Cowboy Bikers MC #5 by Esther E. Schmidt


– COLT –

My damn heart is racing and my lungs are screaming at me to stop acting as if I’m not out of breath. I definitely need to add more cardio to my workout. But I don’t plan to race around like the devil himself is chasing me all the time, that’s for sure.

“Hey, see Colt anywhere?” my VP, Roper, asks Ledger just as I sneak my way into the stables through the back door.

Ledger is about to reply but I make myself known as I step toward them, acting as if I was in the back the whole time.

“What’s up?” I casually ask, suppressing the need to gulp a few extra breaths of oxygen into my lungs.

Roper narrows his eyes. “What did you do?”

Observant asshole. I’m not ready for him to know about my plan yet. The only one who knows what the fuck I’ve been up to is Alfie. And he agreed we need to keep it between us for now.

I hold Roper’s stare and simply shrug. “Nothing. I’ve been in the back cleaning, while Ledger here took his time getting his horse ready. Oh, and I also rushed home to grab my phone, but that’s it…been right here the whole time. What’s going on?”

I’m lying straight through my teeth. I haven’t been here and I didn’t rush home to get my phone. What I did do was meet Kadence, my sister’s former roommate and friend, at the spot I told her to wait for me. Then I kidnapped her and took her to the underground bunker that’s connected to my cabin. I might also have spared a few minutes to gag her and cuff her to my bed.

I made sure no one saw me dumping the car at the junkyard the club owns, quickly throwing it through the car baler to get rid of it. And finally getting my ass back here as quickly as possible so no one knew I kidnapped the sister of the president of Deranged Hounds MC.

You can say this whole situation is complicated as fuck. And, really, it’s not like I had a choice. This is also the reason why I couldn’t spill any of my plans to my prez and VP. But I also won’t do anything behind my MC’s back, hence the reason Alfie knows what my intentions were before I put my plan into motion.

“Kay is missing,” Garrett states.

Yeah, Kadence is not so much missing but no one knows that little fact.

I act my part and snap, “What?” Ledger voices the same thing right along with me.

“Alfie is going over the parking lot footage right now. May’s car is missing too,” Roper states.

The car has passed the point of existing since I made it disappear at the junkyard. But my sister, Mayven, is Ledger’s old lady and I’m sure he’ll sacrifice his car if she needs one, or I’ll buy her another one. Whatever, the car needed to disappear.

And Alfie can watch the footage, we both know they won’t see anything else but Kadence driving off as if she’s leaving on her own free will.

We head for the main house which functions as our clubhouse with a large space for all of us and separate rooms in the back. I’m not a people person, therefore I have my own space at the edge of the ranch. A cabin I built years ago with an underground bunker and a small private stable and paddock where I keep my horse, Cavier.

Mayven rushes toward us. She’s still on crutches, recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg because of the shit Deranged Hounds MC was wrapped in. Was. Because those guys who attacked us–while Kadence was on the back of my bike, and Ledger had Mayven on his when they started shooting at us–are dead and gone.

But there’s still an issue at hand where Kadence’s brother promised his own sister to one of his men to smooth over the fact he didn’t pick the fucker to be the next VP. Now in my opinion, that’s more screwed up than having fuckers chase you while spitting out bullets. Seriously. Who the hell whores out his own blood?

I had no choice but to kidnap Kadence. I did ask my prez, Weston, to interfere before I put my plan into motion, but we can’t risk a war between MCs. We have kids, old ladies, and a ranch to handle and look after, along with a few other companies.

I completely understand it’s not our problem since this woman is not related or linked with our MC for any reason other than Kadence is my sister’s old roommate and her best friend. But fuck, the woman pulls on my every nerve ending and there’s just something about her.

I can’t stand to watch her cry or so much as see pain or discomfort on her face. I’m eight damn years older than her. She’s way too young for me; and yet I threw everything to the wind and kidnapped the woman for her own safety, and my sanity.

“Any news?” Mayven asks Roper but locks her eyes on me next. “What did you do? I know you said something before you left. She cried. She hardly ever cries. What did you say?”

“Get in May’s car, drive for a few miles and wait for me if you want to change your life.” That’s what I said before I left. She listened. I kidnapped. But it’s not something I can share with my sister, even if Kadence is her best friend and the reason the woman crawled underneath my fucking skin.

In this case it’s a good alibi; for the outside world it seems like we go head to head at every turn. Why would I have something to do with her disappearance when we obviously bump heads?

“I did, and said, shit,” I grumble. “She’s the one always running for the hills, so don’t look at me.”

Another thing making the part believable where she left on her own free will. Kadence ran from her brother’s MC weeks ago, and came here to see my sister. It’s working in our favor how she got in May’s car again and hit the road.

Alfie stalks out of church carrying a laptop in one hand. “She drove off. She just got into May’s car and drove off by herself.”

Yup. I did mention solid alibies all around, right?

“So, she’s not missing? Like I said…she runs. She did the exact same thing to her brother when she showed up here. Hell, she could have just headed home instead of waiting for her brother to show up. She knows there’s no way out of the deal Rowen made and she knows she can’t stay here.” I shrug. “Now, can we all get back to work?”

I turn and head for the door.

“Just hang the fuck on, Colt,” Weston snaps and I spin around to face him. “Are you sure you’re not involved? You didn’t tell her to run, or offer her a way out?”

I shrug, something I always do and it allows me to be indifferent or allows me time to either think about how to answer or not answer at all. In this case I need a few extra seconds to be aware of what words I offer him in reply.

Finally settling with, “I didn’t tell her to run. I did tell her if she stayed, I would fuck her in every hole her body possessed. Maybe that sent her running.”

Alfie barks out a laugh. “No shit? You really told her that?”

I shoot him a grin. “Sure did.”

And I remember all too vividly how a shiver went through her when I whispered those words right beside her ear a few days ago. Yeah, for sure it sent her running; straight into my arms. I thought it would scare her off but she launched herself at me instead.

In fact, it was me who did the running…I turned on my heel and left the room. I guess in the end she turned the tables on me, and I fucking loved that. And the thought of having her gagged and restrained–waiting for me–in my bed is driving me insane. I need to get back to her.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Weston grumbles and takes out his phone, jabs his finger against the screen, and holds it to his ear. “Rowen. Weston here. No. We have no damn clue. Security tape shows she got into May’s car and drove off. Sure. Yeah. Want our help looking? Fine.” He jams his phone back in his pocket as he mutters, “Fucking asshole.”

“Everything okay?” Roper questions.

“Alfie, email the part where she gets in her car and drives off to Rowen,” Weston orders before he directs his attention to Roper. “Yeah. All is good. Rowen said his sister’s a brat who always runs when shit gets hard. She’ll turn up sooner or later.” Weston’s gaze slides over everyone until it lands on me. “And if she does turn up here, we’re going to tie her up and send her home. Understood?”

“Tie her up and bring her home. You got it, Prez,” I tell him in all sincerity, since I’ve already done both…I have her restrained and in my home.

He turns his attention to Roper again and I take this opportunity to slide out of the clubhouse and head for my cabin. Time to see how Kadence is doing. I’m betting she’s pretty pissed because she sure as hell didn’t expect me to keep her gagged, restrained, and hidden in my bunker.

But with her being an unpredictable, headstrong, feisty, dynamite bundle of a woman, I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. She’s a proud one with a load of self-respect. I mean, you have to possess a lot of inner strength to pull through what this woman has endured for the past few weeks.

First, she lost her father, the former president of Deranged Hounds MC. He was murdered by a few of his own men who stole money and property from the club. Then her mother killed herself on the day of her father’s funeral.

And then there’s her brother, Rowen, who fucking gave his own sister to one of his guys to smooth over a dispute within his MC. Using it also as a way to tie Kadence to the club. It’s insane. Degrading. Disrespectful, and in no way tolerable.

It takes a few minutes to get to my cabin. The first thing I have to do is put my horse, Cavier, into the paddock. He needs to stretch his legs. He’s a very stubborn Cremello horse with blue eyes. I saved him when he was two years old. He was in an accident where the trailer he was in crashed. Fear is what I had to soothe out of him.

No one thought he would trust anyone or anything ever again. In my opinion all he needed was a load of patience and understanding. When you take a chance and offer something broken time to heal, you get a solid connection in return. And Cavier has been soothing the restlessness in my veins for years. We fit quite nicely.

It’s the same with Kadence. First time I met her after I heard she became Mayven’s roommate, I was set to threaten the hell out of her to make sure she wouldn’t drag my sister in any MC shit her family was tied to. I quickly became aware she wasn’t as involved with her father’s MC. And she also knew Mayven was tied to one–through me–as well. Though May wasn’t involved with my club either.

Well, she is now. All because my sister came running to me for help the day of Kadence’s father’s funeral. They held a gathering at the clubhouse where Mayven saw Rowen kill the rat who killed his father. She hightailed out of there and ended up here. Ledger, the fucker, fell in love and claimed my sister as his old lady.

Mayven and Kadence being friends–and the only other person she had and trusted–is the reason Kadence headed here when things went to shit for her too. That’s when I had to see her every second of the day to protect my sister and make sure Rowen’s club shit didn’t land on our doorstep. Guess it was inevitable with Kadence being involved.

The young woman heats my skin and she never attempts to hide the lust she has reserved for me. Somehow, I kept my cool every damn day, and walked out on her without burying my cock inside her pussy. But when I discovered the situation her brother put her in? I still wanted to keep her at a distance–away from my cock–while fixing the trouble following her.

I guess I’m done with keeping her at arm’s length since I kidnapped her. She didn’t have a choice; it was either me taking her, or her brother would hand her over to Cannon. And like fuck I was going to let her slip away.

I’m simply going to stop overthinking shit; she’s mine. I know I’m older and she should be with someone her own age, but she tears me up when I’m not around her. As if a match strikes and lands on the fuel inside my veins, lighting an inevitable fire. She’s been burning me up from the moment I laid eyes on her.

I open the stall and slide the halter around Cavier’s head to lead him into the paddock. The corner of my mouth twitches, knowing Kadence is right underneath the paddock. No one knows about the bunker. I built it myself, years ago, along with the cabin.

Therapy. Hard work with the sun on your back; best thing out there. And I have the result to enjoy and be proud of it on a daily basis. I love the home I built for myself. My brothers know not to come here unless there’s a high priority issue. It’s another reason why I am blessed to have this MC at my back; the support and brotherhood.

And of course, the hard work of the ranch along with my love to work with horses. I close the paddock and head inside the cabin. Washing my hands, I head to the bedroom where I stashed a secret hatch underneath the bed which leads to the bunker. I make sure to lock the bedroom door as a precaution, just in case Kadence manages to rush past me when I untie her.

Silence greets me when I step inside. The bunker is a large space with everything in one room. One corner contains a little kitchen setup, another corner is a couch and a table. A bed, along with a bedside table, take yet another corner.

There was a point in my life where I slept here each and every night. To make sure I was locked away from the world. Too much war was still vivid on a loop inside my brain causing the anxiety to overload on a daily basis.

My brothers pulled me through, giving me the work on the ranch needed to drain my body while mindlessly having conversations while we’re at it. Cavier had a lot to do with it too; my therapy horse as I was his therapy person in return. I’m still a little fucked-up in my head, but I can push it to the background.

Kadence is still bound in place and her eyes are spitting fire. Satisfaction roars through my veins. I should stop the smile spreading across my face, but the woman before me lying in my bed is too good to be true. Her explosive character, smart mouth, and banging body have been making me painfully hard for quite some time now.

She’s unlike other women I’ve encountered over the years. Her hips soft and round, built to grab hold and take a pounding without breaking. Tits lush and overflowing, her skin is light with a sheen of freckles spreading her nose and cheekbones. And the attitude fits her rich, dark, red hair. Yeah, she’s a sight to behold.

“Let me make you more comfortable,” I murmur and remove the gag.

“What the fuck, Colt?” she spits and fights her restraints. “Get these off of me, right now.”

She indicates the cuffs but I have no intention of removing them. Not yet anyway. I should tell her to calm down, though I know it would be the wrong thing to say. Recent talks with Ledger have given me some added insight when he made my sister his old lady. He keeps blabbering about details where he fucked-up.

Normally I hate the forced interaction of hearing people yap about their personal shit, but in this case, I let him rattle and take in the added information. It’s been helpful in some situations when it comes to handling this bundle of woman.

It’s for this reason I neglect to comfort and address her hysterical attitude and instead remain calm myself when I tell her, “Later. First you and I need to set some ground rules.”

“Ground rules?” she hisses through her teeth. “What are you talking about?”

I return her furious glare with one of my own when I tell her in all seriousness, “I didn’t risk my loyalty to the club to have you fuck it all up, understood?”

Though Alfie is aware of my actions, Weston and Roper aren’t, and in this moment, they could see my actions as betrayal. Growing up as a club princess–the daughter of a president–she knows exactly what I’m talking about.

“Thank you,” she whispers, but then adds in a firmer tone, “Uncuff me and we’ll go over your ground rules.”

I really want to keep her bound but knowing this woman, I would gain more compliance when I give a little instead of pushing my demands down her throat. It’s for this reason I move quickly to remove the cuffs.

Instead of a thank you I barely snatch her wrist in time to prevent her fist from connecting with my face. With my next breath I have both her hands above her head, her delicious body underneath me as my face hovers above hers.

“Little spitfire, that’s no way to thank the man who just saved your ass,” I tell her but instead of looking her dead in the eye all my attention slides to her kissable lips.

Plump. Cherry colored all on their own and when she sucks her bottom lip into her mouth to sink her teeth in it, all of my sanity flies right out the door. I want to reach between our bodies, unleash my cock and sink myself inside her pussy.

I’m so damn hard for this woman and to think we’re lined up perfectly. A little shift gives friction right between her legs making her release her bottom lip when she gasps a moan. Yeah, no matter the age difference, we fit damn well together.

Fuck it. I’ve been haunted by her lips for far too long. I’ve spent nights wondering how they feel, taste, move against mine. And when I crash my mouth against hers…life as I know it evaporates as a whole new expedition for living rises.

Years of dark and weary, muddling through while all I needed was a touch of brightness due to the fire this woman exists of. I can taste on her tongue how she’s fighting for dominance. And as we clash with open lust she starts to submit so damn beautifully.

Her body soft and molding against mine, consuming the grinding of my hips and the way she moans in my mouth? I know for sure she’s about to light up any damn second. Shifting slightly, I press my cock down right on top of her center, hitting the jackpot.

She tears her mouth away from mine and gasps for her next breath which comes out as a loud moan. The moan switches to a trembling plea of my name followed by another gasp for air.

I let my head fall into the crook of her neck, nipping the skin and sucking a sliver of it to brand her as mine. I’ve never felt the need to mark a woman, but I can’t help myself. And I relish in the way she keeps grinding herself against me to prolong her pleasure.

Reaching between us I start to unbuckle but she suddenly freezes. Her nails dig into my back and it’s not to urge me on. I pull my head away from her neck to face her and instead of lust, all I’m seeing is insecurity with a hint of fear. Out of all the things I thought this woman might be when I finally have her underneath me…insecure or frightened isn’t fucking it.