle bite on the nipple, paving way for more moaning. He took the nipple fully in his mouth and sucked on it long and hard. A small scream of passion tore out of Morley’s throat making her feel at her peak in long time; it was the best she could have prayed for.

He pulled back and stared into her eyes. She stared back, wondering why he stopped. Her eyes reminded him of nothing but that of Helen’s.Oh gosh!He marveled at the fact that he could see her in Morley.

He retreated quickly, murmuring “black magic!”

She shot him a sharp quizzical look. “Are you using black magic on me?” he continued, “don’t take me for a fool; I know and recognize the princess,” he said while trying to tuck his shirt back in.

“You shouldn’t have hold out on me,” she said.

“What do you mean?” he inquired, staring at her eyes like they were the answers needed. Her eyes really were capable of bewitching. She had got it too; the concealing look he stared at in Helen.

“You need to learn your lesson,” he said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Morley was still trying to figure out the mood swing when he suddenly turned her over and pulled her across his lap. Just like that, she was about to protest, but didn’t have the luxury of time to. He already had his hand ready in the air, exposing her fleshy buttocks. He gave them a good hard slap. This changed Morley’s mood as she writhed with pain and pleasure. She liked it.

“Again?” he asked, almost breathlessly.

Both parties realizing that this was turning him on as much as it was turning her on, and Morley cried out loudly, “Oh, God, yes! Please! Give me another!”

“Again?” he asked for the second time, waiting for her consent again before he continued.

Trapped in the fun of this upturn, she quickly nodded, “Yes, again. And quickly.”

Again this time, his hand landed on Morley’s backside. This time he paused and grabbed her ass, kneading it with his palms. This made her shiver with delight. While it hurt, it sent her senses into overdrive; making her feel so much passion she could have burst.


Sammy, having melted gold-ridden venom, again transformed his face into a perfect look. His plan would work this time - he felt convinced. His transformation into a Shustus didn’t come easily; he had to make use of the day’s gold-ridden venom.What a waste,he thought. Well, it really didn’t appear to him as a waste though, as his plans must work and any mistake again would not have been affordable. The thought of being limited to gold-ridden venom for a day didn’t sit well with him — however, he was left with no choice.

Sammy was not attracted to Helen sexually; all he needed was her magic to complete his Marigold Realm. He didn’t have to worry. On second thoughts, she would be safe till he deemed it necessary to dump her after exhausting her power.Is it possible to exhaust her magic?He couldn’t think of that; the only thing he knew he’d heard from The Prophecy was that only the interruption of her source could run her dry. If there was any means to get to her source, he was the only one that can give such search a trial; probably he would have to resort to that if he couldn’t bear sighting her again. He almost had his crush at his fingertips before the whole pandemonium broke out. Morley happened to be the perfect brunette he had thought of spending his old days with. Morley had milky toothed smiles which dashed at Sammy in his days as the leader of Black Magic Wielders, and he did reserve a special space in his heart for Morley. If she hadn’t sided with the Mijors, he probably would have had her. The last time he heard about her was when he made his way to get Helen charmed; he had spotted her at the front of Helen’s place before he went ahead with his scepter spell.  There was no one more capable than his brunette. If anything, the only thing holding him back was her. If he were a true partner of her, he could have relied on her instead in trying times like the present one.

In theory he could defend himself from just about anything now, but he still had trouble controlling himself sighting Morley, even with his magic. He wouldn’t mind teaching her some magic and enjoying the beauty added with magic performance. He’d imagined Morley using magic in countless memories; this was the weakness he couldn’t get rid of.

Still, something held him back from letting go and using magic to get her to himself, but he was still battling with his grown heart, and even the imagination of her body hurts. He would have chosen Morley over anyone else, irrespective of the fact that that meant fully denouncing his magical prowess.

Jigging back to life, Sammy focused on how to get his transfigured self into the nature of Keystone earthmen without getting hooked in any of the earthmens’ traps. Focusing on the torn metal he was planning on using to unlock the gem that would take him to Keystone Earth, he knew one of his reasons was for him to set his eyes again on his love. He silently wished that all his love for Morley would be gone so as not to be fallen from his only weakness.“Meri stru hi matha li”,he chanted as the door immediately made its way separately from its frame.

“Well, that’s one way to do it,” Sammy said to himself cheerfully, then he coughed as smog swirled around him, leaving the whole city in its hidden place from magical eyes without any root from the city. He waved a hand, and the smog cleared as if it had never been.

Glancing from afar, Sammy saw a small, organized army waiting patiently, and at the same time they seemed loose, as guards bearing the territorial integrity of the Keystone Earth. They are earthmen were making joyful chats about many things.

A solider with shinny armor distinct from the others continued the chat from an audible distance. “You know we have some people believing that the princess will not get a true love than Zin.”

“Glenn, you don’t have to be like that. We all know that you watch out for Zin; you are his most trusted Guiding Lieutenant. But this, we know - true love wouldn’t be taking this long,” another petite soldier said with a stern face.

Approaching the conversation Glenn, who was obviously the leader of this group, replied, “Say another word, and I will transport you up to the sky dome to help my fallen mate watch over the safety of the princess.”

The atmosphere was captured by a deafening silence of tension and respect for the constituted authority.

More loose now from the tension on ground, Glenn walked up to the petite solider and playfully tapped his shoulder with a heavy palm, “But If I do that, I might end up in a wall. This is so because of what we uphold against any oppressive settings - courtesy of Protector Zin, the protector of our existence.”

Everyone laughed, passing funny comments to supplement the earlier statement from Glenn. Truthfully, Zin in his highest authority has been able to capture any tendency with oppressive signals. That indeed was how he had been able to maintain his preaching as the truthful Protector of the Earthmens’ existence. 

“Sounds entertaining”, Sammy chirped, laughing quickly on hearing the soldier’s judgment on Zin’s existence.

Sammy dashed for a shield object, erected behind a bar with door. He needed to make his attacks from behind. In his attempt of making it out carefully, he trampled upon a piece of metal which alerted the nearby soldiers.

Glancing at the untouched doors from which the disturbing sound came, Glenn frowned and asked, “What is in there?”

“A death wish you wouldn’t want!” Sammy answered immediately, dashing out his dagger to make an example of the young solider nearby to others. His dagger landed right on the soft sided cheek of the petite solider from the early conversation. Sammy dragged his shield, defending his body with the petite solider, and at the same time dragging his dagger forcibly from the cheekbone and replacing it position on the captive’s throat.

“Don’t try anything irrational!” Sammy said, making a small leap away from the approaching soldiers.

“Alright, alright!” Glenn said, “We don’t have to continue with this. Release our man, and we will let you walk away freely.”

“Really?” Sammy was reasonably doubtful of the intentions of his attackers, “I don’t know that the new order of the day in Keystone?” Sammy continued sarcastically, laughing as much as his lungs could take.

“Let’s start from here then,” he commanded. “Place all your weapons down and pile them to that wagon near the well.” He watched them all obey almost immediately. He was impressed by their level of instant compliance. Having been assured of the security of all the weapons, he diced his dagger effortlessly on the waiting throat, leaving the body to ooze out blood in peace. In an instant response to the shocked soldiers’ reactions, he immediately disappeared.

“Black magic!” Glenn shrieked disgustingly, ordering his men to get their weapons back. Sammy reappeared behind another soldier in his mid-age; he sliced the soldier’s throat and disappeared again. This time around, he disappeared with every of the weapons being handled by the soldiers.  


Zin followed him inside and saw the scene that had been ripped apart. Blood was smeared on the walls. The bodies of his obedient soldiers that took the oath of allegiance under his watch were strewn out on the floor, and both Glenn and Ray - his godsons in the army - had a strange symbol branded into their necks; it was of a circle with marked dots from a golden spray placed in the center. They had gone down fighting, with swords in their hands and bodies spread, but there was no sign of their attackers, or, as the only soldier that survived said, “An attacker”.

Zin wouldn’t have believed that a man singlehandedly took out the Legion of the Guiding Division. Walking around one of the corpses, Zin came to a stop next to a large circle that had been cut through the ground. Glancing down, he saw that a gold melted substance had formed a stream of gold-ridden ooze through to the level located underneath the battlefield.

“How the hell did he or it get the attack to this?” Zin growled. “How did the Legion get slaughtered?”

He knew the land was compromised already and the intruder was already loose. He knew he had to act and make the whole city ready for the visitation of an intruder, who his instinct beckoned to be one of the avengers from Shustus. But, how did the Shustus get to pick up magic? Or did this whole massacre come from technology?

“I have no idea what has happened, but I think the sacred door linking to your palace has been compromised, Your Lordship,” a huge figure announced beckoning to Zin to come and check. Zin knew at once that the intruder was here for either himself, or the body of the princess.

Observing the door, Zin said, “This could not have been sliced up so thoroughly by a technological device. At first glance, I thought the soldiers could have staged this, but why would they do that? And if they did, it would have been easy to assume they had attacked one another, but there is no blood on their swords.”

The observation of the scene was still going on when a fierce wind broke into a run of circle.  When they heard a vicious snarl up ahead which almost made it to Zin, they knew the perpetrator was somewhere near.

“Make your way to my palace at once; we have our guest waiting!” Zin ordered.


Rachael and Morley stepped out of the room together, taking out their swords from a nearby shelf. They know it was time for them to be brave for the princess. Morley had been assigned to join the princess’ mother in caring for Helen’s body, based on her special request from Zin. However, she had always been left idle by Rachael who never allowed anyone help in defending Helen; she wouldn’t let anybody do that. However, she could use Morley’s company and now was one of the foreseen times she really needed Morley.  She held up her other hand. “Don’t touch her. She is still in a peaceful sleep,” Rachael called out to the air, making a deranged move towards the chamber that kept Helen’s body.

The attack started with a fierce wind making out with the curtains in the room. Morley had kept the curtain in line like it was normal. Rachael would have seen this as a reminder of the time she birthed Helen; the cloud wasn’t different from this.

Sammy had appeared in this mysterious time, making a circling wave around the bed where Helen’s body was lying. He was shocked when he saw Morley at the scene. He’d never had it in mind to come across his muse. His plan earlier was to disappear with what was left of Helen’s body. He needed it for his research on how he could get his hands on the source of the uncanny magic.

 “Gosh!” he muttered. “Here goes...” He took a deep breath and lifted his hands, throwing his hands out to reach out to the brunette’s hair and drawing his attention. He struggled to keep himself to check.  He knew he had to come up with a better plan, else he would be stuck to the memories of Morley without being able to do anything—his plan to get both Helen and Morley out of this place would then be truncated. Though he was really not sure if he would be able to lure Morley, but he could add one or two types of magic to his love story.

Morley, on the other side of the bed, felt a hand pulling at her hair, but she couldn’t figure if it was real. At first, she thought it was an imagination forming up in her head; at the second attempt she was sure she wouldn’t make that up for anything. Morley niggled at Rachael to make her get the same feeling she was experiencing.

“I think I can feel something coming at us,” Morley declared, looking straight into her blue eyes. “What is that?” Rachael replied, feeling something herself.

“I felt a hand pulling at me,” Morley responded

The reality of what was happening dawned on the duo after the full appearance of Sammy. The dimmed golden light from the lantern shone directly into the brown, glaring eyes making straight for the ladies. Morley could place the face that appeared to an old face which she would take as one of her silent admirers before the uncanny princess.

“I have come not to place you under harm,” Sammy said, approaching Morley and Rachael who are now making for the exit door.

“Don’t touch her. She is still having a peaceful sleep,” Rachael called out to the air.

“I am just here to take what is rightfully mine!” Sammy declared.

“You might have found yourself in a wrong place, mister,” Morley replied with a stern frown, looking out to make a swing at Sammy whose steps were getting closer by inch.

“You could look into my eyes better and make out who I really am,” Sammy said calmly. Morley couldn’t hide the striking memories. She could now place the face properly - the man is the popular Black Magic Wielder - Sammy!


The force of the power hit his left chest like a physical blow, and his body jerked. He began to convulse as the silver tamer got him fighting for his survival. He wouldn’t have expected such an attack; he knew he had captured the two packages he was there for.How could he not feel that something was coming?A trim of blood leaked out of his eyes, nose, ears, and various cuts. The droplets of the magical substance tiered on the floor, forming a perfectly shaped shiny circle. He turned to see what attack he was under. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the golden ring moving around the already fading figure of Helen facing his behind.How could this be happening?Helen’s spirit wouldn’t have traveled to this place to avail for her body and at the same time, his captives.This is mysterious!Sammy murmured something and flicked his wrist at the puddle, and the silver liquid turned into pure black smoke as he disappeared in a puff of white smoke.


“No!” The tortured scream that wrenched from her throat brought her back to reality in one attempt that was violent in nature. Her eyes saw clearly as she jerked upright in her not too large bed placed at the corner of her room. She knew the dream wouldn’t have been so scary if not for the last person she saw in her dreams - Sammy.

Sammy was attempting to cut her down with his blade. She was a bit confused at first, but on a deeper thought, she resigned that an evil sorcerer had taken Sammy’s appearance only to torment her lover. She would have this dream come to the insensitive part of her relationship. Yet, she wouldn’t admit to jinx as it was a dream, just a dream coming for the sixth time since her arrival in Sammy’s realm. Adjusting her seat she brought her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms round her legs as she let her pounding heart slow into a more normal rhythm. He was here; he hadn’t harmed her, he had been fun and nice all along. Despite these facts, she felt there was a meaning to this recurrent dream that had been tormenting her sleep especially.

The dream was still too vivid to let her keep back the fears she held at a place like this with clear view of nature, especially during the night. She didn’t know who the enemy is, but she knew in her mind that he would soon find her in her hideout. She shook her head with a little moan as the silky sweep of soft blonde hair covered her gentle face. She was sorry for her cowardice in the past from this mad situation; she knew she needed to be prepared and make a plan on her to get more information aboutwho she really is, and what she was up to before coming here.She wished her memories would have helped in drawing her back to her life’s activities before this. She should have thought it out properly, and truly make plans to work on.Probably she had power and probably her power and influence stretched long tentacles everywhere; what could she do to get her identity? Nothing?

Nothing!She muffled again climbing out of her bed wearily, padding across thesmall square room and flicking the curtain for the morning rays to make a vogue on her wall. She settled on a wooden chair with a long sigh as she glanced out of the high, narrow window.  Her gaze travelling as far as possible past the old stone wall holding the overgrown shed meant to serve as her rocky balcony and out over the green fields rising steeply into the distance. The cold grey light of early morning was filling the small room with a dull glow, but outside the harsh sweep of sky was swept clean in readiness for a new day. She smiled to the rhythm of the early morning ray as she made her way through a book placed on a desk very close to her—this was nothing but a blessed morning. Probably not fully blessed – considering the dream - but at least, she felt a sense of fulfillment crawling into her skull.


Chapter 4: The Gold-Ridden Babies




The weather seemed cool more than any cold region; the calm, crumpled silence would have been mistaken as that of a breeze ready to sway all living entities. It was confusing inside Zin’s Palace that a raid from a stranger almost held the whole city into a magical seize. Zin met tales of how the stranger had come to take Rachael, Morley and the leftovers of the lifeless princess’ body.  Zin still couldn’t believe the account he got from Rachael and Morley on what really chased the stranger out of the city. Morley had said that she knew the intruder to be one of the Black Magic Wielders’ Leaders, and she wouldn’t have figured the reasons behind his attack. 

Zin was trying to retrace Sammy’s disappearance, but he needed a better account of how the whole drama transpired and he would bank on the story from the two eye-witnesses. He decided to find out how he would crack into the mind of Morley to get her talking properly—he had sent one of his loyal guards to get her to come to his room.

The door crackled as Morley appeared in the room, her treated skin glowing effortlessly into the notice of the room. Zin wouldn’t have had enough of this brunette’s beauty, but he knew he needed to be off the distraction and get the better of her for the moment to get the information he needed.

“How are you feeling now?” Zin asked, pouring red wine into the shiny silver cup. He held the cup forward to her, making a snarly smile for her to see.

“I am better now, and I don’t think I or any of us that witnessed the scene is with any posttraumatic stress. Thank you, though.”

“What did you make out about the flying body that came to your request - was it really Helen’s?” Zin requested, making his effort towards the bedside to get a better glance on the beauty set before him.

Still standing with the silver cup in her hand, she smiled with a bit mockery at Zin. “Are you afraid or what? You think the princess is back to get her rightful place?”

The utterance got on Zin’s bad side as it appeared from the hard look on his face. At the same time, he was having an erection already from her sexy face.

“Get on your knees,” he beckoned to the brunette; he needed to remind her he was in charge. One thing Morley did not want to do is to go down on Zin for the moment; he was sounding gross already. But also, she did not want to go out without satisfying her growing urges too—not this time! Watching his eyes flare, she dropped to her knees and put her hands behind her back. Her thighs spread, showing off her bare honeypot.

“Open your mouth,” Zin murmured, running his hand softly along her jaw in approval. When her head lifted and she looks up, Zin decided to feed her his phallus inch by inch until it knocked the back of her throat. Hearing her gag, the protector pulled back only to surge forward again. “Lick it, make the tip moist,” he commanded with keen interest in watching her tongue swirl around the crown then press into her mouth, letting his head fall back as she bobbed up and down along his length until he felt that familiar rush in his spine.

“Stop,” his growling made him pull her back to her feet, turning her to face the other side of the bed, bending her over the top. Hearing her moan kicked his heart towards the ignition at the same time, spreading her apart to gain access into her pot. His hands slid around her waist, one cupping her breasts and the other zeroing in on her clit, skimming over it as her hips tipped back and forth. This was only about one thing; it was only ever about one thing. Stroking in and out of her, Zin felt her walls had begun to spasm as he planted himself to the hilt and as he dropped forward, coming hard. He took a while to catch his breath, and he could still feel her shaking in his arms as he finally flashed out before stepping back.


The thought of survival made Sammy more fierce and thorough. Helen, at first, tried shaking him off the predicament he fell into, but when she figured he wouldn’t tell her straight she knew she had to get it out of him by force. She would do anything to protect her love. Upon her second attempt to get him to talk, she had been snubbed by Sammy who felt she was the cause of all that had happened. Uncertainty held her for days without making any choice to speak with Sammy. Seeing the effect of what his anger had turned the princess to, Sammy knew he wouldn’t be making progress in his dealings if he continued without getting the needed portions to complete the Marigold concoction. He must act fast, as he knew Helen’s days in his place must be short - he was getting tired of her already.  But first, he needed her for now, and he needed to calm her!

The night glowed perfectly for the Sammy, and this would be a perfect time for him to make his move. He proceeded to the chamber meant for Helen with a flower tucked gently behind him. When the door cracked open, he started whistling the favorite song of the nightingale.

“My love,” Sammy said, smiling as he drew the chair nearby for him to settle in.

Helen nodding to his presence; she shifted to the better side of the bed, trying to hide her blushes from her. She wouldn’t want to give herself cheaply to the cunning Sammy. In other side of her mind, she wouldn’t leave anything to chance; even now she needed to know what happened to her love.

Sammy proceeded to the side where Helen positioned herself; pulling her hand to match his, he gently placed a kiss on her soft, glowing hand, while he settled the flowers in his hand to the table nearby.

“I am sorry for yelling at you!” he apologized to the all-smiling face of the beautiful princess. On a deep thought, the blonde princess was a beauty to behold, that he acknowledged. But, deep down, he had no affection towards her; their momentary sensation was just for the benefit of it.

“I am sorry for making it hard on you too,” Helen admitted, with her face moving gradually towards Sammy. Sammy could see her kiss-meface.

She had her tongue down his throat before the duo could get all their attraction worked up. The kiss was getting intense and Sammy was pulling off his jacket really out before she could single out the right way to make the foreplay grow wild. They are already getting clumsy, but it was fun. Sammy had plenty of practice opening the heart with a kiss; he had his mind glued to another person, while he had his lips on someone else’s. She shoved him back to the foreplay. The second the bed bolt unlatched silently and Sammy grabbed her hips and pushed her against the bed hard, he knew he was no way stepping back from this gorgeous woman. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he lifted her up gently from the bed, pressing his pelvis against hers.

She kissed him like she’d been starving and she knew there was food in his mouth. She bit his bottom lip softly, and Sammy took a step back, losing his footing and crashing into the end table beside the bright lantern. Various items fell to the floor.

“Oops,” she said, giggling.

He smiled and watched as she walked over to the couch and leaned forward over the back so her ass cheeks became visible along with the slightest trace of a thin strip of white lace.

Sammy quickly unbuckled his trousers and took a step. She was going to make this easy. She arched her neck and whipped her long hair against her back. She was hot as hell, Sammy would give her that. His zipper could barely contain what was underneath.

She turned to look at him and he leaned over, planting his lips on hers again.

“Maybe I should tell you my pet name?” she breathed gingering with laugh.

“Uncanny Princess?” Sammy answered sarcastically, panting along with her jokes. “I like that.”

She smiled, hooked her thumbs onto each side of her panties and then pulled them down until they fell down to her ankles. Her eyes connected with Sammy’s, refreshingly wicked.

Sammy could see Morley’s disapproving eyes flash into his mind.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, excited and impatient.

“Absolutely nothing,” he said, shaking his head. Sammy tried to concentrate on her bare backside against his thighs. Having to concentrate to stay hard was definitely something new and different, and it was all Morley’s fault - his love.

She turned around and yanked his shirt over his head, and then finished unzipping his trousers. Damn. Sammy was either working at a turtle’s pace, or this woman was the female version of a lion - a lioness sneaking upon a prey with meticulous ease. He could feel the moving powers rumbling in her stomach; this made him kick off his boots and then step out of the trousers, kicking them to the side for a mood already setting in.

One of her legs pulled up, and her knee hooked around his hip. “I’ve wanted this for a long time,” she whispered against his ear. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.”

Sammy was happy to hear her pledge again to his yearning interests—this was all he wanted all along.

He ran his hand up her thigh, trying to think if he’d talk her into making more allegiance to his cause. By the time his fingers reached the end of the line, they were drenched. He knew she meant what she said when she told him what she really wanted the moment. This was nothing but a century-worthy foreplay which he wouldn’t trade for anything, regardless.

She moaned the second his fingertips touched her tender skin. She was very wet as his fingers didn’t get much traction, and his phallus was starting to hurt from endless movement.


The pursuit wouldn’t have been productive if not for the holed up ground that Sammy left behind. Zin knew he had to make a way out of this situation - there was a way to track this sorcerer Sammy. His black magic was of a foremost generation, and was not in conformity with what they had in the new established city. This also verified that he had in his possession the spirit away from the Uncanny Princess’ lifeless body. Another thing that could lay any traceable link to Sammy’s hideout would have been the stream of the gold-ridden well that already had been glued around the scene where the Legion Division was massacred. Zin had already set up The Manning Committee, mixed up with technocrats and magicians who could track the gold-ridden material with technological means. Now, he was fully assured of a layout where the tracker meant for the search was secure.  The next thing was for him to make his moves.  


“By the gods, I am happy to see you,” Zin said to the wounded soldier that had survived. He had sent a dozen of his soldiers to map the place the tracker indicated. The only surviving soldier had come to narrate the ordeals they had to go through.

“What really transpired, Gyer?” Zin asked with more rapid attention on the soldier who was now calm after the traumatic experience.

“I love a good fight, but having been tainted by that gold-ridden substance we met on the spot the tracker pinned.” He stopped for a while before continuing.   “We never knew what we had in front of us until the transformation of that gold-ridden liquid into a gold-plated baby wrapped in a shawl. This was like a nightmare for us all; we had to witness a horrific transformation,” Gyer said as he halted to take a sip from the goblet placed on his right hand.

“So what was the next thing you witnessed? How brutally did others have themselves killed by a baby?” Zin asked impatiently without leaving breathing space for the soldier.

“We thought we were going to have to kill this gold-plated baby and the lieutenant in charge had instructed that I handled this. I couldn’t object as I managed to get my fidgeting hands to hold my sword in the baby’s direction. In no time, a flash torched past my left ear…” he paused to show the protector and other people around the scar he got from the flash.

The scar had a stain of gold from the torch and many of the soldiers sighed on seeing the scar. After satisfying his listeners with the view, he continued. “We thought that was the end of it all until a figure appeared to us. The figure’s appearance later matched the description Morley gave as Sammy. Probably he had been alerted by the baby. He never hesitated to torch others with the laser from the baby’s eyeballs. I had to watch this horrific massacre from the tree distance I had been placed at to regain my consciousness after the first attack,” he finished with his lips working through the remains from the goblet.

After a while, and the silence which rocked the palace from the narration, Zin broke into the deafening silence. “We had been sleeping when the perpetrators broke in, they are here to make us go back to what we fought against and we have to make our moves before it is too late,” Zin spoke his words into the listening crowd. He was sure of their rapt attention before he started again, “I knew there was something up with the Sammy wizard in question, and I know he would have been planning for a return — he is creating an army from the babies. He is surely the one putting the princess in shackles and we have to do something about it.” He was pissed about the meeting and the insight that had not come earlier. He knew he needed an extreme plan, and this was a war declared already which might take an extreme measure.

“We didn’t think our enemies would get to us, we didn’t think they’d make it through our gate, but they did claw their way in!”

“The Keystone city had lost more bloods getting through the liquid golden curse from this evil intruder,” Zin added. “We tried to reason with an intruder when he was not ready to make peace. Our soldiers have seen more terror from this leaking gold-ridden material; we should be assured that this is more than a personal grudge and we have to be prepared for the worst.”



Sammy appeared in the room with Maner, Rockie, Lucy, and Lynce, and his gaze immediately sought out Helen from the corner of the room. “Are you well?” Sammy asked.

“I’m fine, sweetheart. You?”

He nodded. “Always.”

Sammy bent over, gulping down air. “That time wasn’t so bad. Maybe I am getting used to having you alone to myself.” He stood up straight, hurrying over to Maner and Rockie and throwing his arms around both of them. “You’re alive because of my Uncanny Princess sitting over there. She hasn’t been reluctant to supply her help,” Sammy said, smiling over to Helen.

“We are your guards and our allegiance is to you, Princess,” Lynce said, unusually serious. She was known for her comical approach to all situations.  “We should have been down here doing our duty instead of upstairs participating in the Marigold Realm and its concoction.”

Guilt flashed across Sammy’s face as he saw the unnecessary well of emotions gushing all over Helen’s spirit. He hadn’t revealed to anyone his intention and how they were made - after all, these people were products of the gold-ridden venom from the princess.

An attack had come earlier in the morning when some packs of earthmen pulled through the shielding rock in an attempt to capture the princess. If not for Lynce and Lucy’s alert that got attention drawn to the princess’ chamber, the rest would have been history.

“That’s my fault. Some of us were still awake a few hours ago, and we decided to go up to the sky dome to have a sight of the moon gloom,” Maner interjected, bringing Sammy’s consciousness back to the room.

“It’s not your fault,” Sammy said in a hard voice that dared anyone to argue. “We lost Remy and Toner in this battle against the intruders; we should rather be honoring the dead ones. Someone made a hole through the floor to the -princess and no one would do that if not an insider. We should try and fish out any insider betraying our realm.”

Sammy began to pace, and he could feel the anger coming from his disciples’ eyes. “I want to bathe in the blood of whoever is responsible,” Sammy declared.

“That’s not advisable,” Helen, who had been mute in the room, intervened calmly. “But if I may ask, why are these intruders after me? What do I have to offer them?” Explaining to Helen the potency of her gold-ridden venom would be suicidal …even with the lingering distrusts that he had been experiencing from his disciples, he had gotten all from the Marigold realm - all their existence was from Helen’s gold-ridden venom.

“That should be expected; they are after my precious gem!” Sammy replied as he watched her giggle with blushes from her visible position.  

“We should move tighter than ever. We were just sparring when the emergency intrusion happened. I was trying to bypass the doors, and then the rock shield started coming out of the way when I noticed the intrusion, but I didn’t know what might have happened before that,” Lucy admitted,  drawing the room back to the topic of finding the insider.

Unknown to them, the spiritual figure of the princess that had attacked Sammy had also helped the earthmen getting in at the first instance.

“They were trying to kill us and get hold of our princess,” Lynce added before things went silent again in the room. “The Earthmen were lucky, I would say. No one would have had connection with the outside realm,” Maner said.

“If you knew what the world was before opting out of it, you would agree to the fact that the world outside there is evil and we can’t allow the evil to get here,” Sammy said to get the already divided attention of the people in the room.

“How much evil are we talking about?” Rockie, the silent disciple, asked.

 “Enough to ruin our goodies - the earthmen were so involved with fighting each other that most of them couldn’t survive the upturn that created that new world. They were only fighting for a few ranks and privileges over themselves, so the damage was too severe and more detrimental to our technology and magic,” Sammy concluded.

This struck memories to the seated princess; it seemed like a part of her puzzle that was missing. She would have figured out if Zin was part of the intrusion - she had seen his face in her dreams, so that would have connected her dots.

“If you hadn’t gotten here when you did, we’d all be dead. And we were lucky we didn’t have weapons with us to speed things along,” Lucy cheered the room up.

Regardless of what other people in the room have had their hearts glued to, Sammy knew his priority - and that was for him to figure out what had happened. He must find the insider who gave his place out to the goddamn earthmen. He would have ranted more about it, but he wouldn’t leave his decisions for these people - he alone was aware of the full glimpse of what was happening and he wouldn’t leave the assignment to any other person on his behalf.

He joined the chats and cheers in the room!


Chapter 5: The Recovery




Helen’s fingers twitched.

Rachael swirled around and looked intently at the fingers. The movement had scratched her buttocks but she only felt it, she didn’t see it, so it now felt like mere imagination. She closed her eyes and wished that it would twitch again, in her very sight. When she opened her eyes, nothing happened.


Sammy had made the final concoction needed for the creation. He placed the gold-ridden mixture beneath a lump of Helen’s hair.  His hands stretched widely apart from him. At close range, the new recruits all stood watching with delight as the lifeless representation of the princess’ body was laid on the altar where the magic would take place.

“Brothers!” called Sammy. “Today, we shall complete the creation of the Marigold Realm. This shall usher us into the new era where Black Magic Wielders will rule over the affairs of man. We shall have dominion over the activities and everyone will come to respect the Black Magic Wielders.”

The gathered audience yelled wildly in celebration.

“Tonight, we shall uncover the origin of the Princess’ magic and after sapping it all out of her, we shall leave her desolate like an ordinary mortal.”

The wielders yelled again.

Lucy stood in the midst of the wild gathering, pretending to be in absolute support. Some days ago, she had peeped through an opening to catch the commander of the Black Magic Wielders having carnal knowledge of the princess. Envy had eaten deeply into her, and that single action had propelled her to take the forbidden step. Right from the very first time Sammy had laid eyes on her, he had used his looks to create the impression that he wanted her for life. Now that she had realized that Sammy was just an insatiable bastard, she didn’t care about ruining the entire race of the Black Magic Wielders.

‘A leader that cannot be trusted does not need followers,’she said to herself.

Sammy’s hands remained wide apart, and a young wielder began to beat the drum roll that would invoke magical spirits into the scene which would manifest their prowess by throwing the entire party into a common trance.

“Hil ka’kilo malig nuhumnoi

Papil ka’kilo malig nuhum.

Ze kurito marcha cha ragtolr”

Sammy chanted.

The men and women around him repeated after him.

When Sammy was done with the first phrase, he ordered the lifeless body of the princess to be loaded into the tray that sat upon the fire. A group of four enthusiastic wielders hurried to the body.

As the men gripped the princess, one of them suddenly yelled painfully as if he had been struck, and then he collapsed on to the floor. The onlookers, ignorant of what had befallen him, continued jubilating and yelling happily, thinking the fallen wielder was in a trance.

It was when another wielder lurched forward to pick up the princess from where the first man was struck, and he too was suddenly hit and shuddered before slumping into the ground. That was when the wielders knew that danger had descended.

“The Mannyhunt Division!” Someone from the wielders screamed. They eye of the celebrants then hit the special arrows that had hit the first and second wielders who had attempted to carry the princess. With the realization of the sudden presence of the Mannyhunt Division, Sammy quickly ordered his men to take formation. Some of the wielders who were not prepared for the ordeal took to their heels, and the entire atmosphere became topsy-turvy.

The Mannyhunt Division came down galloping on stallions that looked ready for battle. While they were armed with swords, arrows and spears, the Wielders quickly retrieved their wands and began to conjure magic that would capture the attackers.

Dolan swiveled his sword with brilliant force to cut through whatever came in its way. With it, he brought down heads of the wielders. The wielders also fought ruthlessly; conjuring their magic to tear apart bodies of the attackers.

“Take the princess’ body away!” instructed Sammy, when he realized that they were getting overpowered. He watched the closest person to the body quickly push the body on herself. He looked at her face and felt assured that it was a close ally – Lucy.

“Morley, take the body to the cuvette, I’ll meet you there.” Sammy said. He spiraled his wand around the area. If they couldn’t win this, they could cause a commotion and have every man falling apart. With the sheer force of his hands, the dust and the clouds began to dispense fragments into the air. The mounds gathered continuously, until it became impossible for anyone in the scene to breathe. When he had collected enough, he suddenly struck his hands and the cloud gathered in a heavier form for a cloudburst. Sudden darkness engulfed the area and all the people in the storm fled for their lives.

“How did this happen?” Sammy yelled at the men he met in the central room. He saddled a horse immediately and headed for the cuvette. There, he met silence. “Lucy!” he yelled continuously, and it took time before he realized that Lucy had betrayed him.

“Lucy never came here, Commander,” Jimmy announced, following his observation of every spot.

“We’ve been sold out,” Sammy accepted and crashed on the floor.

The betrayal might bring his intended reign to an absolute oblivion altogether. He marveled at his foolishness. On an occasion, because of the hot moment with Lucy, he had promised that he would marry her and make her the only woman in his life.Could she have seen him when he was having sex with the princess? Wasn’t she supposed to understand that everyone had the freedom to decide their sexual partners? Had she thought he had anything serious for the princess? Hell no!

All the thought was now too late anyway. “What shall we do now?” Jimmy inquired.

Sammy looked into space with reddened eyes. For the first time in his entire existence, he who had never been at a loss for an idea, croaked, “This is a very delicate situation. I am completely clueless.”


Dolan and three Mijors carried the second body of Helen upon their shoulders and settled it beside her initial body. There was no time to celebrate the arrival of the other part of the princess if her full spirit, body and soul could not be fused.

In the room were all the leaders of the new Keystone Earth and their closest counterparts, and all those who’d had a hand in her recovery. Outside the house were thousands of people who wanted to witness the fusion of the princess back in one piece.

“How shall we get her together?” inquired the princess’ mother.

“We must employ magic,” declared Zin.

“Lucy, you can do this, right?” Dolan inquired.

“Not anymore,” Lucy responded.

“Why?” Rachael inquired.

“The moment I betrayed the Wielders, they extracted their powers from me. If I had completed my classes at the training school I would have been an independent entity, but now I can’t anymore.”

“What shall we do?” asked Dolan.

“We would figure it out somehow,” Zin said to a silent audience.

Merely looking at the peaceful princess with her closed eyes on the floor raised a deep emotional feeling. She was an adorable sight to anyone who stared. Zin couldn’t help thinking of the good times they had together – secretly. No one could bring back those pleasures she alone gave. Morley was close but she was different too and they were both unique in their abilities.

“By the way,” someone observed, “where is Garry?”

“Oh yea, he said he wanted to get some herbs. He thinks the herbs will work,” a Mijors replied.

“Oh herbs, let’s hope.”


In the unconscious realm where Helen was, she could only feel breeze and calmness. She knew she was unconscious in the real world, but in her unconsciousness, she could see herself acting out as herself.

It was like a dream, in which she was a captured princess who had no powers and no magic. She was trapped in a great tower and there was no way of reaching out to the people who loved her and wanted to help her out of her predicament.

At first she was tied to a chair and her face was covered with a dirty rag. By continuously rocking the chair, the nail that held the wooden piece fell off and the chair broke into parts. Although it created some injuries on her, she didn’t mind because she was able to release her arms. When her hands became liberated from the restriction of the knot to the chair, she hurriedly pulled the dirty rag off her face.

It was as the rag came off that she realized that she was in a small room on the spire of a tower. “Who did this to me?” she screamed, but her voice only echoed back to ask her the same question.

She unknotted the rope around her legs and walked to the small window of the room.  “Hello world, can anyone hear me?”

No one responded. The princess looked around and found no door. The window which had no steps from it was the only entrance and exit into the small room she found herself in. When she thought about her options better, she realized that she could only alternatively remain in the room and starve to death. She therefore accepted whatever fate had in store for her and she walked to the window pane.

“Hello!” she called out again, knowing no one could hear her. She remembered sweet stories her mother used to read to her when she was just a girl. In one of the stories, a princess was kept in a tower like this and restricted from going out to embrace a sweet happy world that awaited her down below. Now that she found herself in the same shoes, she took the step of faith and tossed the window open.  The wooden door creaked and fell off. Clearly, this was an old building and taking the window route might mean death. She didn’t care.

As she put her leg over the pane, she found a branch that could hold her weight and she held onto it. As soon as her weight completely rested on the branch, the tree began to descend to earth and this gave her much hope and pleasure, but when it got to a point, the branch could no longer hold her weight and it therefore threw her all the way down rudely.

The princess tried to hold everything possible to hold her balance, but as soon as she felt that she had gotten to the ground, she stood to her feet and found herself back in the same apartment she had started her journey from. The window was still intact and everything besides the chair, that was now still broken, was as she had left it when she escaped.

What is the meaning of this?Helen wondered.


“But we cannot accept defeat,” Sammy informed the others.

They were seated in the open space available at the site where the Marigold Realm should have been instituted. Many of the wielders had completely lost hope, and had found their way out of the code. If death was the only option, returning to being ordinary earthmen wasn’t a bad idea for them.

“This is treason,” Jimmy observed, “we started a war against the liberators of Keystone Earth and if they get hold of us, I’m sure they’d most certainly kill us all.”

The gathering of just six faithful wielders was consistently solemn. This was the second defeat suffered by the Black Magic Wielders, and they had already used their most potent weapon in trying to harness powers.

“But, Commander, are we totally at a loss?” Rockie quipped.

Sammy had a pensive look. He thought very deeply, until he remembered something very essential. “We’ve got something. To return the princess into her full form, the liberators would surely need the help of a wielder. At this point we can use that as leverage.”

The new suggestion brought in cool air upon the gathering. Clearly, they were now making headway in the matter.

“How sure are we that the liberators would accept the bargain?” Maner inquired.

“That would depend on how much they need their princess. The time is too short to throw the bargain away; if they do not revive the princess within the next two days, she’ll be as good as dead forever.” Sammy said with a sly grin. “This really is an opportunity to save ourselves from death.”

Jimmy nodded, “But is that all we are going to place on the table? Our survival?”

“What would you suggest?” Rockie asked.

“We can at least demand a reconstruction of a space for us, and our continued existence.”

“Brilliant!” Rockie remarked. “But Commander, is there an alternative to resurrecting the princess if we decide not to bail the liberators out?”

“None,” declared the Grand Commander. “But if they eventually refuse to agree with the terms, we can fight them. Without the princess, they are weak.”

“With that bargain, I’m sure we would divide their camps and we might even have some of those warrior Mijors on our side,” Jimmy finalized.

“Very true.” remarked Sammy.


Chapter 6: The Final War




Helen climbed out of the window the fifth time, and she noticed that there were throngs along the wall that led down the window and each attempt she took toward it had the throng growing geometrically. This time, she was determined to see what was lurking behind the throngs.

Her hand grabbed the spikes that poked out of the new branch that ran through the window. She held unto the branch and slowly glided down. The branch snapped, but she was quick to hold on to another. As she prepared for a routine fall, her hands scratched the throngs along the wall and she caught hold of a small window. Before she could hold onto it, the branch she was leaning on snapped and broke and down she fell into the same room where she had been held in.

Helen knew right away that her next attempt would be her final attempt; she would do everything possible to stick up to that window and make it her escape route in her next attempt. She went to the window and jumped, down holding a fresh branch. She swung herself thoroughly to the hidden window. Before the branch could break, she had slammed herself against that window and in the next moment she broke into a new room.



Ever since the departure of the princess, the moon and the sun had only shone a dull reflection. The environment seemed to be mourning her temporary unconsciousness, but earthmen still carried out their activities the way they did when the Shustus lords were in power. All attempts to resurrect the princess had proved abortive, and on the final day in which the princess would give up the ghost if her soul and spirit were not returned to her body then the Black Magic Wielders, led by the notorious Sammy, had announced their arrival and they awaited the liberators to decide the deal for the day.

If the conclusion was favorable on the side of the wielders, then the liberators would continue to condone the continued activities of the Black Magic Wielders. If the liberators refused to give their consent, then there would be war.  If a war broke out, however, it was certain that the wielders would be totally extinguished in their little number.

The BMW stood at a distance in an open field near the Shoom River. They awaited the arrival of the liberators who would come with the bodies of the princess.

“Brothers,” Sammy informed them quietly, as the dull sun offered his men no hope, “we will win today. First, we must ensure that we divide the camp of the liberators. Second, we may be lucky enough to see them careless with the body of the princess. If that is the case, we will steal the body and proceed with our initial plan of establishing the Marigold Realm.”

From their reactions, the wielders were pleased with their commander’s assurances.


“People are saying that this is a final battle,” Morley said very softly.

The bed on which she lay was gently creased. She wished Zin wasn’t disturbed about the whole fuse. She wished he could give her more attention at this time when he felt his return was uncertain. She had tried to pacify him into believing that it was just a bargain and that then it would be over, but Zin had refused all forms of unfounded lies to comfort him.

Zin had told Morley about the sexual relationship between him and the princess. As long as he reassured her that it was over between them, she was ready to keep on with him if he wanted that too. He had barely slept in the night, turning every now and then to the smallest sound of flying insects and chirping crickets.

“Yes, dear,” Zin responded, “it will bring the reign of the Black Magic Wielders to its expected end.”

“But as I hear,” Morley quipped, “things can get out of hand and we may lose the princess.”

“I want to believe that we won’t.”

“Then we are looking for a miracle to happen.”

“A miracle it is, dear.”

Although the Mijors were fully ready for war, they knew engaging in a war would mean losing the princess.  It was a price that Zin wasn’t ready to pay. The alternative to that, too, was a dangerous consideration. If they allowed the wielders to determine the survival of the princess, then who knew if they would not keep her hypnotized still?

“Relax dear, do not overwork yourself.”

Morley slid gently out of bed. Under the translucent white night gown she wore, her breasts pushed the cotton material making her hard nipples traceable. She hugged Zin from behind, pressing the pointed edges of her nipples against his back.

Despite himself, Zin turned around and cupped her breasts. There was something about them that made them eternally irresistible. Without having to ask, he pulled her gown down behind her and stuffed his mouth with her breasts. Morley began to moan loudly. Her nipples were always her greatest weak spot.

Zin allowed her to place his joy stick in the center of her breasts, and as she clapped her breasts against the penis, he felt sweet, gooey stuff trickling out of him. He watched her play with his phallus for a while and the play ended when she dumped the flesh in her mouth as though it was a delicious meal she could not resist.  She swallowed him all in and if not for a timely withdrawal, he would have emptied himself inside her throat.It wasn’t the time for that yet,she said with her gesture.

He let her turn to the bed, her back against the mattress, and the she slid his hard penis into her womanly hole. The moistness around the shaft and the wetness of her spot blended perfectly like a confluence. The more he rammed into her, the more she squirted sweetly on the bed. But who cared about what got dirty? She wasn’t going to allow Zin to go away with that tension in him, especially when he too was uncertain about his return.

Outside their funfair, grave danger awaited Zin. He lost all notion of the danger, but it resumed like the claws of a sharp hawk the moment he spilled every drop remaining in him. It felt good; no such burden should escort him to the battle ground.

Moments after, he was dressed fully in his uniform and ready to join the other liberators in their invitation into the final battle.


Helen crashed into a room filled with quicksand. She had started sinking before she realized where she was and so she immediately started racing off. As she ran, she sank, but her legs still touched a platform that made racing possible. Ahead of her was a large door. In a few seconds she opened the door and raced past it. The next room was the same room she was coming from. The quicksand swallowed her, and she ran for her dear life, until she realized that she would keep coming to the same spot if she kept running in the same routine.

Helen gave up and allowed the quicksand to swallow her up. As she fell into it, she dropped into a fresh room that wasn’t as bright as the others; she continued to grope around, until she found a door and then she opened it. Ahead of the sudden brightness that engulfed her, she saw in the distance; “This Road Leads Home.”

Great joy filled her heart as she proceeded. She checked to see that she was making actual progress towards the door and yes, she was.

As she continued walking, she thought about the things she had really missed about being at home. She thought of the joy that would engulf her mother’s face. And how happy her father would be to have his daughter back; the thoughts inspired her, and she didn’t know when she began to sprint the remaining distance.

Then the thought of Zin crossed her mind, and when she suddenly realized that there was no way she would be with him again, something inside her began to feel reluctant about going back home. In a brief moment, the memories of all her fantasies with Sammy also played in her heart.

‘If Sammy could stay faithful to her, he deserved some consideration,’she thought ignorantly.


“There is no way we shall allow you anywhere near the princess!” yelled Garry fiercely. Even he wasn’t aware that he hit the table as he spoke; it was when the table cracked in the part he hit that he muttered an apology and allowed Zin to continue.

“See, be wise,” Sammy said quietly. “We both have nothing to gain if the princess dies. We will only be giving chances to Shustuses to come back and take over. I don’t need to remind you of how ruthless the Shustuses are.”

“We don’t have problem with the Shustuses, we have problems with trusting you. You are the constructor of all trickery. You are notorious for saying something and meaning another. If we allow you to touch the princess, how are we sure you wouldn’t take her away like you did the first time?”

“You have to trust us,” Sammy was restive, “and upon her wake, the princess can decide what she wants done.”

After three hours of disagreement, the parties agreed that there was going to be war.

The wielders used their wands to wreak havoc on the earth. They knew that it was over for them, so they wanted to make earth inhabitable for the earthmen.  The disagreement that the wielders had foreseen happening amongst the liberators did not occur. In contrast, the liberators had been united in their decision.

For their small number, the wielders fought bravely, killing scores of ordinary soldiers. As the war continued, Sammy sneaked into the tower where the princess’s body was laid peacefully.

He held her two bodies and began his chant.

“Mivracacva Dulum li Etlum Maretil.

Brokava Mivracaca va valum lundum”

Suddenly, a great storm began to upturn the entire activities of the fighting men and Helen’s body fused into the body that represented her spirit and her soul. While her body found its balance, the entire area was thrown into absolute darkness.

The darkness came with a big storm that had the men fighting for their individual survival, rather than in collective defense.

When the trio merged, everywhere suddenly became quiet and the evening brightness was sharper than a sunny afternoon. Calm was restored and the environment was filled with the glory of the Princess of Uncanny Magic. In her glory, she rose from the bed she was laid on and hovered above the earth like a bird trying to make a nest.

The entire earth was seized in amazement as the princess’ glory was restored.

“Why are earthmen killing earthmen?” she asked. Her voice was overpowering. It was audible in all quarters, yet it wasn’t so loud as to make the ears deaf. “Is this the liberation we fought for just some days ago? Earthmen should always support earthmen in their dealings.

“I have seen the thirst of men to take over the powers of the world. Those of you who fight for it don’t know what it is about. Power can be a huge problem in several cases. Why not allow for a peaceful reign? What gain do you have when you hoard all the power in order to dominate?”

Earthmen bowed and paid obeisance to her; feeling sorry for the disagreement that had caused a wedge among them.


The next day, Helen spent her time allocating duties to everyone that needed to rule a territory. Zin – the Protector of the Earthmen Existence - was given the largest share. He was to rule the gold coast from the west to the north-western territory. Zin married his beautiful love - Morley. The leader of the Mijors – the brave Garry Shamus II - was given the eastern territory to dominate. He had lived there all his life, when it was an isolation center, and now that the borders were open for every activity of earthmen, he was to rule them all there.

Dolan and his wife, Rachael, would rule the southern territory. While, for his offence, Sammy was allowed to continue running the wielders, on the condition that he and every member of the former Black Magic Wielders accepted to abolish all black practices. Helen was willing and ready to teach every willing member how to perform proper magic that didn’t stem from the dark world. Sammy accepted the deal once and for all, and he and the members of his team adopted the new rule. Seeing his changed heart, Sammy was accorded a portion of the northern territory.

Helen felt fulfilled. She stayed for some days with her parents and they enjoyed the time of their life. They enjoyed all the moments they had missed while their little girl was growing.

“What is left of our princess now?” asked Dolan with a happy smirk.

“Dolan?” Rachael called.

“Yes, my sweetheart?”

“That was the same question you asked some days ago, and after I answered, the trouble began.”

“Okay, so, you are saying you wouldn’t answer me?”

Rachael smiled, “I just don’t want any harm near our daughter again. Anyway, we both know what is next.”

“Yes, we know, but I want you to say it.”

“The next thing is for our princess to find her true love.”

“Yes. I hope she finds true love soon,” concluded Dolan with his smile still glued to his face.

There was a little silence. Rachael broke it. “So, what is next for us?”

Dolan nodded mischievously. He looked left and right to confirm that their daughter was nowhere near. Then he gently slid his hand under his wife’s skirt.

“Dolan? What are you doing?” Rachael screamed.

“What I’ve missed for several years.” Dolan’s hands went for her breasts. It felt a little bit odd that he would make this attempt to reawaken his old wife, but where there was life, there ought to be a reawakening. She shuddered under his touch.

At first, it felt like all the cells in her body had died with age, but as Dolan’s hands continued to tap gently on her breasts, her nipples protested by growing stiff.

Racheal marveled at how active her body still was, and how much she suddenly desired the touch of her husband. It would soon be the best days of their lives.




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